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prologicokay :)00:10
prologicyou wanna run through a build o fit just to be sure?00:10
jaegerRomster: thanks01:10
Romsterlunch break01:27
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prologicteK_:  ping? -- Do you have any problems with my adding a docker-lxc to contrib for lxc 0.8? There is a hard requirement apparently (See: on lxc 0.8 which I'd like to test over the next few nights. After which I'll probably be happy to contribute go, docker, docker-bin, docker-git and docker-lxc (if it comes down to that) to contrib/04:57
Romsterprologic, i would prefer seeing a lxc-0.8 or maybe lxc-compat07:37
Romsteror perhaps bundle lxc with docker07:38
Romsterprologic, arch is using docker with lxc 0.9
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frinnstfuture note to self: clean up the mailqueue before reenabling mail delivery again12:14
frinnstinbox (2300)12:14
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prologicYes and I suspect they're wrong12:37
prologicand also run into the same problem(s)12:38
prologicHowever I suspect the problem won't exist for very long12:38
prologicSo I may just wait till Docker 0.912:38
prologicI have yet to test if above issue is a problem on CRUX 3.0 + Docker 0.8 + lxc 0.9 on a brtfs backend (which I use)12:38
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Romsterfrinnst, you'll forget and do it again <_<13:03
Romsternini prologic13:04
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frinnstdont curse me romster!14:16
frinnstended up with over 2800 mails14:16
jaegerspeaking of extra mails, we should definitely fix the git hooks for all repos in 3.114:20
jaegerSaw the same issue recently with KDE that was fixed in opt14:22
frinnsthave you done any testing with the toolchain for 3.1?14:35
frinnstglibc 2.19 was released the other day, I much prefer it over 2.1814:36
jaegerNot yet, no14:36
jaegeris 2.19 a "devel" version? I haven't followed glibc's versioning14:36
frinnstno, all versions are equal afaik14:36
jaegerthe front page for it still says 2.18 is the latest stable, are they just behind on updating that?14:37
frinnstyeah i think so14:37
frinnstthey were behind with 2.18 too i think14:38
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teK_prologic: you can add ports if you think they are a fitting16:32
teK_yet it's somewhat ugly..16:32
teK_they should fix that ;)16:33
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prologicteK_, yes. I'll do some more testing before contributing docker ports to contrib20:01
prologicwe'll see :)20:01
prologicanyone here had a chance to test further to see how it works on your respective system9s)?20:01
jaegerI've not had a chance to look at it yet20:02
Amnesiajaeger: could you add cryptsetup to 3.1 :-)?20:03
jaegerteK_ was working on that, I believe20:03
jaegerIt's in the TODO31 document, tentatively20:03
Amnesiajaeger: I'm talking 'bout the binary itself20:03
Amnesiabut that's been submitted in '08 :-)20:04
jaegerDon't know what to tell you, I wasn't involved. Can probably at least get the executable on the 3.1 ISO20:05
Amnesiayep, that's what I meant:)20:05
Amnesiajust bump in the static binary:)20:05
prologicAlso do we not do inline-posting now with emails/meilaing-lists now that things like GMail make top-posting so much eaiser? :)20:08
prologicahh ic20:09
teK_jaeger: yes I was. Patches, docu and a port for an initrd when using encrypted / still are in
teK_I will have another look at it in April. We'll see how much progress 3.1 made until then and how much interest there is for this feature..20:40
teK_afk again20:42
AmnesiateK_: I'll also keep you posted:)20:42
prologicDo we have a CRUX HURD?22:00
nrxtxi could provide some instructions for CRUX HARDENED, it will even kill off java usage by kernel restrictions :D (who will run jvm on a crux server anyway :P)22:07
nrxtxprologic: how are your docker builds working didn't tested them yet still on my todo list :)22:25
prologicNo I said HURD22:27
prologicAs in the GNU HURD Kernel22:27
prologicnrxtx: they work great here on my desktop at home :)22:28
frinnstjava is unfortunately used for loads of shit22:39
frinnststuff you are forced to use :(22:39
nrxtxmaybe vmkit gets more usable one day22:39

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