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jaegerI have a crux install completely ignoring the timeout_timestamp in sudo. Anyone else seeing that behavior?15:18
jaegerI wonder if 1.8.9 caused it15:19
jaegerseems like I'm only having the issue on one machine. very odd15:31
jaegerfound a way to reproduce it on that machine. when working outside of X switching VTs will cause it to forget the timeout every time18:35
jaegereven if nothing is actually done in another VT, just switching and then switching back will trigger this behavior18:35
teK_is the description ok?19:50
pitilloprobably WM better than DE19:52
pitilloin the middle of the path between them... but they say it's a WM19:52
teK_but e17 is a DE, right? You got a browser.. applets etc.?19:53
teK_well I dont care ;-)19:53
teK_so WM it is19:53
pitilloit's a WM with lots of libs... in the homepage description they call WM at it19:54
pitillothank you very much teK_19:55
teK_no problem19:56
teK_portdb should list the new URI soon19:56
teK_you have to adjust your local repo's url, too19:56
teK_mind test-pushing a commit?19:57
pitilloyeah, I'll send a mail to the ML talking about the change and about that19:57
teK_great, thanks19:58
pitilloproblems cloning teK_20:09
teK_worked for me, what did you get?20:13
teK_% git clone git://
teK_but you probably used ssh://20:14
pitillowhen pushing fatal: Could not read from remote repository.20:15
teK_worked here, too20:15
teK_please do:20:19
teK_grep url enlightenment/.git/config20:19
pitillourl = git://
pitilloit's a fresh clone20:20
teK_please try to push to a ssh-checked out clone20:22
teK_or change the url to:20:22
teK_url = ssh://crux/home/crux/scm/ports/enlightenment.git20:22
teK_gotta go, tell me if it still won't work20:23
pitillocloning from ssh ask for the pass... let's see changing the url20:23
pitilloafter changing the url to ssh it works20:25
pitillocould be possible that someone adds xorg-libxp port
pitilloto xorg collection?22:50

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