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jaegerthere's a 3.1 todo doc on the wiki03:17
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prologicahh cool :)05:17
prologicI'll have a look05:17
prologicI keep thinking the wiki is old and unused :)05:18
prologicmaybe we should update the theme? :)05:18
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pitilloteK_: ping10:46
pitilloteK_: yo. I've asked two weeks ago about changing the name of e17 git repository to enlightenment to keep track of both versions (e17 and e18) there. Not sure if you see it or if this could be possible10:50
teK_I can take a look at it, must have have forgotten about it, sorry11:00
pitillothank you teK_, don't worry, there is no hurry11:00
teK_no problem11:01
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jaegerIf nobody objects I'll push a preliminary 3.1 branch to iso.git sometime in the next few days17:11
juejaeger: great to hear :)17:14
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jueI'm wondering that such a big issue like the libxfont bug exists for many years ...18:23
jueand it's important for us cause we are running /usr/bin/Xorg suid root (which is the default btw)18:25
jueFYI, intentionally deferred the dhcpcd update for now because I found a misbehaviour of the 6.2.0 version18:32
juemy bug report is here ->
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jaegerhrmm, interesting19:04
jaeger3.7.x is the latest kernel that works without USB2 issues for some reason. I still can't track down what's wrong19:27
jaegerthe "interesting" was about your dhcpcd bug report, not the kernel thing :)19:28
frinnstdamn you are fast pushing stuff, jue :)19:46
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