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Romsterfrinnst, harfbuzz 0.9.26 is out14:17
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frinnstand glibc 2.19 \o/15:43
frinnstive been running glibc git for maybe half a year15:46
frinnst2.18 requires a bunch of patches :/15:46
frinnst=======> Installing '/usr/ports/pkg/glibc#2.19-1.pkg.tar.xz'.16:54
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prologicfrinnst, jaeger, et all21:12
prologicbeen looking at eudev lately21:12
prologicI think we (CRUX) should adopt it21:13
prologicAnyone in testing with it yet?21:13
prologicnrxtx, re go/godoc fix21:15
prologicI don't agree with this21:15
prologicif godoc is instaleld via "go get godoc"21:15
prologici.e: it's a go package21:15
prologicthen we realyl shouldn't package it inside go21:15
prologicor at all21:15
prologicotherwise we should treat it as a separate package21:15
prologiclike our Python ports (IHMO one should use pip)21:15
nrxtxprologic: fact is that go binaries of 1.2 include godoc21:16
nrxtxas they are not independent21:17
nrxtxand installing it later via go get gets a mess21:19
nrxtxbecause if you are working with different projects you'll have different GOPATHS21:19
nrxtxif you split it up you're likely to result in version mismatchings between go and godoc21:21
nrxtxthat's why i wrote temporary because they are going to change the go godoc dependencies for a clean splitted package in the next go version21:22
nrxtx'When building from source, users must use "go get" to install godoc and vet. (The binaries will continue to be installed in their usual locations, not $GOPATH/bin.)'21:28
nrxtx-> they have to go to $GOROOT21:28
nrxtxand last link about placing the binaries of godoc and vet:
prologicI'll merge your changes into mine21:33
prologicand probably push my docker ports today sometime21:33
nrxtxi did not simply hacked those lines in :D21:33
prologicofc not :)21:33
nrxtxtheoretically to be 100% complete you have to double the "godoc" lines and do the same for "vet"21:34
nrxtxsince it's the same for vet21:35
prologicvet is?21:36
frinnstprologic: yeah i've been running it for a while now21:36
nrxtxprologic: (Checks for suspicious code constructs)21:39
prologicfrinnst, read that :)21:40
prologicthat's why I asking here :)21:40
prologiccool so eudev is working okay I take it :)21:40
nrxtxfor all additional go-packagaes i comply with the sperated ports21:40
nrxtxbut the ones which are included in the official go packages should be in the same port21:40
nrxtxprologic: are you coding go or just using it for building the docker packages?21:41
jaegerI've been running eudev for a while, too, works great21:44
prologicjust using it for docker21:44
prologicI code in Python21:44
prologicI doubt I'd use Go for anything serious21:44
prologicjaeger, awesome :)21:44
prologicanything I can do to help with 3.1? :)21:44
prologicanything no-one's picked up on the TODO31? :)21:45
nrxtxprologic: instead of using go directly another possibility to enable it on gcc, since release 4.7 gcc includes a full go compiler21:48
nrxtxi can contribute working ports for presentproto and libxshmfence if mesa3d parts is still valid for 3.121:52
frinnstAlready done, thanks tho21:56
nrxtxbut they are not uploaded yet, are they?21:56
frinnstnot sure21:57
frinnstit would be in xorg/3.1 if so21:58
nrxtxi've built them for testing wayland21:58
nrxtxah i'll have a look21:58
frinnstbut i've not added them :)21:59
nrxtxyeah i see21:59
frinnsti should polish them up and add them21:59
nrxtxno hurry22:00
nrxtxbut if they are in 3.1 in future i can drop my local ones22:01
nrxtxhm i missed some cleanup after the cp -r (last line) you can rm -r $PKG/usr/lib/go/bin22:13
nrxtxor you might do a symlink22:14
nrxtxdepends what is "cleaner"22:15
prologicrm -rf? :)22:25
nrxtxprologic: looks good22:50

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