IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-02-03

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prologic <-- It's official. We have an "official" crux docker image (maintained by me)22:14
prologicnow I just gotta build some tools/processes to automate this and keep it up to date with the current version22:17
prologicshould I only maintain to 1 version back?22:17
prologicwhen 3.1 comes out maintain 3.0 and 3.1?22:17
jaegerDepends on how much maintenance work you want to do, I guess22:18
prologicwell that's what we seem to do around here right?22:19
prologicmaintain current and previous versions?22:19
nrxtxprologic: any problems when using my go port?22:20
jaegerimportant security updates for the previous version, though I'm not sure if we have an official policy on that22:21
prologicnrxtx:  your go port?22:43
prologicjaeger: fair enough -- well I'll just follow you guys and keep in sync as much as possible22:44
nrxtxprologic: the one from "kris" repository :D22:45
_mavrick61Now I'm finish with ticeting. But need to sleep now, we realse the ticet seles tomorrow.22:52
_mavrick61Because of time difference I don't know if any one can assist tomorrow.22:53
_mavrick61Or which time will be good. My time is now 11.54 PM.22:55
_mavrick61I'll check IRC tomorrow.. If any one have time.22:55
nrxtxprologic: just be careful when using it :D At least until bug #974 of crux is fixed23:01
prologicnrxtx: ahh yes I stole your go port :)23:14
prologicit works great thanks :)23:14
prologicI modified it a little bit though23:14
prologicnrxtx:  hmm wait a minute23:15
prologicyou should not strip go libs or the binaries23:15
prologicI've heard from others that this shouldn't be done23:15
nrxtxprologic: this is exactly for the timestamp reasons23:16
nrxtxyou might get lucky it works23:16
prologicno it does work23:17
prologicbecause I turn off striping23:17
nrxtxbut better copy also the .nostrip file from my port ;)23:17
prologicI turned it off with PKGMK_NO_STRIP="yes"23:17
nrxtxor in your pkmk flags for all ports?23:18
prologicno just in the Pkgfile23:19
nrxtxthere is nothing like this in the Pkgfile you uploaded23:21
prologicthen it's in my docker ports23:25
prologicI think it's fine that go is tripped23:25
prologicbut docker cannot br stripped23:25
nrxtxprologic: if you strip go you might run in random errors23:33
nrxtxyoumay not strip go23:33
nrxtxyou've been warned, took me hours finding it the reason for the errors occuring randomly :D23:37
jaeger_mavrick61: as before I'll help if I'm around :)23:48
prologicnrxtx: yeah maybe23:57
prologicI'll try updating my port to not strip go23:58
prologicand see23:58
prologicbut so far I haven't run into problem23:58

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