IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2014-02-16

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Romstershould we have the compat-32 repo enabled by default since skype and adobereader in opt require it. plus i got a person emailing me saying a bunch of libraries are missing on skype because he forgot to enable compat-3207:05
prologicfor the same reason we don't ship copntrib enabled by default tiehr07:27
prologicwe don't hand-hold our users :)07:27
prologicrename, edit prt-get.conf and go07:27
Romsterwell they are dumb to email me and not enable that repo...07:35
Romstermaybe i shoud nme them wine-32 and skype-32?07:35
Romsteror add a README to enable compat-3207:36
Romsteryou would think they be smart enough to realize after seeing -32 ports in depends on.07:37
prologicadd it to the README - yes07:42
prologicand "dumb" is rather subjective :)07:42
prologicwe're all "dumb" at times :)07:42
prologicperhaps "lazy" is a better description? :)07:42
Romsterfrinnst, what repalces net-tools and traceroute?08:04
Romsterin crux 3.108:04
prologicgood question08:13
prologicI feel like I know this :)08:13
prologiccheck the TODO31?08:13
prologicI feel like half the time we discuss in wiki08:13
prologichalf in flyspray08:14
prologicand half here08:14
prologicwe _should_ streamline our development a bit more :)08:14
prologicI say move CRUX development to github :)08:14
Romsterah it's listed on
RomsterBerkeley DB 6.0 (core/db)08:26
Romsteris striked out what's the go with that?08:26
frinnstinetutils, iproute08:41
frinnstdont use it08:42
Romsteryeah i read it... on todo 3.1 but what's with the database?08:42
Romsterperl uses it08:42
frinnstkeep db as it is08:43
Romsterso we are staying on 5 because of licensing?08:44
frinnsti believe so, yes. im not very up to date with db i think jue's the one that has followed it08:44
Romsterwe should at least bump it too 5.3.2808:46
Romsterinstead of 5.3.2108:46
Romsterjue, comments?08:46
Romsterwhy can't perl use another database anyways isn't it about time they made the backend changeable and prefer sqlite3.08:47
Romsterjfsutils has a compile error on 3.108:48
frinnstits probably an oversight, keeping it on 5.3.2108:50
Romsterfrinnst, can you patch jfsutils
Romsteri'm testing on 3.108:53
frinnstneed to fix my vm, I broke it :D08:54
Romsterwhy not use docker?08:55
frinnsthavent tried it yet08:55
Romsteri'm still on a chroot but i'll change that.08:55
Romsteri have another hdd i'll install 3.1 too and boot off that to give it a live system lest later.08:55
frinnstcan you have a look at the lvm stuff in rc?08:56
Romsteron my todo list.08:56
Romsterand i wanna test that on my system.08:56
Romsterwith my mdadm andlvm setups08:57
Romsteri have nothing to test LUKS though.08:57
frinnstwtf, pt_chown crap08:57
frinnstall ports built on my vm is now owned by 0/0 :D08:57
frinnstinstead of root/root08:58
Romsterno one objects to me nuking pthreds out of xorg?08:59
Romsterin 3.108:59
Romsterit's a stub and pointless just it was too intrusive todo on 3.109:00
frinnst3.0, yeah09:00
Romstererr on 3.009:00
frinnstgo nuts09:00
Romsteri already started work removing it.09:00
Romsterwhat's left to test?09:03
Romsterother than lvm09:03
juegood morning09:08
juefrinnst: thanks09:08
Romstermorning jue09:08
jueRomster: indeed, we should have 5.3.2809:08
Romsteri just wonder if perl devs will move to another database due to the new licensing on later db versions09:09
Romsteror possible fork it.09:10
Romsteri branched compat-32 to 3.1 but i'll hold off on contrib it's too early to do that yet.09:11
jueRomster: it's not only perl, Berkeley db is still used by a couple of applications as the default database09:14
Romsteroh i'm not aware of the others.09:15
prologicany reason we can't simply remove db from core anyway?09:25
prologicwhat _actually_ depends on it for proper runtime?09:26
prologicI know Python will auto detect it and compile it's bdb pytbhon modules as necessary09:26
prologicbut hardly any python developers ever use this shiity db :)09:26
Romsterperl uses it prologic09:27
prologicnot quite what I meant09:27
prologicperl the langauge surely does not use it09:27
jueprologic: why should we remove it?09:27
prologicperhaps a perl library does09:27
prologicwe could move exim/db to opt09:27
prologicfor instance09:27
prologicassuming nothing else depends on it for tunetime09:28
prologicwe want to have a full MTA in core?09:28
jueprologic: but again, why?09:28
prologiclighter core?09:28
frinnstexim > *09:28
prologicslimmer iso09:28
Romstercouldn't exim be in opt?09:29
