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Romsterso did we repalce 2 hdd's or just the 1?06:57
Romstergot 1 old hdd left that's 160GB or the 250GB ones? wondering if they all are 250GB grow the raid array.06:57
frinnstjust the one08:11
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teK_we wont be able to fill the 160 GB the next 10 years so I won't fiddle with the server's hdds/FS any time soon !10:12
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prologicI could fill them :)12:26<arch>/<collection>/<package#version.tar.gz>12:26
Romsteri was thinking that.12:46
Romsteri see how docker works, pretty simple stuff.12:48
Romsteryou could save time on the ircnotifyer by doing a RUN ports -u opt12:51
Romsterbefore prt-get depinst python12:51
jaegerThere's still 1 160GB drive left13:06
jaegeroops, forgot to disable building in tmpfs when updating firefox :P15:46
Romster10GB works still in tmpfs with source build and compiled all in the one spot.15:47
Romsteri have it built for those that hate compiling large stuff as well.15:48
jaegerI have 3.7GB tmpfs space on that particular machine15:48
Romsteryeah not enough even if it's not got the sources there just the compile it'll probably not be enough room15:50
Romsterfirefox is crazy at linking stage15:50
frinnst8gb wasnt enough last i checked16:07
frinnsti have a 10gb tmpfs these days D;16:07
jaeger8gb is plenty in my tests. even 6gb works16:13
frinnsti must have had other cruft in /tmp last I tried then16:13
jaegerMy ISO builder VM has 4GB RAM and 2GB swap, works there16:13
jaegerI don't use a tmpfs for building there, though16:14
jaegerIn the case of the NUC, though, it has 8GB RAM and 2GB swap... so tmpfs was 3.7GB by default, not enough16:14
jaegerI could increase the size of the tmpfs but since I've built the package on my ISO builder VM anyway, whatever16:15
frinnsti used to mount tmp as tmpfs without specifying a size. iirc thats 50% of your total ram?16:15
jaegerMaybe I need a distramd so I can share the 32GB RAM my workstation here has :P16:33
frinnstover wan? :D16:33
jaeger(Not a serious idea. :))16:34
teK_let's do a plan9 port of crux16:34
frinnstanother serious idea :D16:34
teK_I thought I'd fit in.16:35
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teK_jaeger: frinnst -1 or +1 for pitillo? I'd like to grant  him access to contrib17:33
pitilloummmm do you need something in contrib teK_?17:47
teK_need as in..?17:49
teK_it's not yet there?17:49
pitillo(may be I'm not understanding the contrib sentence, sorry)17:51
teK_I want one core dev to vote in your favour before I grant access17:51
pitilloI was maintaining some ports some time ago in contrib but I prefered to move out17:52
teK_I took some of them, when I started as maintainer17:52
pitillothen which is the point of grant access to contrib?17:54
teK_stupid tab! :D17:55
pitilloI was a bit confused :)17:55
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frinnstconfigure: error: pulseaudio audio backend requires libpulse development package18:44
frinnstfirefox 28.0b1 :D18:45
frinnst--disable-pulseaudio ftw18:46
frinnstthis looks interesting in pango 1.36.2:  [coretext] Default DPI to 96 instead of 7218:48
jaegerteK_: no objection here. thought I had responded to that, sorry19:02
frinnstisnt prologic already in contrib?19:05
frinnstcrux:/home$ ls -lh19:05
frinnstdrwxr-xr-x  3 prologic  users         4.0K Oct 20  2010 prologic19:05
frinnsta bit dated perhaps19:05
jaegernot in the group19:11
prologicI _was_ in contrib19:45
prologicbut personal circumstances many years ago meant I had to drop a few things I used to enjoy and do :/19:46
prologicthose days are behind me ;)19:46
prologicwomen :)19:46
frinnstyeah you need to get your priorities straight :)19:47
prologicyes well20:10
prologicpriorities are:20:10
prologicfamily (wife+daughter), work, house, projects20:11
teK_lol frinnst =)(20:24
teK_so it a yay then20:34
teK_hmm, flash eating 100% cpu .. finally something new in my life20:35
teK_baldrian? namenlos?20:39
teK_I need to disable some logins.20:47
teK_wtmp begins Sat Jun 25 13:01:30 200520:48
nrxtxprologic: did you get that strip thing right or still doing that misuse of system-wide variable?20:49
nrxtx@devs, might there be a point for GSoC 2014?20:58
teK_only thing I'd wish for having external help would be a sane solution to creating an independent udev ;)20:59
nrxtxalready anything in mind for that one?21:00
nrxtxif i have more time, i would have already tried that one myself already21:05
teK_eleven accounts locked. Not bad :o21:14
nrxtxhow many contributors are there currently?21:15
nrxtx(active ;) )21:15
teK_also: eleven21:16
teK_no, thirteen21:18
prologicnrxtx:  lol :)21:40
prologicI'm not doing it system wide :)21:40
Romsteri closed some old bug s awhile ago but it's come to my attention some maintainers in contrib aren't active anymore21:42
