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prologicWho's looking after the portdb these days?04:28
prologicCan I get someone to check the syncing of my repo?04:28
prologicAlternatively I'll join contrib04:28
prologicAnd maintain a few select ports04:29
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jaegerdamn it, it still has the fucking usb 2 problem. I have no idea what's causing it04:34
jaegerBuilt this config from the ground up and can't get rid of that04:35
prologicwhat's this usb2 problem you're having?04:38
prologicOh and btw04:38
prologicI _need_ to become a contrib maintainer04:38
prologicor a core dev04:38
prologicIf I'm going to officially support CRUX+Docker04:38
prologicIt'd be ideal if the port(s) are in opt or contrib04:38
prologicI'm writing up the "Installation" docs for it now04:38
jaegerThe problem is that if you boot the install ISO via a USB drive in a USB 2 port, it doesn't work. In fact no USB 2 ports work04:39
jaegerUSB 3 works fine04:39
jaegerand once the kernel has fully booted up USB 2 starts working again04:40
jaegerIt works fine with kernels 3.7.x and below, breaks on everything newer04:40
jaegerI give up for tonight, time to sleep04:43
prologicSo you're talking USB boot04:43
prologicfrom a USB stick?04:43
prologickernel 3.8.x+ breaks with USB boot drive in a USB 2 port?04:44
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frinnstjaeger: do you have one of those images that refuses to boot from usb2?12:51
prologicyes pass one along here12:58
prologicI'd like to help too :)12:58
nrxtxprologic: i regularly sync all repos, yours had a bunch of 404 and 40313:03
nrxtxi could send you the sync log13:06
prologichow do we sync repos to portdb these days?13:08
prologicvia httpup?13:08
nrxtxi think most are, but i think your bugs can be easily be fixed by httpup-repgen13:15
prologiccan you tell me where it's trying to sync from?13:22
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prologicI have a sneaking suspicion I've neglected to maintain my httpup mirror of my ports - I normally use hgup to sync my ports13:22
nrxtxprologic: the one which is linked on
prologicI think that should fix it13:36
prologicupdated the cron job a bit13:36
nrxtxprologic: that was my last state of your repo: look for Valid/Autocheck columns13:38
prologicoh I'm sorry13:40
prologicyou have a much better portdb?13:40
prologicalso can you force an update?13:40
nrxtxstill manually automated is not ready yet13:40
nrxtxstill some hacked up scripts13:41
prologicwritten in?13:41
nrxtxwith a 600mbyte sqlite database :D13:41
prologichey wanna team up? :)13:41
prologicI wanna do something useful with13:41
prologicwas also thinking of starting to maintain binary packages13:42
prologicand automating it13:42
prologicat least for x86_6413:42
nrxtxi hope to get the autocheck synced with Romster13:42
nrxtxand his version parser13:42
prologicyou're that guy :)13:42
prologicI really think I should help you two out13:43
prologicI'm a whatcha call em13:43
prologicsoftware engineer :)13:43
prologic15+ years of Python experience13:43
prologicthat's a really nice portdb ui anyway13:44
prologicI love it :)13:44
nrxtxsome tables with bootstrap13:44
prologicI suck at ui :)13:44
prologicI'm strictly a backend developer13:44
nrxtxthat's why i used bootstrap13:44
prologicin any case13:45
prologicI'm planning on packages.cruxlinux.org13:45
prologicat least13:45
nrxtxjust hack up a for loop with a <table> add bootstrap style="" and you're having this kind of ui :D13:45
nrxtxnice guy for non-gui programmers13:46
prologichave you tried my docker ports?13:48
nrxtxno maybe i'll give them a try the next days13:49
nrxtxcurrently i wrote the portdb for my own, because i missed some features especially version comparision13:50
nrxtxlook at a port and see in which other repos they are with which version, without looking into each pkgfile13:51
nrxtxdon't know if there is interest into another portdb ui13:56
prologicI'm interested13:57
jaegerteK_: it wasn't ignored, someone else beat me to it :)14:09
jaegerI went out last night instead of being a hermit, heh14:10
jaegerfrinnst, prologic: uploading the ISO to
nrxtxthis is the one not working on usb2 but works on usb3?14:15
prologicI'll test it out14:17
nrxtxme 214:17
jaegerThe more the merrier14:17
prologicand if we find it fails too on USB2 ports14:18
prologicdo you want us to try and fiddle with the config, rebuild, etc?14:18
prologicI can :)14:18
prologicIs this a bug with the kernel?14:19
