IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2014-01-30

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jaegerI've started a complete rework of the kernel config on the ISO with the intent of cleaning out stuff that's not needed for the installation as well as hopefully tracking down that damned usb2 bug I keep hitting with newer kernel versions02:08
jaegerSo once it's ready it would help if people can test it :)02:08
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prologicsure I can give it a whilrl02:10
prologicbtw are you slimming it down to a point where it will no longer be suitable to copy to the new host for a quick bootup?02:10
prologicor will that still be possible since the host can boot the iso anyway02:10
jaegerAs long as the user copies the initrd as well it should work... just trying to trim some stuff not needed for installation02:13
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jaegerit may not provide ideal desktop performance but the current one probably doesn't, either02:13
jaegerIt'll probably be a couple days before it's ready, I'll do as much testing as I can first02:17
prologicit never has been :)02:19
prologicbut it is a nice way to just "quickly get up and running"02:19
prologicboot into the real thing02:19
prologiclogin/ssh in02:20
prologicthen compile the real kernel :)02:20
prologicI often do this as a matter of fact02:20
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frinnstopenssh 6.507:54
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pitillojaeger: util-linux adds a new file (runuser) when detects PAM support13:35
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jaegeryeah, I've seen it14:10
pitilloah sorry, only for reporting :)14:13
jaegersorry, didn't mean to be rude. Just acknowledging it14:14
pitilloyeah, no problem :)14:15
jaegerIs pcmcia still something about which we need to care?14:22
jaegerI've not used it in years, myself14:22
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prologicsame here14:24
prologicdoes the bus still exist?14:24
prologicor only on old laptops?14:25
jaegerI'm not sure, honestly. I've not seen it on any recent laptops14:25
prologicwell as I don't own a laptop at present14:26
prologicI wouldn't nkow14:26
prologicsince #crux appears to be dead14:26
prologiccould I interest you two in testing out docker-bin for me?14:26
prologicif you have time14:26
jaegerI'll take a look if I have some time later, at work currently14:28
prologicdocker-bin in my ports repo14:29
prologicdocker (from source) is broken14:29
prologicalso on that same note14:29
prologicthis is going to be a nice way to consistently build and updates ports14:29
prologiceven build the iso14:29
prologicI'm updating the crux image I have registered up on (the public registry) now14:30
jaegerI've got no use for it, myself, but I'll check it out14:30
prologictrying to also get an official "crux" name/repo on their registry14:30
prologicperhaps not14:30
prologicbut it could help to streamline a lot of our processes :)14:30
jaegerhow so?14:31
prologicI can think of several things14:31
prologice.g: building ports in a cealn container14:31
prologicreporting on broken md5sum, links and fotprint mismatches14:31
prologicreporting on broken or missing deps14:31
prologicbuilding an iso in a clean consistent crux contaeinr14:31
prologicdoing some kind of CI for CRUX14:32
jaegerDon't we already do all of this? Maybe with different tools14:32
prologicwe do :)14:32
prologicI guess maybe I'm saying I've found them to bbe cumbersome14:32
prologici.e: having to setup your host properly14:32
prologicclone this that and the other14:32
prologicsometimes the iso doesn't build because your system is out of date or what not :)14:32
prologicI guess docker run -i -t crux /bin/bash14:33
prologicis a lot less typing than14:33
prologicchroot blah blah14:33
prologicand several mount binds14:33
prologicthen you have to remember to undo all that14:33
prologicor write it in a bash script :)14:33
jaegerI haven't built the ISO in a chroot in ages, for what that's worth. Scripted the build a long time ago14:34
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rexichhello guys21:56
teK_hey you21:56
rexichI've just found the reason why didn't wvdial and pppd work as they should, and it's a missing command in /etc/ppp/options, which is missing, so it doesn't update the routing table in kernel properly -_-21:58
rexichwhere do I report this bug?21:58
teK_good for you (now)21:58
rexichthank you21:58
teK_that was a test :x21:59
rexichI've noticed it ;)22:00
rexichnope, I'm not a spam bot, haha22:00
teK_you have to register anyway22:00
rexichI am registering now22:00
rexichto whom should I assing the bug report?22:04
teK_prt-get info ppp | grep Maintainer22:05
rexichthank you22:10
rexichMaintainer:   CRUX System Team, core-ports at crux dot nu22:11
teK_last commit was done by ju22:12
teK_(in 2010 *g*)22:12
rexichdone :)22:21
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prologiclilo: <-- Could someone please fix up the source URL -- it's clearly invalid (md5sum mismatch and if -im invalid tar archive)23:12
jaeger is probably a better URL to use23:16
prologicwant me to test that? :)23:27
prologicjaeger: works :)23:29
prologiccommit that :)23:29
jaegerok, I'll update it this evening23:30
teK_jue/jaeger/frinnst: sshd patch :)23:37
jaegeryeesh, how many different host key types does ssh need? :P23:39
teK_ed25519 keys are extremely small23:40
teK_djb rocks in general :>23:40
teK_and it was co-designed by someone using the domain cryptojedi.org23:41
jaegerDoes that need a corresponding entry in sshd_config?23:41
teK_I dont think so23:42
teK_as I understand, the (commented) values are the defaults23:43
teK_and the new sshd_config contains #HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key23:43
teK_I didn't bother to test with my own server because it's running gentoo and I'll have to wait some time...23:43
teK_yeahJan 31 00:47:31 pita sshd[9589]: Accepted publickey for tek from port 55107 ssh2: ED25519 86:c9:41:6f:e1:da:c8:06:96:c5:a3:7e:a6:f5:6f:4523:48
teK_with its default configuration23:48
teK_off to bed23:52

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