juewell, still not see that as a real reason09:29
prologicI'm just throwing it out there :)09:29
prologicIHMO things like db, exim, and others aren't all that necessary in core09:29
prologicfor a "core" system09:29
prologicbut it doesn't matter :)09:30
prologicwe've always had these in core09:30
Romsterapparantly by arch the only thing perl-berkeleydb is used for is postgrey09:30
juebut again, what's your real problem with db?09:30
Romsterjust ugly database is all.09:31
Romsteri don't use it or if i do i don't know about it.09:31
prologicit's not a real problem per say09:31
prologicand ugly is subjective09:31
prologicthere are _things_ to use it09:31
prologicand for very good reasons :)09:31
Romsteri don't see a valid reason but it's not broken i guess leave it as is.09:32
prologic-but- I don't think I've ever made use of exim, db, and a few other things in core that just get left laying around on my system(s)09:32
prologic_sometimes_ I ptr-get remove a few things out of core on desktops/servers of mine09:32
jueindeed, a hash type database like db or gdbm is quite different to something like sqlite09:32
Romsterah its a hash type db09:33
prologiced could go to opt too09:33
prologicwhiel I'm at it, I'll review the core ports :)09:33
Romsteri'd think exim and db could belong in opt and not have perl compiled with it? but then if it's needed recompiling perl or having a p5-db module. *shrugs*09:34
prologicdoes anything in core depend on perl?09:34
Romsteri have no idea09:34
prologicand wget09:34
Romsteroh yes... perl is used by some configure scripts.09:35
prologiced, wget, db, exim _could_ all go to opt09:35
prologicdrats :)09:35
Romsterwget though we have curl in core but i tired using curl in pkgmk but it was not always reliable.09:35
prologicwell I find it sometimes odd that we have both in core :)09:35
Romstermaybe it's improved since i last did that in hvlinux.09:36
prologicwhen one or the other is just as good09:36
prologicnormally I use curl everywhere these days09:36
Romsteri prefer curl or aria209:36
Romstercurl being small and always available.09:37
prologicanyway I digress09:38
prologicthis discussion is mostly moot09:38
juebtw, we need a mta in core because of system notifications via email, think at cron etc.09:38
prologicahh yes09:38
prologicbut of course09:39
prologicyou could use esmtp09:39
prologicor ssmtp09:39
prologicwhich I just about use everywhere anyway09:39
prologicvia relaying to e.g:
prologicjust saying :)09:39
Romstereh google is evil09:39
prologicihmo most will configure up a lighter MTA (not MDA)09:39
prologicit's for that reason I think exim go could to opt09:40
prologicand esmtp to core09:40
prologicbut *meh* :)09:40
prologicI believe I use esmtp everywhere -- it's sendmail compliant/compatible09:40
jueIIRC is esmtp a relay-only MTA and cannot deliver into the filesystem09:41
juesending everything to a external mailbox is just stupid, IMO09:42
jueand will fail if you don't have a active connection ;)09:42
prologicnot 100% sure on that one09:42
jueexim is quite nice and works without any configuration for localhost and a local network09:43
prologicyes it _can_ :)09:43
Romsteron another note can we have enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128 enabled in openssl?09:43
prologicand I believe I use it for this very reason too09:43
jueRomster: any progress in your udev/lvm research?09:47
Romsteri'm building core 3.1 updates now gonna nuke ptrheads out of xorg. then i'll think about installing 3.1 to another hdd and boot off that and test.09:50
Romsterfrinnst, should be fixing jfsutils after he fixes his VM09:52
Romstercan you push that db commit to core/3.1 too09:53
Romsteroh you have just cruxbot is not reporting it.09:55
frinnstjfsutils patched10:18
Romstercool sweet frinnst10:32
Romsterenable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128 for openssl anyone working on testing that10:42
Romsterfrinnst, your using the 3.1 branches on your live system now right?10:43
frinnstyeah, i have for some time10:47
frinnstwell, parts of 3.1 :)10:47
Romsteri'm gonna push this pthreads removal soon. you'll hate me for it. you'll  have to recompile tons of stuff to get rid of it. and it'll likely be like libtool bad recompiling.10:51
prologicwhat's this pthreads stuff?10:57
jueRomster: what?10:59
prologicIsn't pthreads used by Python and other multi-threading tools and libraries?10:59
Romsteri've only been talking about it on and off for ages.10:59
prologicI'm confused, why are we removnig it?11:00
Romsterit's a stub in xorg. does nothing.11:00
Romsternot the system pthreads library.11:00
