IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-01-24

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rexichhello people, what's up?02:13
rexichI'd like to contribute to the wiki, is there a way to register?02:16
prologicI think the registration is open to everyone02:28
rexichas far as I've noticed, I just double click a page and I can edit the contents. is this proper?02:42
prologicoh maybe02:45
prologicis it spam protected?02:45
rexichI'm not sure, I didn't edit anything :)02:53
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prologicdamn that's not good02:58
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frinnstconfigure: WARNING: docbookx2-man not found, no manpages will be built13:32
teK_yeah, saw that too. :\13:33
teK_upstream as usual13:36
prologicdon't you hate develoeprs :)13:50
Romsterwhy can't they pre-generate them.14:03
frinnstbecause it requires work14:04
teK_because many of them fucking love overengineering14:04
teK_it's so much more flexible when the docs are generated at the user's system14:05
Romsteras if they change dynamically?14:10
frinnstprobably easier to maintain in git15:55
frinnstand they dont expect users to build their software15:55
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frinnstdbus 1.8 also wont install man-pages without docbook22:26
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prologicwtf seriously?23:52
prologicwhat is wrong with these developers23:52
prologicwhy pull in another freak'n dep just to build man pages23:52

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