jaegerIf you want to spend time on it, sure. I'm going to try again to debug it but it's annoying14:19
jaegerI think it must be because it affects every kernel from 3.8 onward14:19
jaegerif I revert to anything earlier it works fine14:19
prologiceven 3.13?14:19
jaegerThat's the main reason my updated ISOs still use 3.6/3.714:19
pitilloprobably bisec between versions and look for changes is the last point14:19
prologictried filing bug upstream?14:20
jaegerthough I tend to stay on the long term kernels for vmware tools and zfs support14:20
pitilloit's an annoying problem really14:20
prologicperhaps the USB2 sub-system got broken since 3.8 but no-one's noticed?14:20
jaegernot yet because I don't have enough info... because if you somehow get it to boot all the way, USB 2 works14:20
prologicwe'll let you konw how we go14:21
jaegerso it's somehow a problem during the minimal system boot but not when everything is loaded14:21
jaegeranyway, the upload is done, AFK for a few minutes14:21
prologic <-- someone forget to update the footprint of util-linux?14:25
prologicalso gtk3 update:
nrxtxprologic: check the dependencies line of the file, update does not pull in new dependencies14:29
prologicoh yes of course!14:31
prologicperhaps update should?14:31
prologichave we ever discussed this bbefore?14:31
prologic# prt-get deptree gtk3 | egrep "^\[ \]"14:32
prologichmmm ^^^14:32
prologicall dependencies are installed14:33
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prologic <-- btw the Pacakger/Maintainer fields14:42
prologicare we going to drop Packager?14:42
jaegerprologic: runuser is a result of pam14:43
jaegernot an official dep currently14:43
prologicyeah nps14:43
prologicI told it to ignore it anyway14:43
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jaegeroops. I left PS2 keyboard support out of that kernel15:12
prologickinda need that :)15:13
jaegerMost of my keyboards are USB but in this case I want to do some live debugging so need a PS2 one15:13
prologicI can't anonymously clone the iso.git repo15:14
jaegerusing git:// it works for me15:15
prologicnot here15:15
prologicwtf that worked15:16
prologicwhat url was I using hmm15:16
prologicoh silly me15:16
prologicbad copy/paste :)15:16
prologicleft the t off15:16
prologicyeah story of my life15:17
prologicsee why I need compiz fusion + ezoom :)15:17
prologicgod onyl knows what the sate of compiz fusion is anymore15:18
prologicwe use busybox now on the iso?15:18
prologicniiice :)15:18
prologicas an experiment I'm going to write a quick Dockerfile for the iso builder15:19
prologicsee how it pans out15:19
jaegeryeah, been using busybox for a long time :)15:19
jaegeruploaded the config I'm using to that tmp folder15:20
prologicmake bootstrap kernel all iso15:21
prologicin that order?15:21
jaegerthe iso target will make the kernel target15:22
jaegertake a look at , might speed things up15:22
jaegershould be better now15:23
prologicrun this script in a checkout of iso.git?15:25
jaegerYou can run it from anywhere, the top directory is set in the script15:25
jaegerso check if it matches your iso.git location, etc.15:25
prologicpretty simple stuff thanks to your efforts15:29
prologicthat should build me an iso off a clean up-to-date crux 3.015:29
prologicwithout relying on my desktop/host system at all15:29
prologicI might make it clone the iso.git repo in the container15:34
prologicto /usr/src/iso15:34
prologicthen add your local iso.git files over the top (in case of local mods)15:34
jaegerargh, this is frustrating... booted up the iso into a debug shell with no modules loaded15:34
jaegerI can load modules manually in the order I want, such as sd_mod, ehci_hcd, usb_storage15:34
jaegerthen absolutely nothing happens if I plug/unplug USB2 devices15:35
jaegernothing in dmesg, etc.15:35
prologicthis is busybox+linux right?15:35
prologicwhy aren't the bus events coming in?15:35
prologickernel should see something!15:35
prologicbuilding the iso only needs a "core" system right?15:37
jaegercore plus enough to build the included opt and xorg ports15:37
jaegertake a look at packages.opt, packages.xorg, and iso/setup.dependencies15:38
prologic"plus enough"?15:38
prologichmm i see15:40
prologicI think15:40
jaegerit doesn't require all of opt or xorg15:41
prologicany way to get a list of what's needed to install before building the iso?15:45
jaeger09:38 < jaeger> take a look at packages.opt, packages.xorg, and iso/setup.dependencies <--15:46