prologicIf it cauesse no problems, why remove it?11:00
prologicDoes removel break anything?11:00
Romsterbecause its junk.11:00
Romsteri'm testing that now and so far no.11:00
prologicAnyone else disable pthreads in Xorg?11:01
jueRomster: don't do that11:01
Romsterargh i've nearly done and i've commited msot of the work to 3.111:01
prologicYeah I'm -1 on this11:01
prologicif it ain't broke - don't fix it11:01
Romsterjust not pushed yet.11:01
prologicIt's saving what? A few kb?11:01
Romstergod damn it people i have talked about this on and off for ages now. only now do you tell me otherwise.11:02
prologicAdding an extra compile flag?11:02
prologicForcing 3.0 users to recompile almost everything Xorg?11:02
juethe stub does nothing and is just for _other_ progs that calls pthread-stubs.pc11:02
Romsterno it's for 3.1 not 3.011:02
prologicmiss my point11:02
prologicI and others will eb prt-get sysup'ing soon11:02
Romsterso i'm just wating my time11:02
prologicI'd rather not have to recompile 100% of my ports if I have to11:02
prologicalso I'm with jue on this one11:02
juethere's nothing to recompile, we did that already for 3.011:03
prologicwhat's the rationale behind removing pthreads in Xorg?11:03
prologic"junk" isn't a good enough reason11:03
prologicwhat if other apps depend on this for some strange reason?11:03
prologicand break :)11:03
Romsterwhy do you think i am testing.11:03
prologicbut oth testing by one man isn't quite going to cut it11:04
juelibthread-stubs version 0.2 installs a dummy library and most x-stuff links against it, but version 0.3 is just a 'empty' pkgconfig file11:04
Romsterand arch has already removed this. so i'm goingby there ports on what they had todo to remove it.11:04
prologicit _could_ break other systems in weird ways you could never have guessed11:04
juewe changed to 0.3 with crux 3.011:04
Romsteras far as i now 2 ports libdrm and xorg-libxcb to get rid of it.11:05
jueRomster: there's no need to do anything11:05
Romsterwell i am wasting my time and i'll have to git revert then.11:05
prologicalso Arch isn't exactly a "shining breacon" :)11:05
prologicjust saying :)11:05
jueRomster: yep, would be more helpful to test the thing we talked above11:05
prologicI kinda expect a 3.0 -> 3.1 ti be a fairly minor update11:06
prologicnot a _big_ update11:06
Romsteri wont push until i have fully tested on a live system.11:06
jueprologic: no worries, it is11:06
prologicRomster, talk to frinnst and jaeger about this :) (too)11:07
prologicI haven't followed the pthread stuff msyelf11:07
prologicbut seems like it's not worth touching really11:07
prologiccould put it on the back burner for TODO3211:08
Romsterany word on openssl option i asked on a few ocasions as well? i really am getting frustrated with some aspects of crux community.11:08
Romstermaybe i should do more bug/feature reports than rely on irc.11:08
prologicwe all ahve day jobs11:08
prologicand family11:08
prologiccut that out!11:08
prologicwe are the crux community11:08
Romsteryes but it's not just been days it's been weeks11:08
prologicsorry to say :)11:08
prologicbut there are like a handful of devs and contributors11:09
Romsterhell some stuff years11:09
prologicit doesn't matter11:09
Romsteri understand a delay.11:09
prologicthis is not a commercial project11:09
Romsteri also work.11:09
prologicplease don't bring that kind of attitude here :)11:09
prologicplease :)11:09
prologicOSS is about sharing and caring11:09
prologicand we do what we can when we can11:09
prologicchill :)11:10
Romsteri share i make my opinions and ask for stuff some of it is stupid. but some of it has merit.11:10
prologicsmell the roses :)11:10
Romsterthat's all i'm saying on that matter11:10
prologicbtw I'll be away from tomorrow11:12
prologictill the 26th11:12
Romsteri like crux, i like the community, it's the often large delays (sometimes months or years) and having a issue/feature acknowledged on who's looking into it to see if it's viable or not worth it. communication we have a lack of it.11:12
Romsterif ya busy you just say so and someone else could look into it or delay it. i sometimes have no idea what's going on around here.11:13
jueabout what do you talk right now, the openssl feature you asked an hour ago?11:14
Romsterregarding this pthread stubs i'll test it along with the lvm stuff. before doing anything.11:14
Romsteri had asked a few weeks ago that same option towards tek11:14
jueRomster: have you read what I said about it?11:14
jue12:04 < jue> libthread-stubs version 0.2 installs a dummy library and most x-stuff links against it, but version 0.3 is just a 'empty' pkgconfig file11:14
