IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-02-17

jaegerhrmm, odd02:03
jaegerI did a full rebuild while I was gone and it failed quite a few with that same issue, will have to investigate02:04
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mike_kcan someone add prologic to Flyspray? =)07:23
AmnesiaRomster: ldconfig's complaing liblua isn't a symlink after the new update09:17
Romsterwhy would that matter it's the same file.11:32
AmnesiaRomster: I don't have a clue11:52
Amnesiasymlinking to gets rid of the message11:52
Romsterjust a warning?11:53
Romsterguess i'll fix it shortly.11:53
Romsterstill working on llvm for multilib11:53
Romsterfor mesa3d-3211:53
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jaegerquestion for those of you with more awk-fu than I have:21:10
jaegerIs there any good reason to do this: files="`awk -v p="$1" -v RS="" '$1==p' /var/lib/pkg/db`"21:10
jaegerinstead of this: FILES=($(pkginfo -l $1))21:10
jaegerin revdep?21:10
jaegerignore the case difference, I'm comparing /usr/bin/revdep to an old revdep to which I added nesting21:11
jaegermore correct comparison would be files=$(pkginfo -l $1) instead of the array21:13
jaeger <-- I'm sure there's a more efficient or less ugly way to solve this but if anyone wants to test this here's a version with nested link checking22:44
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jaeger <-- a sample run on a machine with syslinux, samba, thunderbird, bunch of stuff installed23:05
jaeger <-- comparison between current and new revdeps23:11

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