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Romsterprologic, youshould have a .nostrip file in your go port.01:52
prologicPKGMK_NO_STRIP="yes" works just as well02:03
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Romsterprologic, because doing it your way will allow every package to not be striped.07:02
Romsteron any updates/rebuilds07:02
prologicRomster, no08:23
prologic_inside_ the Pkgfile08:23
Romsterwhy do that when we have a .nostrip file option to pkgmk already08:24
prologicto be honest I don't even know why we have a .nostrip capability with pkgmk in the first place08:24
prologicI will file a feature request to deprecate it08:25
prologicsee I come from a programming background / software engineering08:25
Romsterglibc uses it08:25
prologicand have actually written 3 programming languages so far08:25
prologicthis is basic Bash programming08:25
prologicif you can call Bash a programming langauge :)08:25
Romsterand glibc-3208:25
prologiclet me explain08:25
prologicpkgmk is basically a bash script08:25
prologic/etc/pkgmk.conf is basically a Bash script08:25
Romsteri know that08:25
prologicevery sinelg Pkgfile is a Bash script08:25
prologicThis is the order of things:08:26
prologic/usr/bin/pkgmk is run08:26
prologicit sources /etc/pkgmk.conf08:26
prologicthen finally sources the Pkgfile in question08:26
prologicso you see08:26
prologicanything defined in /etc/pkgmk.conf08:26
Romsterso next you'll say why do we have a .md5sum file08:26
prologiccan be overridden in the Pkgfile in question08:26
prologicSo .nostrip is redundant08:26
prologichas the same effect as PKGMK_NO_STRIP="yes"08:26
Romstersince we can sed the md5sum= line with pkgmk -um08:26
prologicI'm not sure when .nostrip was added08:26
Romsterbut it is there08:27
Romsterso why go agenst the tide08:27
prologicI realize that08:27
prologic.md5sum sum08:27
prologicno it's good to have this as a separate file08:27
prologicbecause it makes it curl/wget-able08:27
prologicboth .footprint and .md5sum should remain as files in the port dir08:27
prologicso they become "web resources"08:27
prologicbut .nostrip is probably superfluous08:28
prologicI'll have a look at the pkgutils git tree08:28
prologicand see when .nostrip was introduced and why08:28
Romstereh no point arguing with you.08:28
Romsterdoing more work on my sql tables.08:29
nrxtxprologic: the .nostrip file is not the same as PKGMK_NO_STRIP08:29
nrxtx.nostrip exactly defines what of the package is stripped and what is not08:30
nrxtxskipping only some files08:30
nrxtxPKGMK_NO_STRIP is indented for global use in /etc/pkmk.conf08:31
nrxtxand just because its possible to add it as beash behaviour makes it possible it is not the right way08:31
nrxtxso simple08:31
prologicnrxtx, you know what? :)08:35
prologicyou are __absolutely__ right!08:35
prologicRomster, I apologize :)08:35
prologicin any case08:36
prologicI was using the right thing :)08:36
prologicI __did__ want to prevent stripping of all files in the package08:36
nrxtxprologic: global in sens of all packages, not all files08:36
prologicI've got to fniish my Python implemtnation of pkgutils one day08:36
nrxtxfor your case create a .nostrip file and fill it with ".*"08:36
prologicI started this quite a few years ago08:36
prologicbut never finished it08:36
prologicok hang on08:37
prologicPKGMK_NO_STRIP="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf08:37
prologicaffects _all_ ports08:37
prologicPKGMK_NO_STRIP="yes" in 1 Pkgfile affects only that port08:37
prologic.nostrip allows you to filter what's not stripped in your port08:37
prologicI think this is right from looking at the source :)08:37
nrxtxlike i said even it works its not the intended use08:38
prologicyeah I guess "." in .nostrip would have worked just as well08:38
prologicbut so does PKGMK_NO_STRIP="yes" :)08:39
prologicintended use or not :)08:39
prologicthis is how pkgutils, pkgmk and Pkgfile were designed :)08:39
prologicthey're all Bash scripts08:39
prologicwhich all sources each other08:39
prologicpkgmk -> /etc/pkgmk.conf -> Pkgfile08:39
prologicand Arch stole our very design :)08:39
prologiclet's just agree that:08:39
prologic.nostrip is used for filtering08:39
prologicand PKGMK_NO_STRIP is sued to control whether or not you strip at all08:40
