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Romsterjue, fixed how i missed that i do not know, also why would upstream even allow that.01:04
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Romsterfrinnst, you could aply the xorg-glamor-egl mesa3d change in crux 3.1 it also depends on xorg-server 1.15 so it wouldn't work on crux 3.0 unless xorg got bumped.06:14
frinnstwhat depends on server 1.15? the glamor update?09:31
frinnsti run 1.15 here09:31
frinnsti need a devel environment...09:31
jueRomster: thanks11:15
Romsteryes going by arch there is a ABI change that glamor needs xorg-server 1.1511:16
Romsterand since that's not in crux 3.0 even if you did mesa3d you'd have to also bump xorg-server11:17
frinnstseems to work for me11:28
frinnstanyways, i've reverted the ati dependency on glamor11:28
frinnstit just sits there now11:28
Romsterof course your on xorg-server 1.1511:28
frinnstno, on my vm11:28
Romstereh then i don't know then11:28
RomsterX-ABI-VIDEODRV_VERSION=15 (xorg-server) (make)11:29
frinnstModule: glamoregl: vendor="X.Org Foundation" compiled for 1.14.5, module version = 0.6.011:29
Romsterso beats me why they did that11:30
frinnstdoesnt that just mean that binary *package* is compiled for 1.15?11:30
Romsteroh that's probably it...11:30
Romsterdamn why did i not think of that11:31
frinnsti cand find any references in the git log that it only depends on 1.1511:31
Romsterthere binary system11:31
Romsteri interpreted it worng.11:31
frinnstfeels like i've fucked up enough lately11:31
Romstereh i'm no better11:32
frinnstanyways, your firefox build method works great on the firefox 27 beta11:32
frinnstwill use it for 27.0 when it is released11:32
Romsterthat took me a few hours to get that wright11:32
Romsteri read your way was problematic11:33
frinnstwonder if a sed is easier to maintain than a patch for the installdirs11:33
frinnsti had to redo the patch for 2711:33
frinnstyeah firefox's buildsystem is fucked11:34
Romsteri dunno i feel that sed can kick ya in the nuts when you least expect it too. where patch will bitch if it can't apply11:34
frinnstyeah thats is a problem11:35
prologicshould just report the problem upstream11:35
prologicidealyl we should never maintain pathces or sed replacements11:35
Romsteryeah firefox build system is broken11:35
prologichas anyonr reported it?11:35
frinnstthey dont really care11:35
Romstermaybe when they rewrite it in rust it'll be fixed11:35
prologicwhy not?11:35
prologichow do they build it themselves?11:35
frinnsti've reported several build bugs but they are still listed as NEW a year or so down the line11:35
Romsteri have no idea.11:35
prologicseems a bit poor form to me11:36
prologicor are we filing bugs in the wrong place?11:36
frinnsti dont think they care much to bother with custom builds11:36
RomsterMozilla devs like making more bugs not fix them.11:36
Romsterthey only care if there nightlies build and work11:36
frinnst Reported: 2011-08-19 14:13 PDT by Fredrik11:37
frinnstStatus: NEW11:37
frinnst Keywords: crash11:37
prologicI wonder how we can "make them care"11:37
prologicthis is ridicoulous11:37
Romsteri seen the mess in frinnst's port and i hacked at it and made it far simpiler.11:37
prologicreally poor form11:37
frinnstsince they dont build with avx in their official builds they dont care11:38
Romstereh if another browser beats firefox i'll surely switch11:38
frinnstall browsers are equal shite :)11:38
Romsterbloated junk piles11:38
prologicI need you guys to do something for me11:39
prologicthis is something I've noticed more and more11:39
prologicPython ports11:39
prologicany time you do a:11:39
prologicpython instlal blah blah11:39
prologicplease please please change this to11:39
prologic/usr/bin/python setup install balh blah blah11:39
prologicit's very vital11:40
Romsteri've stopped stripping out egg files.11:40
prologicbecause if any user/dev like myself runs virtualenv(s) on his/her home dir11:40
prologicany port will subseqneltly fail to build11:40
prologicyes and don't strip out egg files :)11:40
Romsterwhy do we need to hard code the path?11:40
prologicbut the /usr/bin/python is very important11:40
prologicbecause if you don't11:40
prologicit'll use for example11:40
RomsterPATH for a reason11:40
prologicor whatever virtaulenv I happen to be in11:41
prologicwhich will then result in11:41
Romsteryou can order stuff in PATH it's done from left to right. order matters.11:41
prologicand things start to fail rather badly11:41
