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Romsteryeah i see ppc is active08:39
Romsteri'm doing another project. a Pkgfile generator with ifdef blocks for different arches and options like nls on/off etc.08:40
Romsterjaeger, i was thinking of writing a patch todo source=($name-$version.tar.gz|
Romsterbut then other tools that arn't expecting the first bit upto the | will break.08:42
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sepenabout source=($name-$version.tar.gz| ...11:40
sepenthis was talked on 15 May 2013
sepenI still have my patch for that (using comma separated)11:49
sepenfor example: source=(,$name-$
sepenthis is a complete example about how that works
sepenthe patch for pkgmk is easy and clean12:03
sepenI was using source=(uri,file) but can be easily adapt to source=(file|uri) as you were trying for cinnamon12:04
sepenI tried opt/dotconf with this patch and worked just fine
sepenmaybe someone else could try this patch ... I'm alone! Today are all in a drunken party :P12:27
Romsterfrinnst, sepen, pitillo what do you think source: 3 flavours
Romsterworkign on a common syntax for all crux flavours and i'll soon add version bumping from url off my version sort code to it as well.13:24
Romsterit's the first draft so it may be buggy/not optimized well enough yet.13:24
Guest64860am I missing anything out?13:27
sepenRomster: what about overlays? ifdef will make complex to maintain Pkgfiles13:27
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sepenAmnesia: that would noticed some days agoi13:28
Romstersepen, it's a iddef to generate each Pkgfile to use as an overlay.13:28
sepenRomster: hmmm13:28
sepenRomster: that sound archlinux ;D13:28
Romsterthe idea is to combine all the code and only alter the differences keeping everything else consistent.13:28
Amnesiasepen: why hasn't it been fixed then:P?13:29
sepenlet  me try this later13:29
sepenAmnesia: I think is fixed13:29
frinnstyeah later for me too13:29
Amnesiasepen: nope13:29
Romsterit'll also help with keeping versions of -32 ports in line with the 564bit ports as well.13:29
Amnesiasepen: I resynced my ports dir 2 seconds ago:)13:29
Romsterend users still get Pkgfiles13:29
sepenRomster: sounds reasonable but let me try it later13:30
Romsterit's an idea i'm working on sepen13:30
Romsteralso i can add some options kinda like use flags for NLS or anything else some users may want.13:30
Romsterand end result all Pkgfiles are all in line.13:31
sepenRomster: well the place where discuss that is here :D13:31
Romsterplus i can generate all the Pkgfiles for a new version just with 1 edit and 3 or so commands.13:31
Amnesiasepen: hm, ty13:31
Romsteranyways i'll work on making a few more files.13:33
sepenRomster: what about maintainers foreach Pkgfile? I think CRUX is the official one and there is no problem with it, problem is related to contributed archs like ARM, PPC, etc.13:33
Romsterand try to reduce the files duplicate stuff by using an include.13:33
sepenhonestly I'm fine with overlays13:33
sepenthere is no duplicated stuff if you're using overlays13:33
Romsteroh the overlays be there. but i'm just thinking they all could be done in one hit with this.13:33
sepenbut still problem is maintainers13:34
Romsterfor sight changes.13:34
Romsteryeah i dunno but it'll help me out so i'm just dong it for myself currently.13:34
sepenanyway I like to think about it quietly13:35
Romsterit may turn out to be a useful tool for everyone to use. to make consistant Pkgfiles.13:35
Romsteror it may just turn out to be a pain.13:35
Romsteri don't know i'm just doing it as an exercise.13:36
Romsterit's an idea i've had for awhile.13:36
Romsteras a bonus thing other personal repos can use said tool to slightly alter ports for there needs by command line defines.13:36
Romsteri wont waste too much effort in it but i'll mess around with the idea for awhile.13:39
jaegersepen: commas are valid in URLs, right?13:58
jaegeryeah, looked it up. so commas could confuse the parsing... unless you specifically split on the first or last, I suppose14:33
sepenjaeger: well replace it here on line 1515:05
sepen"if [[ $FILE =~ (.*)|(.*) ]]; then"15:06
jaegeryeah, would be an easy change, I'm just commenting15:06
sepenbut not sure if | should be escaped15:06
sepenjaeger: what does whatever you were looking for?15:06
jaegersorry, I don't understand the question15:07
sependoes my patch the thing you wanted?15:09
jaegerAh. I haven't tried it yet but it looks like it does, yes15:10
jaegerline 45 would be changed, too15:11
sepenjaeger: yeah15:14
jaegerI will test it today15:15
sepenhmm seems | worked worst than , here15:17
sepenLocation: [following]15:17
sepenjaeger: maybe I don't understand you, excuse me, I have a silly day today :P15:20
sepen| should be better than , ?15:20
sepenwith | failed here:15:21
sepenPkgfile: line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `|'15:21
sepenPkgfile: line 4: `source=(|$name-$'15:21
jaegerwell, then | isn't a good choice, would have to be escaped... my point was just that sometimes you see commas in URLs15:33
jaegerIt's rare but it does happen15:33
jaegerso we'd have to only split on the first or the last one15:33
sepenso what char would be ok?15:35
jaegernone, I suppose. so comma is as good a choice as any15:41
frinnstoh, wrong term15:43
sepenjaeger: \" or \| could be used in source=()15:51
sepenthen should use "FILE=${FILE%\|*}" instead of "FILE=${FILE%,*}" and "if [[ $FILE =~ (.*)\|(.*) ]]; then" instead of "if [[ $FILE =~ (.*),(.*) ]]; then"15:52
sepenI tried for source=(\|$name-$
sepencomma would be a problem with some source, like git: source=($name-{,manpages-}$version.tar.gz)15:57
frinnstxorg-server needs a new dep (glproto). wait until 3.1 or [notify] ?21:33
frinnstmaybe its a good reason to start more serious work on 3.1 :)21:33
frinnstotherwise it works great, i've been running the rc's for a while now21:33
frinnstsorry, sorry. im a bit thick21:34
frinnstglproto is not a new dep - just needs a version bump :)21:34
frinnstit does require presentproto and probably more stuff, so forget it for now21:36
frinnsti'll add it to 3.121:38
jaegerSounds good for 3.122:27

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