IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2014-02-09

Romsterif we had go in gcc would we then not require this go port?02:07
Romsteri could package gcc-go like i have with fortran02:08
Romsterprobably overkill for just docker though02:08
Romsterpersonal opinion i hate using -f on rm where it could hide more files than specifically killing a directory like gtk-doc. like rm -rf $PKG/usr/share to me is dumb. as an example.02:11
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nrxtxRomster: you'll still need the frontend "go"08:39
nrxtxfor package managing08:39
nrxtxif docker does not depend on the frontent gccgo could be used08:43
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Romster 40413:13
frinnsthm, rss timeline is broken14:17
frinnstor does it work for you guys=14:17
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jaegerRomster: libsoup could use an update for the gobject-introspection stuff in its footprint16:10
jaegerfrinnst: yeah, seems broken :/16:11
jaegerthe web page part works but not the RSS feed16:12
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jaegerfrinnst: the firefox_default48.png icon in the firefox port is a broken symlink now, maybe should point to /usr/lib/firefox/browser/chrome/icons/default/default48.png18:08
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frinnstoops, must have broken when i changed the build19:23
jaegersmall thing, probably not worth a release bump19:31
prologicEver thought about moving to Github? Be several advantages and conveniences? :)20:07
frinnstsuch as?20:13
prologicwell for one the social aspects of github projects21:42
teK_and their super shitty release-tarball naming convention21:46
prologicpull requests / peer review capabilities you get21:46
prologicmuch easier issue tracking from a UI perspective21:46
prologicall repos in one place21:46
Romsterjue done21:59
Romsteroh i mean jaeger22:00
teK_Debian chose systemd22:00
prologicare we going to have our hands forced?22:04
prologicor will the likes of CRUX, Gentoo and others go the route of eudev?22:04
teK_I lost my crystal ball, sorry :)22:04
prologicI hope the latter :)22:05
prologicbtw I want to go cull some of the old obsolete wiki pages22:05
prologice.g: the many Quick Install References for various versions of CRUX22:05
teK_have a look at it, if you like22:06
prologicwell I'm going to cull the older wiki pages then22:14
prologicif no one has any objections22:14
prologicand update and keep one up-to-date22:14
prologicI'll probably also add pages on running up a CRUX+Docker Host/Enviornment22:14
prologicas well as Testing Ports inside a Docker CRUX Container (which greatly reduces the no. of steps required compared with the ChrootTesting page)22:15
prologicnrxtx: you all good with my go port changes (mostly the same as yours, but I added vet too)23:04
nrxtxprologic i guess its fine23:43

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