Romsteri have so then i just revert what i've done and forget about it.11:14
Romsterfine i'll revert my wasted work.11:15
jue12:04 < jue> we changed to 0.3 with crux 3.011:15
Romsterwe had a talk about the pthreds ages ago as well and deamed it was too drastic for 3.0 and said to delay it for 3.111:16
Romsternow the time comes and this happens.11:16
Romsteryes i know we went to 0.3 with crux 3.011:16
jueif you remove libpthread-stubs you'll break nothing but the _build_ of libdrm and probably some other progs11:16
Romsterxorg-libxcb i've already patched.11:17
juebut it's not a problem at runtime11:17
Romsterand libdrm but what ever. not commiting it i'll use it personally on my own system.11:17
juebut why should we patch at least 2 ports if we can avoid this by installing _one_ pkgconfig file?11:18
Romsterit's pointless having that stub on x86_64 and x86 based systems.11:19
Romsterwhy they force it (freedesktop) unconditionally is beyond me.11:20
jueit's not a stub it's only one file -> pthread-stubs.pc11:20
RomsterDescription: Stubs missing from libc for standard pthread functions11:21
Romsterbut we arn't missing those on a x86_64 and x86 based system11:21
Romsteri know it's one tiny port and file.11:21
jueRomster: sorry, but I've to give up ;)11:22
Romsternevermind me bringing it up and fixing it.11:22
Romsteri'll leave it as is.11:22
Romsteri do research before i do anything.11:22
Romsteri don't just blatantly see they do it we should do it too.11:22
Romstersorry i'm a burden.11:22
nrxtxjue: isn't pthread-stubs depreciated since ages?11:26
Romsterbut i give up.11:28
Romsterit arn't broke so don't fix11:28
Romsteri'll run it on my system and see if it brakes anything.11:28
Romsterand ask again later on.11:29
jueyep, it is, but what we install is only a pkgconfig file to make other progs that call it happy, that all11:29
Romsterif it's all ok.11:29
Romsterwell other packages only call it because it's referenced as far as i know in pc files.11:29
juedo you have an example for that?11:30
nrxtxjue: better patch the others, because they have to get it fixed upstream11:30
nrxtxnot intrudoducing fake stuff11:30
Romsterit's like how libtool was a pain when png jpg on refferencing a old non-existent library on upgrading those to a newer version. so if it's not there to begin with and everything is compiled it wont ask for it.11:30
nrxtxthat's kind of old glibc way keeping compatibility for every bug, which makes a fully bloated system at the end11:31
Romsterupstream uses it for non x86_64 and x86 systems that don't have all the pthread funcitons that xorg requires. so really upstream should make it auto detectif it's required on libdrm and libxcb which it does not. it is hard coded. i just patched it out.11:32
nrxtx+1 for Romsters way11:32
juenrxtx: IMO that's a complete different story11:32
jueRomster: looks like the whole thing is _very_ important for you?11:33
Romstersorry i even mentioned all this.11:33
Romsteri've only been eyeing it off since forever -_-11:34
Romsteri should send requests upstream to get them to make it detect the arch type.11:34
jueif so, just do it, you'll have my blessing11:34
Romsterthat would be the correct way than patching it out.11:34
Romsteri've already undone it. i'll request it upstream.11:35
Romsteri'm doing this the wrong way.11:35
Romsterthe arch way would be to fix it at the source.11:35
Romstererr crux way11:35
Romstersorry if i'm harsh i just get frustrated sometimes on lack of communication. you guys are all good and i do greatly appreciate all the hard work you all do.11:36
Romsterguess i really am still a novice at this stuff.11:36
prologicI haven't read the full backlog yet11:37
prologicbut I'm still with +1 on this11:37
prologicwhy (indeed) patch several ports11:37
prologicif one port/pkgconfig file can solve this11:37
prologicit's effeort for no gain11:38
nrxtxprologic: it's contributing the patches you've done back to mainline and not ignoring it by faking it up11:38
nrxtxthen it's no effort for no gain11:38
prologicoh no I quite agree11:39
prologicbut ihmo I don't think we do enough of that here anyway11:39
prologicand we're quite a small distro11:39
prologicin other words11:40
prologicI think it's even more effort for us to post patches upstream11:40
prologicit's not like CRUX has a huge user base that rleies on us11:40
prologicor backed by funding11:40
prologicwe need to keep things simple and easy for us to maintain11:40
