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frinnstoh, they have merged glamor info xorg07:38
frinnstRomster: can you fix the util-linux-32 path issue?08:01
Romsteri didn't knwo there was a path issue.08:05
frinnstlatest ML message08:06
teK_it's on the ML08:06
teK_hi folks.08:06
teK_cooking Weisswurst in parallel :>08:06
Romsterhavne't even read my email yet08:06
teK_but no Weissbier with it because my guest is ill :o08:06
frinnstwtf teK_, looks like white shit08:06
teK_but tastes awesome08:07
teK_don't you eat sausage?08:07
frinnstnot very fond of mustard generally08:07
Romsterstupid source url...08:11
Romsteri already have the sources for the non -32 ports so i don't check them.08:12
frinnstyeah its easy to miss08:12
Romsterwhy download it twice.08:12
frinnst$version wont work with util-linux08:12
Romsteroh the .1 added to it...08:13
Romsterman i hate when it changes there is no easy way other than awk or sed08:13
RomsterteK_, did you just fix the maintainer line email i take it?08:13
frinnstyeah he did08:14
Romsterah other email says that.08:14
Romsteri'm a bit slow...08:14
frinnstwe still love you :)08:14
Romsteronly because i do so much :)08:16
Romsterand i may have been a bit harsh on tilman the other day.08:16
frinnstadding a ":)" does a lot08:18
Romsterglamor has been merged into xorg, in which component? mesa3d?08:24
frinnstno, xorg-server08:29
Romster1.15.x branch?08:29
Romsterah so it'll be in the next .1 bump08:29
frinnstwould be lovely to scrap the external driver before it gets much useage08:29
Romsteryeah dump it as soon as xorg-server gets the next release08:30
Romsterwhile your at it you have done mesa3d in crux 3.1 for it?08:30
Romsteri need to start doing more crux 3.1 stuff got the chroot not done a great deal.08:31
Romsterand i gotta get this lvm2 udev sorted as well08:31
Romsterdamn it seppen gnutls is of now 2 versions behind08:32
Romsterhe is too busy08:33
Romsteri would really prefer opt to be a group than per a port. like xorg and compat-32 and core is now.08:33
teK_i fixed bluez yesterday08:34
Romstercould have multiple maintianer lines for those that work/use the same ports08:34
teK_one major version behind08:34
Romsterif i go touching other maintainer ports i'll probably get yelled at -_-08:34
Romsteri know some of mine need bumping as well.08:35
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jueprologic, Romster: I'd really like to see a ticket with the rationale for that change, hoping that other maintainers are doing the same because of some git commits sounds a bit strange for me ;)10:55
juefrinnst: could you try our mesa port with 10.0.2 and your ati card, does it work in the same way as with 9.x?11:03
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Romsterjue, considering it mostly affects prologic as he is the only one i know of using virtualenv for python. I'll let prologic make the ticket in flyspray.11:12
jueRomster: ok, make sense11:16
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prologicis a ticket really necessary? :)11:45
prologicI'm happy to write one up :)11:45
prologicor maybe a wiki page?11:45
prologicor adapt the port guidelines11:46
prologicRomster is right11:46
prologicit likely only affects me11:46
jueI'd prefer a ticket11:46
prologicsure nps11:46
prologicI'll write one up tomorrow at work11:46
prologicg'night ;)11:46
juegood night11:46
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frinnstjue: the xorg/3.1 mesa3d port/changes?12:15
frinnsti've run those for ages under 10.0.012:15
frinnst(and git)12:15
jueno, I mean our current 3.0 port with version=10.0.212:19
frinnstah, sure12:19
frinnstbut yeah it wont work without llvm12:20
frinnstits needed for the gallium driver12:20
juewell, it builds for me without llvm installed ;)12:20
frinnstbut not the gallium driver?12:21
frinnstanyways, i'll give it a go after work12:21
juethe footprint is not the same, here is what I get ->
frinnstoh, short and readable url12:31
juejust noted that r200_dri, radeon_dri, i965_dir and nouveau_vieux_dri are hardlinks to swrast_dri12:33
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