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jaegerwhere's romster been lately? seems rather quiet03:04
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teK_he's alive, talked to him on saturday07:23
frinnsti think they have a heatwave where he lives07:47
frinnst40C etc07:47
frinnstand romster has, what, 8 boxes running? :D08:26
frinnstmaybe his house melted08:26
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frinnstLOL WTF09:01
frinnstonce release every day09:02
Romsteri just did a sysup09:06
Romsterjaeger, i'm about just been in windows more on steam.09:07
frinnst08:47 <@frinnst> i think they have a heatwave where he lives09:19
frinnst08:47 <@frinnst> 40C etc09:19
frinnst09:26 <@frinnst> and romster has, what, 8 boxes running? :D09:19
frinnst09:26 <@frinnst> maybe his house melted09:19
frinnsthow hot is it? :)09:19
sepenteK_: pong10:45
Romsteri't god damn hot here11:02
Romster and bush fires everywhere11:03
Romsterthe boxes arn't in my room except my desktop11:03
prologic -- this needs a pre-isntall script11:42
sepenprologic: see the post-install script11:57
sepenseems I need to rename it to pre-install, right?11:58
sepenand depmod will run on post-install11:58
prologichang on11:59
prologiclemme see :)11:59
sepenthere is also noted in the README11:59
sepenwell, anyway I'll review vbox with teK_ comments11:59
prologicsplit it into two11:59
prologicpre-install to add the grou11:59
prologicpost-install to run depmod11:59
sepenthat will do the thing11:59
prologicsure will :)11:59
prologicplease update :)12:00
prologicor I"ll just fork your port12:00
prologicI have too many forked ones!12:00
sepenfork whatever you want12:00
sepenbe free12:00
prologictis is the spirit :)12:03
prologicI'll wait till you've updated the port12:03
prologicI'm in no hurry :)12:03
prologicjust need virtualbox again12:03
prologic*sigh* :012:03
sepenATM I'm a bit busy at 'office'12:03
sepenlet me try it later12:04
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Romsterprologic, failed to read the README file12:09
Romsterexcept the readme file is wrong on the vbox user group needs to exist before pkgmk12:10
Romsterhow did no one not see that sooner.12:10
prologicI dunno12:20
prologictalk to sepan :)12:20
prologicfixie fixie :)12:21
frinnstRomster: geez, thats fucked up12:25
Romsterwhat is13:00
Romsterfrinnst, ?13:00
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frinnstthe heat13:04
frinnstoh well13:04
jaegerYeah, that's pretty ridiculous heat13:50
jaegerfrinnst: still using btrfs roots?14:31
frinnstread the ars article? :)14:36
jaegerno, something interesting?14:37
frinnstnah, just seems more people are interested today :)14:37
jaegerAh, ok. I was just wondering if I could implement something on real hardware that I currently do in VMs often. Snapshots for clean build environments14:37
jaegerI was thinking that a btrfs root snapshot (or multiples) could do that14:37
frinnstyeah, and you also have seeding14:38
frinnst(not tried that tho)14:38
jaegerMight need some initramfs trickery to boot between them, I suppose? I'll have to research it14:38
frinnstjust specify the snapped root=14:38
frinnstdont remember, havent reverted for over a year14:38
jaegerfair enough. Would be nice if it's that easy. :)14:39
frinnstor perhaps just change fstab and reboot14:39
frinnstgah, i think im going senile :)14:40
frinnstyeah you can do something like root=LABEL=<whatever> and/or rootflags=subvol=mysnapshot14:44
jaegerThat's pretty slick, nice.14:44
frinnstyeah. doesnt work with my current scripts. since it names the snapshot in a yymmdd-hh-mm-mountpint scheme14:45
frinnstmakes it a bit painful14:45
frinnsti should probably fix that14:45
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