jaegerYou can also do the stage0 build without starting a bootstrap to save some time15:47
jaegermake core opt xorg15:47
jueprologic: no one forgot it, do you have pam installed?15:48
prologicyes :)15:48
prologicall good15:48
prologicwtf it needs python to build it's man pages is beyond me15:55
prologicno not man pages15:55
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frinnstoi, couple of sata errors on crux.nu18:43
frinnstdamnit, lost my password18:44
frinnstOld password:18:45
jaegerdoh, again?19:07
jaegera short smart self test reports no errors for what that's worth19:12
jaegerdefinitely something, though, I see it in the kernel logs19:12
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jaegergoing to clean the 3 failed addresses out of the crux ml19:44
jaegerok, done19:46
jaegerWe probably don't even need crux64@ anymore19:46
jaegerRomster: do you get a footprint mismatch building jasper? /usr/bin/jiv new20:14
nrxtxany updates on the usb boot thing?20:25
nrxtxotherwise i'm going to investigate on it now :)20:26
jaegerI've not solved it yet, no20:26
jaegerI'll upload the current image if you haven't already downloaded it20:26
jaegeractually I'll upload it anyway, added a debug shell option to it20:27
nrxtxok then i'll download it again20:27
nrxtxjust notify me when upload is done :)20:28
jaegerwon't take long :)20:28
nrxtxyeah that says everybody ;)20:30
jaegerit's done20:30
nrxtxreally? :D20:31
nrxtxnice upload speed :D20:31
jaegera speed test says 63.49 down / 15.62 up currently20:32
nrxtxdid you reconfigure the usb settings when updating the kernel config file?20:34
nrxtxi think somehwere in usb stuff were some options changed20:35
jaegeryeah, I've tried several different configurations20:35
jaegerThe latest thing I tested was to start a shell before any modules are loaded and load them myself, checking dmesg as I go20:36
jaegerif you add "dshell" to the command line it'll do that20:36
jaegerthen do something like: modprobe scsi_mod; modprobe sd_mod; modprobe ehci_hcd; modprobe usb-storage20:37
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jaegerthat's only needed if it doesn't work properly on its own, though20:40
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nrxtxok usb 2.0 is off and not working20:50
nrxtxusb3.0 port fine20:50
nrxtxjaeger: with which kernel version did this behaviour start? 3.9.x?20:55
prologicdo you guys wanna host on my servers?21:07
prologicI might even be moving from coedero to hetzner.de21:08
nrxtxwhy should it move?21:10
prologicit's just that when you've been around as long as I have21:19
prologicyou see and it's server hosting have problems at least 3 times that I can remember :)21:19
prologicin any case21:19
prologicI'm just offering21:19
prologicredundant copy/dns21:19
jaegernrxtx: 3.8.x+21:21
nrxtxi'm going to try to build the iso with my kernel config if i can remember right i had a similiar problem when changing from 3.6 to 3.9.21:22
nrxtxbut have to check the documentation first how to build a crux iso :D21:22
prologicmy iso build failed last night :/21:23
prologicI kind of expected it to "just work"21:23
prologicclean crux 3.0 container21:24
nrxtxjaeger: if i give you my config file of the kernel do you need any special modifications or will it work?21:24
jaegerdepends on how it's configured... the ISO kernel is tied to the initramfs list21:27
nrxtxhave to go but will be back in 1-2 hours21:28
nrxtxif you give it a try to do minimal changes21:29
nrxtxkeep the usb parts21:29
nrxtxi'm not sure but i think i had a non working usb2 at first too21:29
nrxtxcu later21:30
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jaegerI don't think that'll help, usb 2 works after a full boot. it's only in the minimal startup environment that it's broken21:55
prologicout of interest, what device management are you using?21:58
prologicmdev, udev, static?21:58
jaegermdev at that point22:11
prologicahh k22:14
prologicI wonder if it's an mdev bug?22:14
prologicwhat version of mdev?22:14
jaegerI don't think it's mdev since it works if you switch to an older kernel but I suppose it's possibly22:16
jaegerbusybox is 1.20.2 I think22:17
prologicyeah I'm thinking22:17
prologicsome busybox+mdev+kernel bug22:17
prologictry 1.22.1?22:18
prologicI've been playing a lot with buildroot lately22:19
jaegereven without busybox, though, the kernel should produce some log output when a device is connected22:25
prologicin dmesg22:51
prologicthat's true22:51

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