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Romsternrxtx, what are you trying todo?07:52
Romstertimestamps on the built archive. there is none in pkgadd's database07:52
teK_pitillo: on updating elementary I get some requirement failures:
teK_Romster: mind checking out gst-plugins-base? does not work for me:
Romstergreat gir thanks frinnst09:04
Romsterrebuild gstreamer09:04
teK_ah, I remember there was something :P09:08
Romsterwhat to do frinnst commited it as optional but did it in a way that made it required09:10
Romsterdo i go adding it to every port i maintain that needs it to compile now09:11
Romsteror should frinnst fix it so its optional09:11
teK_that's not up to me ;)09:19
teK_rebuilding gstreamer helped, thanks09:19
frinnstyou cant really make it optional09:20
Romsterwhy not?09:21
frinnstbecause gtk sucks09:21
Romsteryou can patch gtk2 configure to make it build i it's pressent and if not don't enable it.09:21
Romsters/i its/if it'/09:22
Romsters/i its/if it's/09:22
Romsterhave you tried?09:22
frinnstyeah but what happens when you install gobject down the line?09:22
Romsteri'll give it a go as i have patched aototools stuff before.09:22
frinnstit will fuck up everything again09:22
Romsterlater down the line requires a rebuild of everything. but not everyone will want it.09:23
Romsterwhat do you do?09:23
Romsterforce it on everyone that only a few use?09:23
frinnstlook, its a tiiiny lib that has quite big consequenses (sp?)09:23
Romsteror make it a pain to recompile everything that uses gir09:23
Romsterso it stays in. more bloat add it to the iso as well.09:24
frinnstit adds a couple of tiiiiny files do the footprint of files that use it09:24
Romstergets that's settled. thought crux was about minimalist09:24
frinnstyeah but should we fuck over everyone that wants to use a DE?09:24
frinnsti dont think thats right either09:25
Romsterok i'll have to check over everything that needs it in my ports and fix those.09:25
frinnsti dont have any use for gobject myself. i'd rather not use it either09:25
Romsternot all DE's use it?09:25
Romsteronly cinemon?09:25
frinnstno, not kde09:25
frinnstcinnamon, mate, gnome whatever09:25
frinnstxfce doesnt either i think09:25
Romsteri'm happy having it optional not forced. and such a change like that should of waited for crux 3.109:26
Romsterit's a mess.09:26
Romsterthe fact your commit said optional when it's not also bugged me09:26
Romsterit's done now i'll fix my stuff.09:27
frinnstthanks, sry09:27
frinnstafk again, shoulder still hurts when i type09:27
teK_uh get better soon :)09:28
frinnstclose to two weeks now. maybe i should go see a doctor :)09:28
teK_still able to play clash of clans? :}09:28
frinnstyes :)09:28
Romsterfrinnst, should go see a chiropractor09:31
Romsteryou been sore for ages.09:31
nrxtxRomster: the timestamps of last change/modifing of the file built10:37
Romsterare you using noatime?10:43
Romstermount option10:43
Romsterthe built package file would be a good indication of build date time.10:43
Romsterbut installed date/time not so much10:44
nrxtxnot of the package itself, the files in it10:44
Romstercan look for them on the system but pkgadd does not store that information.10:46
Romsternor pkgmk10:46
Romsterunless you make a patch for it.10:46
nrxtxhm, my problem is that golang tries to rebuild itself when the installed source files are "older" than the binaries according to the timestamps10:51
nrxtxwhich fails since normal user does not have permission for modifying /usr/*10:52
nrxtx(not using noatime)10:56
Romsterreally it checks that.10:57
Romsteryou can use touch on the $SRC10:57
Romsterwith --date=STRING10:57
Romsterbut this would be the first case of ever seeing that ever.10:58
pitillohey teK_, you are using 1.7.x libraries... you need elementary-e1711:06
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tx_Romster: its also the first time i'm seeing it, i already use a touch to the according files, but pkgadd does not preserve them when installing the pkg, i always have to touch them again after installing the pkg then it works11:24
tx_but it's not a good way, since you always have to stop after installing go, then you can continue installing packages depending on it11:25
Romsterno i mean touch the $SRC in the clang Pkgfile to be older than on the system?11:30
Romsteris it a big issue that it recompiles itself?11:31
