IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-12-26

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Romsterhow many flavours of crux is there ppa, 64bit multilib and 32bit? am i missing any others.04:01
Romsterhmm really only arm 64 and 32 seem active sparc is not maintained by the looks of it.04:31
frinnstyeah pretty much only arm and x86_6410:45
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sepenalso ppc is active in 2 flavours (ppc32 and ppc64)11:22
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frinnstoh really, i thought that shut down a few years ago12:29
sepenI'm running crux-ppc 3.0 in my old ibook G412:37
sepenI created some overlays like we have in crux-arm and
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jaegerjue: I've been using your eudev port for a while now, works great for me19:31
jaegerteK_: interesting idea... it's close but not a solution for the issue I see from github19:32
jaegerteK_: for example, this url:
jaegerI had an idea in mind to solve it like this:19:32
jaegerteK_: Well, I guess I'm wrong, the filename array would solve this issue19:36
jaegerI think I'd personally prefer not to add another array to Pkgfiles, though19:36
frinnstyeah im also using eudev here, no issues21:24
frinnstprefer it over our old udev for 3.121:24
frinnst*away for some mindless pc-gaming*21:27

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