IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-01-10

RomsterteK_, no i hadn't bothered too.01:15
Romsterreally i can't program that good. can't see me being any use to them.01:16
Romsterplus i don't have lots of time todo much else as it is now.01:16
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Amnesiajue: could you add ghostscript as dependency for cups-filters?08:01
RomsterAmnesia, isn't it in the cups README08:21
AmnesiaRomster: it is, but since it's required to build cups-filters, why not just add it as dependency..?08:22
Romsterconfigure: error: Package requirements (ijs) were not met:08:27
Romsterfor cups-filters08:27
Amnesiayep, and ijs is part of ghostscript08:28
Romsterwhich is ghostscript08:28
Romsterhmm that should be a dependency as it's required as you said.08:28
Romsteri need todo more testing of dependencies, i used to test everything.08:45
Romsterand send out bug reports.08:45
jueAmnesia: I'm aware of the problem which has been reported by others too, but I have to rethink the whole cups/cups-filters/ghostscript dependency chain to avoid circular deps10:14
juehope I'll find the time to do this later today10:15
juethere's a pending cups update as well ;)10:16
prologicwhat's the problem?10:58
prologicdon't break cups :) I use it and the filter and hpjis here :)10:58
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Romsterwell ghostscript is optional for cups-filters, but the current configure thing fails on missing ghostscript. it's only used for non-PostScript printers to print with CUPS to convert PostScript to raster images12:02
Romstercould probably make it auto than hard on.12:02
Romsterso those that want it only have to recompile cups-filters again.12:04
prologic$ prt-get listinst ghostscript12:23
prologichmm I have it installed here12:23

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