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jaegerWhy does xscreensaver always say it's running as root in the console output where X is launched? It's run from my .xinitrc and never has root uid/euid02:39
jaegerIs it because Xorg is setuid?02:40
jaegermaybe it does have root euid due to that, hrmm02:41
jaegeranother odd thing: when I start openbox, an xterm launched via .xinitrc isn't visible until I click on the "desktop"02:42
jaeger.xinitrc basically looks like this:02:42
jaegerxterm &02:42
jaegerexec openbox02:42
jaegerusing xorg-xf86-video-intel for what that's worth02:43
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nkrisHi Romster, everything is fine? How's your version checking algorithm going on?08:51
Romsterno more progress yet.08:56
Romsterbut will soon08:56 is setup and jsut needs the site work done now.08:56
nkrisah the simple hello08:59
Romsternkris, so far yeah09:26
Romstertrust debian to bail out of upstart and move to systemd.09:28
Romsterwe are all doomed. will we have no choice either when things progress further.09:29
nkristeK_: to develop an own init system? :D09:31
teK_or a compatibility layer around hard coded systemd deps09:33
teK_nightmare I hear you approaching :>09:33
nkristeK_: seriously i had the same thoughts in my mind after reading this09:34
nkrisi personally still think, if a userspace software depends so strongly on the init system used, something is clearly wrong and i'm not going to use this09:36
nkrisindependently which init system it will be09:36
teK_the post is even calling for strong integration09:37
nkriskeep it simple:if you want strong integration of everything switch to windows09:39
Romstersystemd feels like windows, binary log format...09:41
Romsterjust ewww09:41
nkrisi keep myself the freedom to have a modular echangable software, even if i have to use LFS at the end ;)09:42
teK_we will see, what freedom they leave to us09:43
nkrismost gnome/kde software is already dead for me since they all depend on their sessions09:45
Romstercrux is pretty much LFS with a basic package manager.09:45
nkrislist of software i won't use since of dependencies just gets longer09:46
nkrisdon't care if there are additional ones on my list due to systemd09:46
Romsteri maintian a few that have a mile long list of dependencies but the majority of those dependencies get used by other packages as well.09:46
Romsterand it's upto the end user what they want on there system.09:47
Romsterjust because it's in the ports tree does not mean you have to use everything there. :)09:47
nkrisRomster: that's why i dumped nearly other distribution, for their init-system switch, in favor of crux on my systems :)09:48
Romsterwere trying to avoid systemd but i fear the kernel will drop support for other init systems.09:49
nkris*nearly every other09:49
Romsteri really hate this shove down ya throat approach09:49
nkrisi don't think there are dependencies to systemd by the kernel09:51
nkristhey may only remove old APIs, and the only init system which might use the new ones may be systemd09:52
nkrisRomster: just checked: there is no special systemd support in the kernel09:55
teK_there is09:55
teK_you forgot about udev which is part of systemd09:55
teK_in the end one can always claim that, because the interface is publicly known, it's not special-made for systemd09:56
nkriswe'll see10:00
Romsterand code for older support will probably get removed.10:01
nkrisi don't think we'll get this far as long there are people keeping the modular spirit10:02
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nkrisRomster: then lets hope that older code gets updates by their communities for replacing depreciated apis with the new ones, don't think the way open source software is developed changed10:10
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Romsterout to play pool10:14
nkrisanyway do you also handle git releases with your tool?10:14
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teK_with our package manager?10:15
teK_you can but it's ugly10:15
nkrisno with his version tracker10:15
nkrisdon't know if it already got a name10:15
teK_I only know ck4up :)10:16
teK_it does regex+checksums on web pages10:16
nkrisyeah i use that too10:17
nkrisbut he made a new one10:17
nkrisjust thinking what i should do with my portdb browser: e.g.
jueFYI, added some notes about network tools to TODO3111:11
jueplease comment and/or extend11:11
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jaegerRomster: gstreamer1 and gst-plugins-base1 have added files due to gobject-introspection now14:03
jaegerjue: about to be gone for a few hours, will look at your notes later today14:04
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jaegerjue: all of your networking comments seem reasonable to me... the questions I have are: is there any reason to keep ipconfig around? Does it do something ip can't? Regarding whois, is there any specific reason the one in inetutils is outdated? Would be nice if upstream could update it, though I suppose we could put the new one into inetutils manually if we wanted to, or just remove it from inetutils and use opt/whois instead.21:46
jaegerI doubt the traceroute we use makes much difference21:46
jaegerso I'd lean towards fewer separate ports21:47
nrxtxjue: jaeger: there was also a discussion on this topic on 2011 at archlinux when they replaced ifconfig, don't have the mails around though23:00

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