IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-01-06

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prologiccrux 3.1 isn't out yet is it?10:16
frinnstRomster: what were you talking about with jpeg-turbo?10:19
frinnstgod damnit, still painful sitting infront of my desktop10:20
frinnst+30 and your body starts to fall apart :)10:20
Romsteri wasn't sysup-ed before i am now trying again.10:22
Romsterlol no prologic 3.1 is in the works10:22
Romsterfrinnst, but i did see core-3.1/rc has a md5sum on rc file10:23
Romsteralso not sure why core-3.1/vim is missing some symlinks now.10:34
Romstercrux chroot multilib 3.1# wgetpaste /var/log/pkgbuild/libmng.log10:36
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterfrinnst, ^10:36
Romsterthat's with libjpeg-turbo instaled.10:39
nrxtxRomster: have fun :D steamdeps will need a wrapper for prt-get in future10:48
Romsteryou use the unversioned steam.deb as well.10:49
nrxtxsteam will always bootstrap into ~/.local/Steam10:49
nrxtxno matter what you are going to install into /usr10:50
Romsterah crud10:50
Romsteri'l give it a whirl thanks for that.10:51
nrxtxRomster: you might get errors when starting a game because it tries to install dependencies and it tries apt-get form steamdeps10:52
nrxtxand another one for this pkgfile: it does not pull in zenity so you have to start steam via commandline!10:53
nrxtxotherwise you'll not see the messages10:53
Romsterhmm additional patching to stop that.10:55
Romsterwhy is nothing ever simple.10:55
nrxtxRomster: luckily they use shellscripts for all that10:58
Romsteri'll just hack the stuff up.10:58
nrxtxi also wanted to have a look for a lightweight replacement for zenity10:59
nrxtxjust replaceing and modifying the according lines11:00
frinnststrange: =======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/libmng#2.0.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.11:17
frinnstanyways, i'll look into it11:17
Romsteri checked with rejmerge all seems ok11:21
Romsternrxtx, i grabbed and at some point i'll have a sql searchable ports list of versions. and mirrors where to get the files from with meta4 links as well.11:22
Romsterwith some way to subscribe to projects and get a feed of versions as it grabs new ones.11:24
Romsterfrinnst, while your at it prt-get.alais should have the libjpg-turbo added and the meta tags on libjpg-turbo are blank.11:26
Romsteri'm gonna go steam for awhile.11:27
frinnstno, all other ports should change the depends on line12:30
frinnstfor 3.112:30
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jaegerRomster: I don't have it anymore.14:48
jaegerwho manages the DNS?15:27
jaegermavrick I'm guessing15:28
frinnstim told pli still owns it15:49 - yeah thats maverick15:50
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jaegerI don't think tilman runs an rsync mirror anymore and the one's IP has changed, so we need to make some changes there16:27
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prologicwhat's upcoming in 3.1?21:00

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