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jaegerjue: Have you run into any big issues with those pam ports yet?15:41
jaegerAlso, anyone know what causes the "failed to load i965 driver" message when using the intel xorg driver?15:45
jaegeris it because libva isn't installed?15:45
frinnstdoubt it15:47
frinnstwhat gpu/cpu is it?15:47
frinnst[oss-security] Re: OpenSSH J-PAKE vulnerability (no cause for panic! remain calm!)15:48
frinnsthah, brilliant subject15:48
jaegerIt's the second gen, so HD 300015:49
frinnstmore logs?15:51
jaegerThe xorg log reports DRI Driver: i965 and AIGLX loaded i96515:52
jaegerI'll paste the log somewhere if installing libva-intel doesn't fix it but figured I'd check that first15:52
jaegerI can't actually find the "failed to load" message in a log for some reason. I just saw it when I was authenticating to unlock xscreensaver15:53
jaegerfrinnst: installing libva-intel did cause the error to disappear16:15
frinnstoh, really17:27
juejaeger: no, works fine, installed it two days ago on my laptop19:01
jaegerfrinnst: seems so. That was just a guess based on the libva-intel port having the i965 dri files in it19:02
jaegerjue: glad to hear it :)19:03
juejaeger: the only diff to our default setup I recognized is that a user must be a member of the wheel group to be able to use 'su'19:03
jaegerI think that was the default so I left it that way but it would be trivial to disable that19:05
jueat all I got the impression that introducing pam into crux wouldn't be very intrusive19:17
jueAFAIKS everything not build with pam support will continue to work19:18
jaegerI think so, too. So far in my testing it has not caused any issues. It may not be something many users need but there are at least a couple of use cases for it. yubikeys were mentioned, also active directory authentication with winbind19:18
nrxtxuhm many ports seem to be up to date at least compared with gentoo distfiles :)19:37
nrxtxjaeger: i think more examples for pam usage are: slim, sudo and samba19:40
juenrxtx: jaeger is talking about stuff that _needs_ pam to work19:50
jueslim, sudo and samba are working fine even without pam19:51
nrxtxah ok19:54
nrxtxthen my list for those is currently empty :D19:57
jaegerIt would be nice to be consistent, though... if we did make PAM official then I would suggest that everything use it20:44
jaegercan get pretty confusing otherwise20:44
teK_the list of affected ports is very short (at least concerning the ones that lack auto-detection). But its hard to guess which port will yield unexpected behaviour (hopefully: none?) when they suddenly find pam enabled20:48
jaegerPerhaps it's too ambitious for 3.1, not sure20:58
teK_I think it can be a change with much effect whenever you introduce it21:00
teK_and I second your argument wrt every or any port using pam21:01
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