IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-01-03

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jaegeryeesh... no matter whether it's mate, cinnamon, or gnome3, there's always a process that takes 100% of one core all the time21:29
jaegerwish I could figure out what the hell it's doing21:29
jaeger <-- if anyone's bored and wants to guess, this is an strace of the gnome-shell process21:36
jaegerit's 25M uncompressed and consists of about 5 seconds' worth of strace output21:36
jaegerThese processes must have something in common22:39
jaegerin gnome3 it's gnome-shell. in mate it's caja. in cinnamon it's cinnamon22:39
jaegerI installed Fedora 20 in a VM to play with gnome 3 there for comparison. An strace of the gnome-shell process shows some of the same polling but it's not doing nearly so much of it22:59
jaegerand not causing a single core to stay at 100%22:59

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