IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-12-31

jaegershould probably show that to #crux-arm00:12
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pitilloummmm is that really related to crux-arm? where do you get it?11:27
prologicpitillo, this is the ports from x86_64 on crux 3.012:14
prologicso yeah wierd12:14
pitilloummmm pretty strange... is there any kind of mirror for crux-arm under that url?12:15
jaegerprologic: is it one of your ports or someone else's?13:54
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prologicjaeger, ooops :)20:30
prologicyes it was!20:30
prologicI must have kept a copy of this port for some reason or another20:31
prologicwhich I can't remember20:31
prologicHappy New Year :)20:31

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