IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-01-21

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jaegerwoot, fixed the grub2 EFI setup when booting from CD04:00
jaegertime to sleep04:01
prologicI've been thinking04:20
prologicI'm so impressed with what docker can do04:20
prologicand I'm going to bring this to CRUX04:20
prologicwe could streamline our build process with it04:20
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teK_jaeger how did you do it?09:41
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prologicIs libdevmapper in core being updated to 2.02 in CRUX 3.1?13:04
prologicdocker requires it and 3.0 has 1.0213:04
frinnstnot sure, havent looked at it13:10
jaegerteK_: It was failing to load modules that would allow it to find the config file, kernel, initramfs, etc... I cannot explain why but I did manage to get it to embed enough of the modules to find and chainload the real config file from an embedded config file13:45
jaegerthis is one place I'll say that grub2 really falls down, it was a pain in the but to figure that out13:46
teK_I can imagine13:46
jaegerhaven't even tested it on usb yet, though I don't know that that matters since isohybrid's -u option never seemed to work properly13:49
teK_I can only suggest a look at how grml does things as their isos made super-reliable impression on me (and are using grub2, too)13:53
jaegerI'll add it to the research list, thanks14:28
jueprologic: our libdevmapper is build from lvm2 sources, so it's latest don't be confused by the 1.02.83 version number18:55
jueprologic: see here ->
prologicjue, yeah just the version we hav ein crux 3.0 ports doesn't include the deventd daemon20:01
prologicwhich docker requires afaik20:01
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