prologicno you're missing my point11:41
prologicthis will never work in a python virtualenv11:41
Romsternext e11:41
prologicwhich I'm always in!11:41
prologic_must_ use /usr/bin/python11:42
Romsternest we will have to do it with /usr/bin/make or ruby or perl -_-11:42
prologicthose are not improtant11:42
prologicthey don't support virtual environments11:42
prologicthis is only a problem for python ports11:42
Romsteri can't see why... just you have multiple python versions in your path.11:42
prologicand the use of virtaulenv11:42
prologicDanny stop arguing with me :)11:42
Romsterbut ok i'll change mine make you happy11:42
prologicjust trust me on this one11:42
Romsteri still don't get it but i am drowsey11:43
prologicit's not about making me happy :)11:43
prologicit breaks lots of stuff11:43
prologicthe only awy around it is to do this11:43
prologicsudo su -11:43
prologicprt-get depinst foo11:43
prologicwhere foo is some python port that does11:43
Romsterreally we should be doing python2 for and python for python version 311:43
prologicpython install ...11:43
prologicbut that's no guarentee either11:43
prologicas my root account could also have a python virtualenv :)11:43
prologicdon't do that11:43
prologicnever assume python211:44
prologicthe user can always change /usr/bin/python11:44
prologicsymlink it to whatever python verion they want by default11:44
prologicnever ever do that Arch does11:44
prologicit's horrible11:44
prologicit sucks11:44
prologicand it assumes wrongly11:44
prologic/usr/bin/python is fine11:44
Romsteryes and lots of stuff breaks with python 3 so all pyhton2 stuff should be /usr/bin/python211:44
prologicanyway I didn't mean it to break out into a huge discussion11:45
prologicjust a small thing I've noticed11:45
Romsterunless we do not care to ever use python 3 i see how arch is doing it.11:45
prologicwe do not care11:45
prologicas far as I'm concerned leave Python 3 up to the user11:45
prologicin fact I"m pretty sure I'm the only one maintaining Python 3 ports11:45
prologicas well as 2.5, 2.6 and a clone of 2.711:45
prologicso don't do /usr/bin/python211:45
prologicjust /usr/bin/python11:46
Romsteris python 3 jsut likge gtk3 changing so much no one really wants to upgrade?11:46
prologicwe don't do it with anything else11:46
prologicpretty much11:46
prologicbut it's more than that11:46
Romsterok i'l fix my ports later11:46
prologicrewriting large pieces of software is hard11:46
prologicand python 3 breaks a lot of backwards compatibility11:46
prologicEve Online isn't changing11:46
Romsterso installing pyhton3 along side python211:46
prologicnot any time soon11:46
prologicyou can do this just fine11:47
Romsterand user symlinks the one they want to /usr/bin/python11:47
prologicusing my python 3 ports11:47
prologicdon't care11:47
prologicthat's the users problem :)11:47
Romsterbut lots of stuff breaks if you do /usr/bin/python -> python311:47
prologicyeah ^^^11:47
prologicdon't care11:47
prologicwe shouldn't be hand honlding our users11:47
prologicif they want to break their systems11:47
prologicgood for them11:47
prologicif a user wants to build their own toolchain11:48
prologicand does it incorrectly11:48
Romsterhence seding all python ports with python2 that don't work on 3 but then i guess that is not CRUX way11:48
prologicand bricks their system11:48
prologicis that our problem or theirs?11:48
prologicsame thing with python2/311:48
prologicnot our problem11:48
Romsterthis has been bugging me for ages.11:48
Romsteroh well.11:48
prologicdon't :)11:48
prologicjust leave it alone :)11:48
prologicno one (besides me) afaik has Python 3i sntalled on crux desktops/servers anyway11:49
prologicand even if I do (which I do)11:49
Romsterdont fix whats nto broken even if it's held together with 10 layers of gaffer tape -_-11:49
prologic/usr/bin/python is 2.7.611:49
prologici.e: it more or less becomes the system python11:49
prologicand I use virtualenv everywhere11:49
prologicit's best practise11:49
prologicso I'll never break the system in any way11:49
Romsterok i'll do that change you said prologic but not right now.11:49
prologicjust saying :)11:50
prologicI'm proably the only one it affects!11:50
Romsteri'll bbl gonna do some gaming then sleep. i'm mentally out of it. damn drowsyness.11:54
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teK_yeah.. bluez requires you to say --disable-systemd otherwhise configure will just bail23:31

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