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mavrick61Hello.. Now it a RAID/Harddisk failure again..04:56
mavrick61A Fail event had been detected on md device /dev/md0.04:56
mavrick61It could be related to component device /dev/sda1.04:56
mavrick61md1 : active raid5 sdc5[2] sdb5[1] sda5[3](F)04:57
mavrick61      20980608 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/2] [_UU]04:57
prologicjaeger, frinnst, jue, teK_, pitillo: how hard would it be for us to miorrow in it's entirety (read-only) to a server of mine?04:58
prologicincluding portdb04:58
prologicminimize downtime for maintaince of crux.nu04:58
mavrick61Last time it was disk sdc... It could be related to component device /dev/sdc7. Sept 12  201305:00
prologicand the time before that? :)05:00
mavrick61It might be better to repalce sdb too.05:01
prologicthis is a 3 disk raid5 array?05:01
prologicsoftware raid?05:01
mavrick61Before that.  2011-12-24: Small Server downtime05:02
mavrick61A hard disk failure forced us to take the server down for a short time, thanks to Charlie and his son from Kalmar NDC the exchange was no problem at all. Thanks to both of you for the "christmas gift"!05:02
mavrick61MDADM/Soft RAID05:04
prologicwell in any case05:04
prologiccan't hurt to have a mirror05:04
prologicI'll talk to the devs later on :)05:04
mavrick61There is an backup mirror if I rember right.. I set up a cron job  for that long time ago...05:06
mavrick61Nad there is an backup job to our backupserver as well /etc /opt /home05:07
prologicdoes it just statically mirror the site?05:07
mavrick61And the backup seem to be up to date. etc-2014-02-02#02.30.tar.bz2 home-2014-02-02#02.30.tar.bz2 opt-2014-02-02#02.30.tar.bz205:08
mavrick61 I don't rember and don't finde any info when we replaced all disk. As I remeber it was jaeger who made all the MDADM work at that time.05:22
mavrick61I'll let you know when I have time for disk replacement. It's very late or early.. late for me.. Have working with ticketing all night.05:25
Romsterugh was 44C today i'm sweating like a pig07:30
Romsterhdd faulty in
frinnstmavrick61: but there is trouble getting those off the server, how are you throttling traffic?07:43
frinnstI got something like 6kb/s07:43
Romsteris't it raid swap disk resync?07:55
frinnstno, there's some traffic throttling going on09:05
nrxtxjaeger: the usb 2 issue might be a problem with iommu at least other distribution had this problem can you check if "iommu=soft" helps on your PC?09:42
nrxtxotherwise it could be problem with port switching which has been added to the kernel a half a year ago09:43
nrxtxjaeger: if its port switching the iso should work fine on usb2 only systems09:46
Romsterjaeger, i get no footprint mismatch on jasper09:52
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prologicnrxtx, I have it locally here on my desktop10:39
juegood morning10:43
prologicg'night :)10:43
juegood night :)10:43
jueFYI, I'll be mostly offline the next week, take care :)10:44
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nrxtxprologic: did you try the usb boot bug?10:49
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jaegerI've tweaked a few iommu options but I'll try it again14:04
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jaegergot the failure emails from mdadm on crux.nu14:35
nrxtxfor me it made no difference14:47
nrxtxbut for me the images work fine on usb3 only and usb2 only14:48
jaegerThey don't work for me on usb2-only systems14:48
nrxtxhm then this is the first time we actually have a difference14:48
jaegerI have a supermicro x9scm-f with only usb 2 on it, fails there14:49
jaegerMy NUC is usb3-only, works fine there14:50
nrxtxi have an usb2 only system with uhci + ehci controllers (lspci)14:54
nrxtxIntel NM10/ICH7 where it works fine14:54
jaegerthis one has no usb1.1 controller (uhci or ohci) for what that's worth14:55
nrxtxon the supermicro?14:56
jaegerI guess that was redundant since I said usb2-only earlier, heh15:01
nrxtxto build the iso you supplied, do you use all 3.1 branches?15:02
nrxtxit also works fine in qemu with emulated usb 215:06
nrxtxit's kind of a weird thing15:07
jaeger3.0 branches15:07
nrxtxwith all 3 collections build?15:08
jaegerI'm not building them every time I make a kernel change if that's what you mean15:09
nrxtxbut i have to build them at first time?15:10
jaegeror copy them from an ISO15:10
jaegeror even touch empty files if you're just testing the boot without installation15:11
nrxtxjaeger: i think i solved it16:37
nrxtxjust need someone for verification16:39
jaegerWhat do you need tested?16:50
nrxtxit will drop you into a shell immediatly check /dev/ for the usb media and try mount it16:54
jaegerWhat have you changed?16:55
nrxtxupdated and reconfigured busybox16:55
nrxtxand modded the initramfs a bit for a full busybox configuration16:56
jaegerLooking for specifics16:56
nrxtxmight be handy anyway to have a full busybox16:56
jaegerAt least regarding the usb2 issue16:56
nrxtxdid it work for you?16:57
jaegerI haven't tried it yet, busy at the moment17:08
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prologicnrxtx, not yet, I'll be trying this morning19:44
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mavrick61I think we can make the disk replacement tomorrow. Which time is best.22:04
mavrick61Who will bee commited to manage the MDADM resync and some other disk setup.22:06
nrxtxjaeger: i had to update busybox and change some kernel modules back to built-in22:13
prologicjaeger, nrxtx: I just tried the USB image at work and it fails miserably22:14
prologicfor started, my iMac can't even read the resulting usb disk anymre22:15
prologicThis is a hybrid iso image right?22:15
nrxtxthat was SCSI, USB host controllers + the busybox update to 1.22.122:15
prologicThis is what I did:22:15
nrxtxthe one i uploaded?22:15
prologicdd if=crux-3.0-20140201.iso of=/dev/disk222:15
prologicthen boom! disk not readable22:15
nrxtxjaeger: i just built a clean one, which works on usb2 + usb3: (only core ports built-in)22:17
nrxtxalso prologic if you have a try this one should boot fine22:17
prologicI'll give this a try22:18
prologicWhat did you change from jaeger's iso/config?22:18
nrxtxjust look some lines up22:19
prologicso the kernel config was missing SCSI22:19
prologicUSB Controllers22:19
prologicand you Updated Busybox to 1.22.1?22:20
prologicI think I suggested updating busybox :)22:20
nrxtxnot missing but changed from module to built-in22:20
prologicbeeb playing with buildroot/busybox a lot myself lately :)22:20
prologicahh i see22:20
prologicshouldn't the inited image take care of loading these modules?22:20
prologictbh I know little about how inited works22:20
nrxtxi think it's kind of race condition22:21
nrxtxfor some reason it fails if usb controllers are loaded after registering mdev as device handler22:22
nrxtxwhich happens when loading them dynamically22:22
nrxtxif host controllers are active before mdev is loaded, the devices connected are correctly handled by mdev22:24
prologicI see22:24
prologicmakes sense22:24
prologicI guess inited isn't all that it's cracked up to be22:24
prologicwhy do we use it on the iso anyway?22:24
prologicI never use it on any servers or desktops I have seutp22:24
jaegernrxtx: what did you change about the mdev setup specifically?23:00
jaegerI still haven't had a chance to test it but probably will tonight23:01
nrxtxjaeger: on mdev itself nothing just updated23:01
nrxtxif it works for you i'll send you a diff with all details23:02
prologicnrxtx: your image works - booted just fine off a USB 2 port23:33

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