prologicif that means a simple little port that provides a stub for other packages to compiles properly - then so be it11:40
prologicit get removed when upstream fixes their shit :)11:41
nrxtxanother way of handling things, going to accept the crux one11:47
Romsteri don't get this about llvm it's compiled for x86 and x86_64 right? so i should be able to use opt/llvm for mesa3d-3211:50
nrxtxprologic: if i try to contribute stuff to crux, keep the fake stuff instead of keeping a smaller set of well patched ports11:53
Romsteram i the only one that goes against the grain?11:54
Romstereven if it is trivial11:54
nrxtxagainst the grain?11:55
prologicnrxtx, yeah no I get what you're saying11:55
prologicbut it's a lot of hard work to maintain said patches11:55
prologicI would rather just submit a bug upstream11:55
prologiclet them fix it11:55
prologicand/or provide said patches11:55
nrxtxprologic: like i said another way of handling thinks11:55
prologicand deal with it in a minimal (low oeverhead) way in crux11:56
prologicif crux becomes to ohard to maintain11:56
prologicwe'll loose motivation :)11:56
prologicI'm +1 for filing upstream bugs/patches though11:56
prologicbut -1 on maintaining our own patches11:56
prologicRomster, here's an idea11:56
prologicsubmit bugs and patches upstream11:57
prologicand let upstream deal with it :)11:57
nrxtxprologic: same for me filing them upstream, but if you have a patch i think you can use it until it got accepted11:57
prologicwe're a small dsitro11:57
prologicdon't make too much work for yourself :)11:57
prologicnrxtx, yes that's true11:57
prologicunless upstream takes a while to update11:57
prologicyou update to a newer version11:57
prologicand have to rewrite your patch11:57
prologicthat's a PITA :(11:57
Romsteryeah i'll send them upstream.11:58
prologicyou should see how heavily patched Arch and gentoo are :)11:58
nrxtxbut if you're trying to get it upstream you also might to have it keep up to date anyway11:58
prologicwell this is true11:58
prologicI guess that's why some of us maintain -git ports11:58
prologicthere are pros and cons obviously11:58
Romsternrxtx, i'll use said phtread-less system personally and make sure it'll be ok but i don't envision any issues.11:59
nrxtxprologic: exaclty because that's i think is one of the thinks i like about crux keep it your way, correct me if i'm wrong :)11:59
Romsterthen i'll send them upstream in fact i'll expand the patches to do the actual arch check then submit them.11:59
Romsterthan to just remove it as that really is a hack.12:00
prologicthat sounds much better12:02
prologica) upstream gets to review them12:02
prologicb) they get well tested12:02
prologicc) we're all happy in crux 3.212:02
prologicbut Romster, this is not wasted effort12:02
prologicchill, relax, take your time :)12:02
prologichave a beer :)12:02
prologicor two :)12:02
Romsteri went out lat night played pool had many bears.12:05
Romstererr beers12:05
prologiclooks like I'm going to get me an RS814 soon12:06
prologic$1100 including 3x 3TH Seagate Barracudas12:07
prologic(not including shipping)12:07
prologicnot sure whether I should do RAID 5, 6 or 10 though :)12:11
Romsterraid 6 is not worth it until you get to abut 8 hard disks12:13
Romsterraid 10 is pointless with 3 hdds you need at least 412:14
Romsterso that leaves you with raid512:14
prologicoh wait12:17
prologicI meant 4x 3TB12:17
prologicyes so you're right of course12:17
prologicRAID 10 or 5 would work nicely I think12:17
prologic10 would get me 4x read and 2x write though12:18
prologicwhich might come in handy12:18
prologicRAID5's write performance is terrible12:18
Romster10 has speed advantages on writes for data base use12:18
Romsterunless you got a hardware raid card with battery backed up write memory.12:18
prologicnot going to do that12:19
prologicSW only12:19
prologicplan is to use it for data and backups12:19
prologicwith remote backups for important data12:19
prologicand bdrw backups for super important data12:19
Romsteryou should look into fec for bdr integrity. and make at least 2 discs of each burn that way ddrescue plus fec can guarantee a recovery. and sotre each copy in different premises12:21
prologicahh ofc12:21
prologicgood idea :)12:21
prologicfec from allmydata.org12:21
prologicbrilliant :)12:21
prologicdistribute highly important data N ways12:22
prologicI think you meant zfec no?12:24
*** mike_k has joined #crux-devel12:24
Romsterzfec yes12:24
Romsteror any other implementation of Forwared Error Correction12:25
prologicI should write some nice backup tools around this12:26
Romsterfrinnst, or anyone any idea why this would fail?
