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Amnesiajaeger: what efi bootloader is crux going to use?14:38
jaegerThe ISO uses grub2. Once installed it will use whichever one you choose.14:39
Amnesiaach so14:40
Amnesiawill every binary be signed?14:42
jaegerSigned in what way?14:42
Amnesiasigned binaries -> secure boot14:42
jaegerAh, don'14:42
jaegert confuse secure boot with UEFI14:43
jaegersecure boot requires UEFI but UEFI does not require secure boot14:43
Amnesiasecure boot's part of uefi14:43
Amnesiabut I know it's still a choice to use it14:44
jaegerNot entirely. It's a subfeature that's not supported by all hardware14:44
Amnesiathat's why I asked whether you it'll be used with the iso14:44
jaegerNo, no benefit to using it and plenty of extra work14:44
Amnesiaafaik it's a part of the specification14:44
Amnesiaofc there's a benefit..14:44
jaegerWell, I suppose if you're installing things you're not sure about or drivers you think are malicious14:45
jaegeryou probably shouldn't do that, though14:45
AmnesiaI'm doubting whether I'll implement secure boot on my box with my own certificates..14:46
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teK_Ubuntu is switching to systemd, too15:32
teK_oh my goodness15:32
frinnstnot surprising if debian switches15:47
frinnstthat way they can just keep leeching from them15:47
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juefrinnst: guess you are running the new glibc already?16:15
juegood :)16:34
juejust looked over TODO31, still open is the eudev option16:37
jueI'd say it's better to use it than our ancient udev version?16:38
jaegerI'm all for eudev, personally16:38
jaegerAlso easier than picking udev out of systemd updates16:38
jaegerassuming that's even possible still16:38
jueyeah, should be, LFS is using udev from systemd 20816:41
juefrinnst: you are also running eudev currently?16:43
jaegerHrmm, good to know there's still the option. In that case I'm fine with either choice. eudev has worked without any trouble so far16:44
juefor me too, I'd prefer the eudev way because it might motivated the eudev guys to keep up the work16:47
jaegermaybe so16:53
jueok, let's wait for frinnst wrt eudev17:02
juebtw, currently our core 3.1 branch is a lot behind 3.0, but a merge works without conflicts17:07
juethough not tested for opt17:08
juejaeger: just saw your update to iso.git17:11
jaegerIf you see any problems let me know :)17:43
jaegerShould we disable notifications from git hooks for 3.1 currently?17:44
jaegershould be easy enough to do, I think, just have the script not send a mail if the branch is 3.118:52
jaegerso when we do merges or whatever people don't get confused18:52
frinnstjue: yeah19:49
frinnstthough there might be a newer release than the one i run19:49
frinnsti think its one of your old/first eudev port19:49
frinnstyeah im all for eudev19:50
frinnsteudev, glibc 2.19 :)19:50
teK_jue and jaeger any interest in getting cryptsetup in 3.1?19:59
jaegerI don't need/use it myself but I have no objections20:03
teK_I do not put time into it if it has no chance for inclusion20:03
frinnsti dont use it either, but +1 for the feature20:04
frinnsti was using eudev 1.3, upgrading to 1.4 now20:17
jueteK_: hmm, I fear such a feature will delay our release for quite some time20:26
jueteK_: I remember that we had the same discussion short before 2.7 or 2.8, right?20:27
teK_it was back in 2006 where I wasnt even an opt maintainer and there was quite some effort I spent that is not lost. Do you have a vague roadmap for 3.1?20:31
jueno, we have no official schedule for 3.1, but my personal hope is to have a RC within the next two weeks20:33
jueor even earlier if possible20:34
juemaybe better called a test-release20:35
jueteK_: is your cryptsetup-page still valid ->
juesorry, have to go now, will be back tomorrow20:43

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