IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-01-22

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frinnsthm, fltk link broken09:41
frinnst might work better09:42
frinnstdoh, romster is not online09:42
prologichey you guys :)10:05
prologicasked in #crux - but maybe our users don't care10:05
prologicany of you interested in a busybox/ulibc version of crux?10:05
frinnstnot I, #crux-arm might be10:41
prologicmy use-case (I think) is for a more lightweight docker base image10:42
prologicis there anything that *would not work* (easily?) with busybox+ulibc and the rest of the crux rootfs?10:43
frinnstdont know enough about ulibc to answer that11:02
frinnstdont see why busybox would be a problem11:02
prologicme neither11:04
prologicwell I'm thinking of buidling and maintaining a docker base image for crux11:04
prologicprobably in two forms11:04
prologicstock stndard - as is on the iso11:04
prologicand busybox+ulibc (we'll see how that pans out)11:04
prologichey frinnst still there?13:30
prologicwell if someone see this you can answer13:32
prologicwriting this docker script13:32
prologicand I've based it somewhat on the arch one13:32
prologicand openvz scripts I had to build openvz images13:32
prologicso it's very crux-ish now :)13:32
prologicso basic steps13:33
prologic1. mount iso13:33
prologic2. extract rootfs from the iso13:33
prologic3. extract pkgutils13:33
prologic4. chroot into this13:33
prologic3a. copy core packages13:33
prologic5. pkgadd all core packages13:33
prologicthis is where I run into a small issue13:33
prologicsome things pkgadd complains already exist13:34
prologicI can only assume from the rootfs?13:34
prologicso I've added -f13:34
prologichopefully I still get a clean consistent crux image13:34
prologicas fi it were instaleld by cd/usb13:34
prologicfeedback appreciated13:35
pitillominor thing... PKGUTILS_VERSION instead of hardcoding it on extract (probably better for future updates)13:40
prologicsorry I don't quite get what you're saying :)13:40
pitilloand is it really needed to chroot there? isn't possible to install packages without doing that?13:40
pitilloI meant, add a var to manage pkgutils version instead of hardcoding it where it is (line 29)13:41
prologicI could make it detect the version from the iso13:42
prologichow would that sound?13:42
pitilloprobably better13:42
prologicI'll do that13:42
prologicthe chroot'ing is just easier13:42
prologicand ensure you don't screw up the host where you're building this :)13:42
prologicany other pointers?13:42
prologicamazing I wrote a bash script without a single syntax error or logic error13:42
pitillowell, you can ensure it using -r13:42
prologickinda weird - I hate bash :)13:42
prologicyes that's true13:43
prologicbut then I have to extract pkgutils somewher eon the host13:43
prologicI opted not to do that :)13:43
prologicwhat about updates?13:44
pitillono way to use the same destdir as others (ROOTFS/tmp)? not sure if it was statically linked13:44
prologicshould I bother to do that?13:45
prologicor just leave the script build from the iso as a base13:45
prologicso whenever a new iso comes out13:45
prologicwe also get a new docker image13:45
pitilloif you plan to maintain the script for future CRUX releases... less hardcoding and more automated actions13:46
prologicimproving it a bit now13:53
prologicand re-testing13:53
prologicperfect little script now :)13:57
prologicdo I even need to extract the rootfs from the cd?13:57
prologicwon't pkgadd all core ports do the same?13:57
frinnstjue: imagemagick still lists libungif as a dependency16:12
frinnstseems depinst will install imagemagick without gif support16:13
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