nrxtxlooks like a missing stdio/stdlib headers13:58
nrxtxor better said: the include13:58
nrxtxwhat's you libjpeg version?13:59
Romsterhmm this isn't even picking up on lcms214:00
Romsterlibjpeg-turbo-32 1.3.014:01
Romsteroh lcms/lcms2 there is my problem.14:02
Romsterok compat-32 3.1 branch is now in sync14:13
Romsternrxtx, sometimes errors can by cryptic.14:14
frinnstholy backlog, batman!14:16
Romsteractaully not stillg ot mesa3d-32 to finish up on14:17
frinnstRomster: have you ported libjpeg-turbo to 32bit?14:17
frinnstlibjpeg is no longer in 3.114:17
frinnstah, you did, nevermind then14:18
frinnstfuck windows14:19
frinnstcustomer machine frozen with 100% cpu util14:19
frinnstreboot -> resolved14:19
frinnst*nothing* in the logs14:19
Romsteryeah i got suck on lcms being version 2.14:20
Romstercheck-32-versions did not report verison difference because it was lcms/lcms214:20
Romsterthat's typical windows for ya14:20
Romsterwas it scvhost?14:21
frinnstno clue14:21
frinnstcould not even open a console14:21
Romsterand then it's a bitch to see what service caused it.14:21
Romsteryeah backlog is a little huge14:21
frinnstand i had to go in to the office to fix it "!#14:22
Romstercms.pod around line 474: Expected text after =item, not a number14:24
RomsterPOD document had syntax errors at /usr/bin/pod2man line 71.14:24
RomsterMakefile:640: recipe for target 'install_docs' failed14:24
Romsteropenssl-32 failed -_-14:24
frinnstcheck the patch in core14:25
Romsterwhy do i not look at the other one for that14:25
Romsterthat fixed it.14:32
Romstermy eyes all i see is scrolling code.14:33
Romsterneed a coffee break14:33
frinnstgeez, the server is fucking broken14:41
frinnststupid windows crap14:41
frinnstone rds and one ad14:41
frinnstcant logon to the ad14:42
frinnstthere are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request14:42
Romsteri don't know how they manage to use windows crap. all it does is crate more fixing work and money.14:42
Romsteri'm sure they make them that complicated for that reason14:42
Romsterif they had a linux solution they be alot less jobs at fixing.14:43
jaegerjesus christ... I don't even know what to say about that backlog14:45
Romsterconfigure: error: gbm needs udev14:47
Romsterhmm ok14:47
Romsteroh i guess i need to make eudev-3214:48
frinnstyay, it works15:12
frinnstoh, this is -devel :D15:12
Romsterstill stuck on mesa3d-32 but it's 3:30am i'm done for tonight i'll finish it tomorrow.16:27
frinnstwhy the hell does my 3.0 -> 3.1 upgraded vm still fuck up footprints?20:28
frinnstowner is changed from root/root to 0/020:28
frinnstanybody else see this?20:29
jaegertake a look at the devpts mounting options in the TODO31 doc21:00
jaegerNot sure yet if that's the cause, just a guess based on an odd message my VM threw earlier21:02
jaegerin the midst of rebuilds on my VM, will see if it's still happening21:05
jaegerNot running into any more of those currently21:35
frinnstyeah i thought that was it, but ive made sure its mounted correctly22:59
frinnstit seems limited to pkgmk only22:59

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