teK_no they have neither a git shell nor a normal shell anymore ;)21:44
Romsterwell this was before now.21:45
Romsteris someone going to contact these inactive maintainers that have ports  in contrib21:47
Romsteror can we start marking those as orphans and go from there21:47
Romsterbbl work21:49
prologicwhich ones are you referring to Romster?21:54
prologichow come?22:04
prologicFYI I want to put docker/go into contrib really soon22:04
prologic0.8.0 is out as of today22:05
teK_good to have prologic back on board :)22:05
prologicSo I suppose I should swap out PKGMK_NO_STRIP for a .nostrip in the port :)22:05
prologickeep you happy :)22:05
nrxtxthat'd be really nice :) you can see my .nostrip which is working fine22:05
teK_prologic: if you want to get added to our contrib-ports mail alias, I need your mail address22:05
prologicnrxtx: have you put your go port into contrib?22:06
nrxtxprologic: godoc needs some additional files which i did not figured out yet how to build22:06
prologicor do you want me to maintain it?22:06
prologicteK_: it's simply
nrxtxprologic: i do not have contrib access22:06
prologicoh :)22:06
prologicso you don't have a problem me stealing your port then and putting it into contrib? :)22:06
nrxtxjust liking crux, and try to contribute22:07
prologicgood man22:07
prologicI'll swap out PKGMK_NO_STRIP for .nostrip22:07
prologicand try to get godoc working22:07
prologicbefore pushing go+docker to contrib22:07
nrxtxprologic: you kept my name in the port so it's fine i guess22:07
prologicQ: Do we maintain bleeding edge (aka git) ports in contrib?22:07
prologicOr only stable stuff? :)22:07
prologicyeah I think we're planning on dropping Packager from Pkgfile(s) though22:08
prologicperhaps we shouldn't :)22:08
nrxtxi think it should be kept maybe not as "Packager" but as "Origin" or something else22:09
nrxtx"Packager" is kind of confusing22:09
teK_the point is, I think, to shorten headers so: away with it22:09
prologicare we trying to create "less work"22:10
prologicor just tidy up the Pkgfile22:10
prologici.e: remove crap we don't need22:11
prologicif we're _not_ trying to create less work per day22:11
prologicwe could maintain a ChangeLog per port22:11
prologicthere are those that don't use git/mercurial/svn/whatever to maintain their ports in the first place22:11
prologiccould be a useful tool/way to convey changes and notes about port versions22:11
nrxtxif you drop it it would be at least a nice thing to add the origin to the commit message when an external port is pulled into contrib22:13
teK_this sounds like more, not less, work Oo22:15
teK_(the changelog thingy)22:15
nrxtxi think changelog is already provided by git and stuff, third party ports have to take care on that on their own22:17
nrxtxteK_: what do you think to move "packager" one time in the commit messages of contrib?22:17
teK_yeah, that may be sensible22:20
nrxtxprologic: normally i'm more a low-level software developer, but i don't hesitate to maintain the ports i use regularly in my repository22:31
nrxtxso if they are allowed to go to contrib, i'm happy about it22:31
prologicI'd agree with that22:45
prologichg ci -m "Imported go from nrxtx" for instnace22:46
prologicnrxtx: I'm a backend developer too :)22:46
prologicmore of a devops though :) (aka I do all my own sysadmin/netadmin work too)22:47
nrxtxprologic: one more layer down microcontrollers/embedded systems/embedded linux/drivers/... ;)22:54
prologicahh :)23:14
prologicI'm diving into that lately :)23:15
prologicwith tiny Arduno and what not23:15
prologicWould anyone mind testing my docker ports23:22
prologicbefore i put them intor contrib :)23:23
nrxtxlooks nice23:23
prologicI'll also fix go so godoc works properly23:23
prologicplease test :)23:23
prologicI ain't putting anything in contrib that has even the smallest defect23:23
nrxtxi think i'll try it, wanted to dig into the godoc part this weekend23:23
prologicI plan on only putting docker and docker-bin into contrib however23:23
nrxtxif you find something on the godoc problem notify me please23:24
prologicwill do23:36
prologicWhat are we doing about udev?23:52
prologicCan't we continue to use udev as it is -- As I understand it's not tightly integrated into systemd anyway and _can_ be extracted out and built separately?23:53
nrxtxprologic: only in theory23:53
prologichas anyone tried building the latest udev?23:54
nrxtxuhm don't know who is currently working on that one23:55
nrxtxanyway have to go gn8 everyone23:55
jaegerI think the Packager header is more confusing than useful to new people23:59
jaegerAnd frankly I don't feel like I need people to recognize that I once wrote a Pkgfile that now someone else works to maintain23:59
jaegerrather let that person have the credit23:59

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