IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-01-25

teK_you know, some did not receive enough love from their parents00:01
teK_and now I will get to bed00:01
teK_good night, channel00:01
prologicI have a bold proposal that'll solve this for us00:08
prologicwe build the man pages separately00:08
prologicperhaps even tuaomatically along with the port00:08
prologicmaybe I could design and implement a service to do this00:08
prologicthat you could smiply call within the Pkgfile's build()00:08
prologiccurl -q -O $PKG
Romsterhmm that's a thought00:31
prologicI'm kinda serious00:41
prologicI also want to build another service00:41
prologicthat you can configure in /etc/pkgmk.conf00:41
prologicas a proxy service00:41
prologicfor _any_ sources that return a non-200 reponse00:41
prologicthe service would go google/search for the tarball in question00:42
prologicand if found return it00:42
Romsterso am i00:53
prologicI want to build a binary package management service00:54
Romsternah i don't like that idea... i'm building up with your help and this other guys help with the versionsort pyhton stuff itself and i'm gonna make meta4 files for mirrors and add in meta4 support to pkgmk00:54
prologicand tie that in with pkg-get00:54
prologicwell not really s serviee per say00:54
prologicbut somewhere where we can publish binary packages to00:54
prologicfor different architectures00:54
prologicyou can still have versionsort.com00:56
prologicI just want a way to "find taralls" of things that ahve gone missing00:56
prologicfixing 404's soruce urls is annoying at best00:56
Romsteri'm already hosting some built stuff at
Romsterwell 's one of it's meany features will be mirror tracking for files we use in Pkgfiles00:59
Romsteri gotta head out00:59
prologicme too01:01
prologicfrinnst, jaeger, jue, pitillo: what do you guys think? :)02:42
prologictime permitting, if I can build these02:42
prologicI think it would be useful in general02:42
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nrxtxprologic: that's why i added search for source filenames to my repository browser when viewing a port08:15
prologicto what?08:24
nrxtxfind files which get a 40408:26
nrxtxanyway i hope to connect it to Romsters versionort, to mark outdated packages :)08:35
juefrinnst: wrt imagemagick/gif ->
jueindeed, didn't expect to see internal gif support in imagemagick09:15
jueRomster: please run a 'prtverify /usr/ports/opt/setuptools'09:16
juefrinnst: btw, the new glamor dep is something we should list in TODO31, thanks09:18
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frinnstbtw glamor support is essential for newer chips12:18
frinnstas it is now its somewhat broken, because we lack stuff in mesa3d12:18
frinnstbut the only reason for the ati update is glamor changes12:18
frinnsthm, maybe i should revert the ati update. its pointless as it is now12:22
frinnstim gonna be afk, feel free to revert xorg 3885b6c906fe20133092794ce2491806084e03bf12:23
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frinnstmaybe we should replace the manpages on ports that requires docbook with "bro" :)20:00
prologicreminds of of a similar thing for python22:27
prologicthat searches stackoverflow for questions and answers22:27
prologicI see only two options going forward here22:27
prologic(the 3rd will probably be too hard)22:28
prologic3) convince the developers of their stupidity :)22:28
prologic1) we build or use an existing service that builds the man pages which we then package into the resulting package22:28
prologic2) we start separting out build requirements from runtime requirements ala Arch22:28
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