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jaegerhad to work in the server room for quite a while, did you get it working?00:07
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Amnesiajaeger-: nope, will try to use a kernel module later on:/07:44
teK_frinnst: the inventor of clash of clans earned 650 million EUR until now, 1 millioen per day09:09
frinnstyeah no surprise09:11
frinnsti've actually paid money to get more builders09:11
frinnstI NEED MY FIX DAMNIT09:12
frinnstteK_: source?09:12
teK_or in english:
teK_why is pkgmk trying to rebuild gcc if I run pkgmk and gcc# is present and was touch(1) to be newer than the Pkgfile09:13
teK_actually, it's pkgmk -d, that is run09:14
Romsterfootprint is newer than gcc# file?10:07
teK_should not10:07
teK_for other ports it will say: xxx#... is up to date. :\10:09
Romstercan't remeber what it checks on that bit i just touch foo# so it's newer than the rest of the stuff if i know it's recent after a pkgfile change then a later sysup and i don't wanna rebuild it with ti's older settings.10:10
teK_it does two things:10:11
teK_  if [ -f $TARGET ]; then10:11
teK_    RESULT="no"10:11
teK_i.e. if the package exists first say: no rebuild required10:11
teK_after that it checks the timestamp of _all_ source() files and the Pkgfile itself10:11
teK_so I need to touch everything and then '*#*' again10:12
teK_does not work, wtf :)10:13
Romsterjust touch the foo# on it's own10:16
Romsterso it's newer10:16
teK_I did10:16
Romsterthenit should skip rebuilding it provided the version and revision is the same10:16
Romsterie the file exists and is newer date than the rest of the files date/time10:17
teK_it's 4.7.3-1 for both the package and Pkgfile.10:17
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jaegerIs it because the source doesn't exist?13:26
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teK_it does exist. I also dont think that build_needed checks for this13:31
jaegernot sure, I haven't delved into it13:33
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frinnstteK_: =======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:18:09
frinnstMISSING   fe45af8456292e2effd1bf1a90bbc3da  palette_remove.patch18:09
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/spice-gtk#0.23-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.18:09
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teK_ty frinnst18:39
teK_I told my son about CoC earlier today18:39
teK_one hour ago he came back from the local electronics store.. with a google play gift card (25EUR)  ..18:39
frinnstto buy a builder? :D18:47
frinnstive spent maybe 100SEK in CoC18:47
frinnstnot my proudest purchase D;18:48
teK_he claims to - yet - not know18:48
teK_SEK? Dont you have the Euro? wtf :P18:48
teK_cultural deficits are bubbling up now :\18:48
frinnstfuck EUR18:49
frinnstthink 10SEK = 1EUR18:49
teK_heh :)18:49
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