IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-01-17

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jaegerI've got some PAM ports started, please feel free to test. It's just a start and I'm not a 100% PAM expert but they're working well so far in my tests. httpup at
jaegerlinux-pam, shadow, openssh/ sudo so far05:02
jaegerunrelated to pam, even though the name is similar, anyone else get an extra file, /usr/bin/pamx, when building netpbm?05:13
jaeger <-- for reference05:29
frinnstyeah i get that too on this box08:00
frinnstno footprint errors on my headless server08:05
frinnstguess it just builds the binary if X is installed08:05
teK_hi jue12:55
teK_be greeted my beloved core developer12:55
juethere's currently a discussion in lfs-devel to remove the unmaintained net-tools and replace the tools with others, e.g. use ss instead of netstat12:57
juehere's the link ->
teK_so no more netstat -tulpen anymore12:58
jueand a nice page I found in this thread ->
juesorry, should be
teK_well if it's not maintained anymore, we do not have much choice? But: fuck deprecation! ;013:01
juewell, we use net-tools with a lot of patches and it just works, so we must not change anything13:02
teK_what about CVEs?13:03
teK_although they should not be that risky.. I cannot think of a situation where one could exploit these tools as they mostly deal with kernel-supplied data13:04
jueI came across this because of the new inetutils version. inetutils includes a versions of ifconfig and hostname we could probably use instead of the ones from net-tools13:06
teK_well.. we use iproute's ip in our net script13:07
teK_users will have to switch eventually13:08
juedon't know whether traceroute from inetutils would be sufficinet for us or we need the separate port13:09
juejaeger: thanks for the ports, will try them the next days13:16
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jaegerno problem :)14:30
frinnstcc -march=native -O2 -pipe -D_GNU_SOURCE -Wall -I. -idirafter ./include/ -Ilib -I/tmp/net-tools-1.60-6-work/src/net-tools-1.60 -idirafter /tmp/net-tools-1.60-6-work/src/net-tools-1.60/include    -c -o strip.o strip.c20:39
frinnststrip.c:24:28: fatal error: linux/if_strip.h: No such file or directory #include <linux/if_strip.h>20:39
frinnstwill need yet another patch in the future :)20:39

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