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frinnstyeah, office365 phone support is fun13:18
frinnstindian callcenter13:18
frinnsttrying to spell a 24 letter domainname is fun13:18
frinnstgave up13:19
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jaegerSomeone was trying to get a crux cloak for us a while back, right? Anything ever come of that?15:51
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teK_jaeger: booting your iso with virtio in qemu16:17
teK_there's a SCSI storage controller using virtio-pci16:18
teK_but there is no /dev/sd*16:19
jaegerAny idea what's missing? virtio_scsi should also be loaded16:19
teK_I did lspci -k only, rebooting without the if=virtio part16:20
teK_=> disk is found :\16:20
jaegerWhich driver does it use in that case?16:20
teK_ata_piix, as it seems16:21
jaegerah, might be this: # CONFIG_VIRTIO_BLK is not set16:21
jaegerSorry, I'm completely unfamiliar with virtio so it's a learning process for me16:21
jaegerI'll add that to the configs16:21
jaegerWhat would I need to test it here? qemu?16:22
teK_oh and btw.. we should defaukt to 1024x.. not 640. It's 2014 :p16:23
teK_% qemu-system-x86_64 -drive file=Ubuntu3.qcow2,if=virtio -m 1024 -enable-kvm -cdrom ~/crux-3.0-20140210.iso -boot d16:23
jaeger <-- seems like some useful info for a newbie16:23
jaegerok, thanks16:23
teK_this is my command line, as a starting point16:23
teK_oh, yes. It lists the options. How useful! :)16:24
teK_Get kvm version >= 6016:24
teK_be sure to get that ;D16:24
jaegerIs kvm in ports?16:24
teK_not anymore16:24
teK_they stopped upgrading at kvm-8816:25
teK_it was merged into the kernel and qemu.org16:25
jaegerSo when the doc says get kvm version >= 60 to what does it refer?16:25
jaegeruserspace tools?16:25
teK_there was a set of separate kernel code, too16:26
teK_I am referring to
teK_so any not oldish kernel will werk just fine16:26
jaegerok, so I grab that from sourceforge... do I also need your qemu port or is that qemu and kvm together?16:26
teK_there's only code for for 3.10.x on so just stick with the vanilla sources16:27
teK_don't grab anything from sf.net16:27
jaegerI'm completely confused now.16:27
teK_a vanilla kernel should have the most up to date kvm, any version should do (i.e. be >88)16:28
teK_so no detours there.16:28
teK_qemu has support for kvm-accelerated kernels, too. Just use the one from opt16:28
teK_i.e. reconfigure your kernel (if needed) and do a prt-get depinst qemu16:28
jaegerok, I'll try to figure that out this evening, didn't bring my laptop to work16:30
teK_for intel CPUs you just need:16:31
teK_or s/INTEL/AMD/ otherwhise16:31
jaegerok, thanks16:31
teK_then depinst qemu and you're done16:31
teK_don't hesitate to ask if some things wont work out :)16:31
jaegerAppreciate it :)16:31
jaegersometimes Kconfig is frustrating16:32
teK_you even should be able to run qemu (slowly) without kvm but with virtio :-)16:32
teK_hehe yes16:32
jaegerVIRTIO_BLK depends on VIRTIO but VIRTIO can't be selected manually and is currently m rather than *16:32
teK_grep for me asking about iptables' NATing not showing up some days ago.. and this after 10+ years of compiling kernels -_-16:32
jaegerdoh, heh16:33
teK_it wuld be awesome to be able to search some option and then just jump to it from the results page16:33
teK_then again.. I configured netbsd's kernel editing some text files :P16:33
teK_BUT you can change the color of kernel messages at boot time to green|red|white|blue !16:33
teK_which is awesome because everybody will recognize you being a hacker if green text is scrolling at your screen.16:34
jaegerindeed :P16:34
jaegerweird... can't seem to make VIRTIO_BLK builtin without CAIF support, that seems like a Kconfig bug to me16:36
jaegerwill add the module for now16:36
teK_there always is sed ... .config ;)16:38
jaegerkconfig "fixes" the config automatically if you do that, heh16:41
teK_ok :P16:41
teK_you see, I'm not that brave myself16:41