tx_not clang -> golang, yes because it tries recompiling as normal user even tough the files are up to date, since while installing the pkgfiles the timestamps are not preserved: let me explain it: you build "go" you install src and binaries both needed at runtime in one pkg, when using it later as unpriviliged user, it checks if src is newer than bin, then recompiles bin but has no permissions for /usr11:36
Romstertx_, pastebin your work or where your Pkgfile is i'll try it out11:42
Romsteri can't function this way without seeing it for myself.11:42
Romsterwas wondering why you install source as well.11:43
Romsterand touching the source is not preserved at install time.... i'd touch $PKG/usr/bin ahead a little like a second in the future or the source behind a little.11:44
Romsterif that does not work. then i guess you will have to use a post-install script to do that on the system11:44
Romsteror add a README file explaining what todo after installing.11:44
tx_is there a way for a post-install script?11:46
tx_you can get the Pkgfile of my repo11:46
Romsteryeah you just make a shell script called post-install11:47
Romsterthat prt-get runs when it's enabled to run install scripts11:47
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nrxtxis this enabled or disabled by default?11:47
Romstermaybe the better idea might be a wrapper script oper golang that gets called as root to check the source data and touch it older than the binaries?11:48
Romsterdisabled by default.11:48
Romsteropenssl is bugging me hacking time11:48
nrxtxRomster: the wrapper script still has the problem that it it is not allowed to touch /usr/lib/files11:49
nrxtxseems like i have to place a README for the correct instructions in addition to a post install script11:49
Romsterwithout being ran as root yes.11:49
Romsteri thought pkgadd kept the time stamps as is from the tarballs11:50 still missing what is wrong...11:50
nrxtxi'll have an additional look into the pkgadd sources11:50
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nrxtxmissing in core/openssl?11:54
Romsteryes on all my systems12:00
Romstersince the f update12:00
nrxtxafter prt-get update/sysup?12:09
Romsterfigures the openssl issue with only 1 missing lib is due to me using distcc.12:12
nrxtxoh ok have no distcc setup around12:13
Romsternever seen that issue before and because all my machines use distcc i could reproduce this same issue on all my machines12:13
Romsterthe previous openssl versions were fine.12:14
Romstergoing by the gentoo ebuild the openssl code is a mess.12:14
nrxtxthis timestamp stuff is kind of weird, mtime is reserved, a time is not the problem stays only ctime as bad timestam12:22
Romstersure it's not your system due to noatime mount option?12:33
Romsteror something like that. filesystem related12:33
nrxtxdon't have noatime set12:37
nrxtxjust going through the source of go looking for the point what he checks for rebuild12:38
Romsteryeah that may be an option too.12:38
Romstersed/patch that.12:38
nrxtxi checked pkgmk and pkgadd, both correctly handle and preserve timestamps12:40
Romsterthat's your work12:41
Romsterfind $PKG/usr/lib/go -type f \12:46
Romster-exec touch -r $PKG$tref {} \;12:47
Romstermodified slightly from
nrxtxwill try it, but according to go src it should not rebuild the package as it is in GOROOT12:49
nrxtxbut for some reason the check for GOROOT is after checking the file12:50
nrxtxmodification time12:51
Romsterfind $PKG/usr/{lib/go/pkg,bin} -type f -exec touch '{}' +12:51
Romsterfrom arch will probably do the job looks cleaner than the gentoo one.12:51
Romsterhmm that may expalin why hs a file.12:52
Romsteri would try a pre-install if we even have that in prt-get for setting export GOROOT=/usr/lib/go12:52
Romsterpoke around the arch/genoo builds it should give you clues.12:53
Romsterother distros out there if your really stuck12:55
Romsterone of them always has a patch or some line to get around it.12:55
nrxtxyeah i did that is where my last line in the pkgbuild came from12:55
Romsterhmm that is some profile.d thing forget that you need a README for the environment settings needed in either /etc/profile or there home environment12:59
Romsterthat find line should be all that's required..13:00
Romsterand if pkgadd does not keep timestamps then i guess it'll be a run on system command in README to fix that.13:00
Romsteri'm gonna go play some games before sleeping13:01
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