nrxtxthere is no agree its how it is done the years since crux exists in the unwritten port guidelines08:40
prologicThe thing is it comes down to this08:41
prologicI'm not going to waste time figuring out what can and can't be stripped in a port08:42
prologicif it doesn't like being stripped08:42
prologicI'll just not strip anything :)08:42
prologicnew topic :)08:43
prologicyour new nice shiny portdb interface08:43
prologicfeel like putting it up on
nrxtxjust be careful you can also drive through a red traffic light because you can drive through to get from A to B but it is not the best way08:45
nrxtxno need for that currently08:45
prologicI happen to be legally blind08:48
prologicso driving through a redl light is not an option for me :)08:48
prologicin any case I do get your point08:48
prologic-however- functionally the bahvior of PKGMK_NO_STRIP and .nostrip are exactly as I said :)08:49
prologicwhether or not this was intention or not is bedies the point :)08:49
Romsterah well08:57
Romsterother than .nostrip greps files of what to not strip.08:57
Romsteri should of mentioned that sorry08:57
prologicnps :)08:58
prologicnot your fauly08:58
prologictwas mine :)08:58
prologicnrxtx, I would like to run up your porttdb ui anyway08:58
prologicif you're okay with that :)08:58
prologicRomster, did you see as well too btw?08:59
prologiccrux is not an official image of docker08:59
prologicpart of the docker std. lib08:59
prologicyou can now:08:59
prologicdocker pull crux08:59
prologicdocker run -i -t crux bash08:59
prologicalso add my repo to /etc/ports/08:59
prologicand prt-get depinst docker08:59
prologic/etc/rc.d/docker start08:59
prologicand you're good to go08:59
prologic(remember to configure required kernel modules)08:59
Romsteri've seen nrxtx's portdb09:01
Romstertrying to get my project live it's a little more complex09:05
prologicit shouldn't be :)09:05
Romsterwell it is for me for effort and then i've forgotten heaps and work is killing my brain.09:05
Romsteri'm at my mental capacity it just blocks any further learning doing.09:06
Romsteronly chance i had was when i wasn't working full time.09:06
prologic <-- there is still a problem with the latest gtk3 update in ports10:50
prologicNB: all dependenices are installed10:50
prologicWho's Mikhail?11:00
prologicMaintainer of contrib/pip11:01
prologicmike_k_, Is that you?11:01
frinnstprologic: try rebuilding pango11:33
prologicyeah tbh I hadn't thought of that :)11:38
prologicI shall try11:38
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jaegerprologic: regarding your question a day or so ago about why we use an initramfs on the ISO - to allow extra functionality like RAID levels that aren't auto-assembled by the kernel, cryptsetup, etc.14:00
jaegerMost people won't need it but it doesn't get in the way for those people14:00
_mavrick61Now I'm back. After starting ticketing.14:01
prologicahh ic14:01
prologicso you can actually perform a raid setup during install?14:01
_mavrick61Is there any one ready to make the HD replacement14:01
prologicmakes sense14:01
jaeger_mavrick61: I can help14:01
_mavrick61OK.. Nice.. We just open package to a new 250 GB WD disk. 160 GB is EOL14:02
_mavrick61jaeger: Du you have SKYPE. I think we used that last time.14:03
jaegerI could use it if I were at home, can't use it at work :/14:03
_mavrick61OK.. I'll try to remote connect to my computer from data center anmd talk through irc.14:05
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jaegerSorry for the inconvenience, bit more limited here14:05
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nrxtxprologic: my hosting is fine, will keep it as it is15:00
prologicit's not your hosting :)15:03
prologicI want to run a copy of what you are on my domain :)15:03
jaegerI finally moved the torrent tracker to the crux user instead of my own and it should now get restarted automatically if the server is rebooted15:17
frinnstdoes our old crond support @reboot ?16:34
frinnstSubject: Your message to CRUX awaits moderator approval17:04
frinnst(firefox notify commit)17:04
jaegertoo large?17:04
teK_nice job jaeger, afais :)17:28
jaegerthanks :)17:28
teK_and thx _mavrick61 of course17:28
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