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Romsterjaeger, even though i accepted the licence and downloaded it to my personal storage here01:34
Romsterso i have accepted it already01:35
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jaegerI'm revisiting the CPU usage issue with gnome-shell here and it's constantly polling fd 17, which seems to be a broken symlink to socket:[7196] in /proc/<pid>/fd - Anyone know any way I might figure out what the hell is supposed to be there?21:53
nrxtxjaeger: the file descriptors held open by <pid>21:54
nrxtxor better said all files the process currently has open21:55
nrxtxls -l -h should show you if all files exists21:55
nrxtxand which files those are21:56
jaegerI know it shows files but there are also sockets21:56
jaegerI guess symlinks are being abused in some way there because all the socket symlinks are broken21:56
jaegerI just wondered what gnome-shell is expecting to be at socket:[7196]21:57
frinnsteasiest way is probably to boot some distro that already runs gnome and check there :)21:58
jaegerI suppose so21:58
jaegerI've already got an ubuntu VM running at the moment for my work VPN, heh. should have thought of that21:58
jaegerhrmm... didn't tell me much, the fd dirs look very similar on both22:00
jaegerstracing the gnome-shell pid does show a lot less activity on the ubuntu VM, though22:00
nrxtxjaeger: just search the according inode for the socket22:01
nrxtxit gives you the path22:02
jaegernot sure what you mean22:02
nrxtxsocket:[7196] -> inode 7196 -> as root: find / -inum 719622:03
nrxtxgives you the according socket path22:03
nrxtxto reduce time you might try /sys /tmp /var instead of / first22:04
jaegerIt's a ton of this for reference:22:05
jaegerpoll([{fd=29, events=POLLIN}, {fd=5, events=POLLIN}, {fd=3, events=POLLIN}, {fd=6, events=POLLIN}, {fd=19, events=POLLIN}, {fd=31, events=0}, {fd=33, events=POLLIN}, {fd=38, events=POLLIN}, {fd=39, events=POLLIN}, {fd=17, events=POLLIN}, {fd=30, events=POLLIN}, {fd=24, events=POLLIN}], 12, 104825) = 2 ([{fd=38, revents=POLLHUP}, {fd=39, revents=POLLHUP}])22:05
jaegerrecvmsg(6, 0x7fff097c1c40, 0)           = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)22:05
jaegerso I was investigating those fds22:05
jaeger6, etc.22:05
nrxtxand 6 is socket:[7196] ?22:05
jaegerthat was one of the others but I was checking them all22:06
jaeger   5218 lrwx------ 1 jaeger users 64 Feb  6 20:44 6 -> socket:[4731]22:06
nrxtxthen just check what find -inum returns22:07
jaegerso would 5318 or 4731 be the proper inode number in that case?22:07
jaegerThe first set is 4731, the second 521822:08
nrxtxwhy does it read slab statistics? Oo22:08
nrxtxbut that should stop the process from running22:09
nrxtxnor should it end up in a 100% loop22:09
jaegerno idea22:09
nrxtxdo you have ftrace enabled?22:09
nrxtxcan you cat /sys/kernel/slab/:t-0000256/cpu_slabs ?22:14
jaeger35 N0=3522:15
nrxtxthen you have two possiblities break in with gdb or log with ftrace22:16
nrxtxah damn sry -> netstat -nxp | grep 473122:18
nrxtxinode was another thing :D22:18
nrxtxwhat does this one show you?22:19
jaegerunix  3      [ ]         STREAM     CONNECTED     4731   3178/gnome-shell22:20
nrxtxls -l -h /proc/*/fd/* | grep 473122:23
jaegerlrwx------ 1 jaeger users 64 Feb  6 20:44 /proc/3178/fd/6 -> socket:[4731]22:24
jaegerheh, kinda circled22:24
nrxtxhm is there a matching inode in "netstat -l"?22:28
jaegerno :/22:28
nrxtxthen good luck ;)22:30
nrxtxsrc, gdb or ftrace is your next step22:31
jaegerheh, alright. thanks for trying22:31
nrxtxeven its a package which never will be compiled on my system :D22:35
jaegerI may give up on it, mostly just built gnome3 to see if I could22:36
jaegerit runs, have a useful desktop and all that, just always have 1 core at 100%22:36
jaegerMATE did the same thing with caja so there's some relation there, but no idea what it is22:37
nrxtxsoftware rendring?22:37
jaegerNope, 3d's working perfectly. That was what they said, too, and they kept saying it no matter what I said, heh22:39
jaegerglxinfo reports direct rendering, 3d effects are snappy, 3d games even work22:39
jaegerThere's no slowdown of the desktop effects, just always cpu usage22:39
nrxtxtried wayland last week, just to see if its working, was running fine22:42
nrxtxaltough it does not have a usuable desktop environment22:43
jaegerIt does seem very cool, though long way to go still22:43
nrxtxexcept for a modified mesa package it was quite good to build22:45
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