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juefrinnst: thanks, will look at it later today08:17
Romsterhmm i got margaret contacting me again from google...08:34
Romsterguess i should reply.08:34
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frinnstdid you reply the first time?10:23
Romsternot sure if i can help them much. she thinks i can...10:27
Romsterif it's packaging stuff or what have you then maybe.10:28
Romsteror my lvm mdadm hard disk recovery expeareance i dunno10:28
frinnstawesome, a 2012r2 demoserver was setup with AD (and dns) without a firewall14:20
frinnstit took maybe a few days before it started getting DNS-abused14:20
frinnsthow the hell can microsoft allow their dns server to be fully recursive by default?14:21
Romsterthat's asking for trouble.14:27
frinnstddos paradise14:40
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teK_jaeger: current nvidia won't work with any 3.13.* kernel, see (inlcuding several possible patches). Dunno if/when nv will react15:45
jaegerProbably best to wait for nvidia to update, they do so pretty frequently... those posts kinda look like people shooting in the dark, heh15:47
teK_-rc1 is rather old ;)15:47
teK_but yeah.. I probably will go back to 3.12.* then15:47
jaegertargeting -rc kernels is odd to me, anyway15:52
teK_and still they do cast a shadow on the future :P15:53
teK_but I get your point15:54
jaegerI'm mainly hesitant because I don't know enough to say whether or not those hacks are safe15:54
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teK_btw.. frinnst did you check that MS' ntpd was not vulnerable to the most recent DDoS thingies hurting certain ntp configurations?15:55
frinnstbut requires the ntp daemon to listen on wan, right?15:58
frinnstor, if you have really sucky users - on the lan15:58
teK_to our ML? :}15:59
frinnstno :)15:59
teK_and yeah + it has to be allowed to list servers15:59
frinnstjust to every employee15:59
teK_for our ntpd, this was missing: disable monitor16:00
frinnstyeah i saw you fixed it, but since you didnt bump the $release i probably still run without it everywhere :)16:00
teK_I meant to16:00
frinnstbut you sent it to the ml, right?16:02
teK_btw frinnst are you a zsh user?16:03
frinnstno, im a normal person16:04
frinnstI *have* tried to like it16:05
teK_ifyou are not a power user it is just like bash16:05
frinnstbut there's always something that bothers me everytime i give it a go16:05
teK_bash is a real subset of zsh (a crappy one *runs* :D)16:05
teK_I had this discussion with a seasoned fvwm2 (:D) and bash user.. he even complained about aliases16:09
frinnsthah why16:10
teK_I have 148 of them that, since April 2013 saved me ~155k keystrokes on this machine only16:10
teK_why? Because he had to use a shell that had aliased x to exit and hemistyped things etc :D16:10
teK_this is the guy running DNS and other stuff for a *really* largish international company16:10
teK_but his snowing-theme + wind simulation on fvwm2 where awesome :D16:11
teK_the snow would get stuck at the top of windows16:11
teK_crapy looking windows but still. Covered with snow :D16:11
teK_no X right now ;-)16:12
frinnstthere actually are some nice screenshots16:12
teK_I'm rather happy with my current fluxbox theme (stolen from grml) and the setup in general16:13
frinnstyeah me too16:13
teK_it still lacks a decent looking expose-style program, though16:14
teK_skippy-xd works partially but it's ugly16:14
teK_btw do you happento know where I can see a backlog of not yet flushed data to say a USB hdd?16:19
teK_I know vmstat  and /proc/diskstat16:19
teK_err iostat.16:21
frinnstyou mean how much?16:21
frinnstdunno how to access the cache16:22
teK_how much and ideally what (that's probably not feasable)16:22
teK_because I have this new USB stick that gets me 130KB/s write performance and I want to be nosy..16:24
frinnstim sure you can find the info in the kernel docs, if you have the patience for it16:29
frinnst maybe?16:29
teK_looks interesting, will check out. ty!16:30
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nrxtxteK_: which terminal emulator are you using on fluxbox?19:45
teK_nrxtx: xfce terminal19:52
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