jaegerI don't mind trying things like that since I can always revert the config and I build the kernel config for the ISO a LOT of times16:43
teK_I can imagine that16:44
jaegerI wonder if virtio_blk needs to be loaded explicitly17:00
teK_why should it?17:00
jaegerJust not sure if mdev/udev or the virtio_scsi module will load it. We'll see :)17:01
teK_I bet it will17:02
jaegerbuilding a new ISO now with the updated kernel config17:02
teK_I can try virtio, too. highlight me if I'm ought to test it :)17:02
teK_afk again.17:03
jaegerok, thanks17:07
jaegerjue: I think I've mentioned this before but if you ever want me to offload some of the core/opt ports updates from you just let me know. You usually see the updates before I do and you do the lion's share of the work there, so if you get tired of it feel free to tell me. :)18:34
jaegerOn the rare occasion that I get to them before you do I'm happy to go ahead, but that doesn't happen too often18:34
juejaeger: thanks for your offer, much appreciated :)18:40
juejaeger: most of the updates are very simple ones, thus not a big work18:41
juebut after we have 3.1 out I plan to do some clean-up of my opt ports, maybe I can handover some of them to you18:42
juejaeger: btw, you got any feedback from others wrt PAM?18:46
jaegernot so far18:50
jaegerIf we push that beyond 3.1 it's not a big deal18:54
jueyep, that's right19:01
jaegerteK_: I'm able to see /dev/vda in the qemu boot with VIRTIO_BLK added19:02
juemaybe it would be best to discuss such a change at our mailing list?19:03
jaegerprobably so19:03
frinnstdelaying ck4up would probably do a lot19:04
frinnsti cant really do any updates before, well about this time19:04
frinnstand when i get home from work, jue's already done it all :)19:04
frinnstyeah +1 for delaying PAM19:05
frinnstas it is now, 3.1 should be pretty straight forward19:05
jueok, that's fine for me as well19:09
jaegerAny objections to EFI support going into 3.1? The ISO kernel/bootloader are already updated for it but gnu-efi and efibootmgr should go into opt19:10
jaegerI have to go to a meeting, will be back in an hour-ish19:25
juejaeger: no objections, please add the point to TODO3119:44
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jaegerjue: ok, will do20:47
frinnstyeah we need to support it21:26
frinnstthe 64bit delay was long enough :D21:26
frinnstSince version 2.26, GLib includes a D-Bus binding. This is intended to replace the DBus-GLib bindings and many applications have started migrating their code. See the documentation for the high-level and low-level API for more details.21:30
frinnstanybody know if there still are applications that still require dbus-glib?21:30
frinnstchromium lists is in its deps, but it builds just fine without it21:30
frinnstruns just fine too21:31
teK_ugh. jaeger did you include lzo on our ISO?21:38
teK_mkfs.btrfs will bail on missing
frinnstthe 3.0 iso?21:38
jaegerIf it's listed as a dep it should be on the ISO22:19
Amnesialinux Y U pain in arse!22:20
Amnesiajaeger: are you familiar with lvm?22:20
jaegera little22:21
AmnesiaI'm trying to set up dm-crypt, and I'm creating a initramfs for it22:21
jaegerfrinnst: quite a few things list dbus-glib in their deps but I don't know if they actually require it22:21
Amnesiacurrently I've got dm_mod builtin to the kernel, but cryptsetup's moaning that the module dm_mod isn't available-.-...22:21
jaegerI wonder if there's some reason it has to be modular instead of builtin22:23
Amnesiatbh that wouldn't really make sense..22:24
jaegerNot for any reason I can imagine but just a guess22:24
jaegerI just wondered since you say it specifically says dm_mod22:24
Amnesiaguess I'll give it a shot as a module then:/22:26
Amnesia according to that it should work when it's builtin22:27
Amnesiabut it might be something from the newest cryptsetup22:28
Amnesiamore projects should have an irc channel-.-22:28

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