IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2014-01-05

Romsteri was about to look into that but it's already been done.02:33
jaegerI did it around 9 hours ago02:40
Romsteri was afk then02:45
Romsteryou got your steam port somewhere i'd like ot try it out02:46
Romsterlemmart's looks old02:46
Romsterand doens't se a versoned tarbal and i also see ah 64bit steam tarball and a 32bit one in
jaegerI'd have to remake them, they didn't survive my last reinstall02:50
jaegerwell, there's one backup at work I can check but I don't have them here at home02:50
Romsterah is it anything like lennart steam-3202:59
Romsternot sure why he has a bunch of duplicate -32 ports either02:59
Romsteri'll wait for oyu to paste it somewhere later when your at work jaeger03:04
Romsteri use steam in wndows i'm keep to try it in linux. considering i own a game or two that says it'll work in linux03:04
jaegerI had it installed on my secondary box here but I'm not 100% sure if I backed that up, recently replaced most of that machine03:05
jaegerI'll check next time I'm there, though03:06
Romsterk thanks03:06
jaegerIf I don't have it I'm sure I can recreate it. It was far easier than gnome3, heh03:06
Romsteranything has to be easier than gnome303:06
jaegerAt this point it's become a sort of perverse point of pride for me to get the shit working03:12
Romsterwhen i ifst started out on crux gnome was broken i tried tofix it but i gave up went to kde03:18
Romsternow i don't use any DE only a WM03:18
Romstergnome is a mess of dependencies03:18
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Romsterfrinnst, you needto merge the 3.0 updates into 3.1 for core opt06:41
Romsterstrange seeing -32 ports having higher versions than the 64bit ones.06:41
Romsterfrinnst, libmng wont work with libjpeg-turbo -_-07:52
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frinnstwhat do you mean "it wont work"?09:41
frinnstseems to work for me09:41
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juefrinnst: wrt grep, the sed-line we've added to grep 2.15 is no longer necessary cause the bug is fixed with 2.16, I've removed it12:33
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