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Romsterjaeger, i used to kill ipconfig on my hvlinux builds. it's depreciated.01:59
Romsternothing that ip can't do.01:59
Romsterask in #Netfilter if you do not believe me that ipconfig should not be used anymore.02:04
Romsterwhy do i always use the wrong spelling02:28
Romsternrxtx, i hadn't thought about git tags/commits/branches for versionsort.02:33
jaegerwell, they're both valid words... just with very different meanings :)02:39
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nrxtxRomster: e.g.:
Romsternrxtx, no filter rules for that but i can do that with little effort.09:52
Romster./ --common-ext |wgetpaste09:52
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
nrxtx:) ok, i also solved my timestamp problem it was the strip done by pkgmk, invalidating the timestamp from the cache of go ...10:00
Romsteroh so you added a .nostrip file?10:12
Romsterthat only strips symbols though...10:12
Romsteror was strip also altering the timestamp when that ran.10:13
nrxtxstrip was altering the timestamp, so i disabled stripping10:15
nrxtx that fixed it10:16
Romsterah just the .a files.10:18
Romsterso strip changes the timestamps10:18
Romsterperhaps strip in pkgmk needs --preserve-dates10:18
Romsteryou could try a post-install script to strip --preserve-dates them .a files see if that works10:19
Romstermind you will have to be explicit on the .a names and not do *.a unless it's in a directory for only go.10:20
Romstermight be an idea for a feature request to bug tracker for --preserve-dates10:21
nrxtxwho assign it to?10:33
Romsterpkgutils or core ports11:00
Romstercrux core dev team?11:00
nrxtxhm why does httpup send errors to stdout instead of stderr? :D11:10
Romsterno idea file a bug :D11:52
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juejaeger: no, nothing that ip can't do; but I think the output of a plain '/sbin/ifconfig' is a bit more comprehensive and clear and keeping it around from inetutils doesn't cost anything13:51
juejaeger: but I've no problem if we remove ifconfig at all13:52
Romsterthat's the only thing it can do is output stats.14:07
Romsterifconfig = ip addr show ; ip link show14:08
jueRomster: btw, IIRC you offered to look at moving lvm stuff from rc to udev rules?14:17
Romsteryeah i got another hard disk but i haven't installed crux 3.1 yet to that to then test the lvm stuff.14:23
Romsterit's in my large todo list though14:23
Romstersuffered the last 4 days of heatwave so i'm relaxing in this 20C temps now than the 37+ C before.14:24
juedo you see any chance to work on that in the near future?14:24
Romsterthat was ridiculously hot14:25
Romsternext week or two14:25
Romsterif it's that urgent.14:25
Romsteri'm still testing ports and testing nuking pthreads.14:25
Romsterare we pushing for crux 3.1 sooner?14:26
juewhat do you mean with sooner? we do not have any date yet, but I've the feeling that we should start working seriously on it the next weeks14:30
jaegerjue: I have no problem keeping both around if that's preferred, not like it's a resource hog14:31
Romsteri've been working on it off and on with no serious work to get it all done anytime soon.14:32
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frinnsthow common is "ip" on other unix systems such as bsd and solaris?17:21
frinnstoh fuck, we send out notify emails on 3.1 as well21:12
frinnstsorry about that21:12
jaegerthat explains my 94 new emails :D21:20
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