IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-02-18

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juegood morning07:45
juejaeger: awk '/not found/ { print $1 }'07:52
juesorry, not tested07:53
jueand  awk 'NR==2 {print $1}'08:01
juejaeger: at all a fine improvement, thanks08:01
Romsteri like that work jaeger08:36
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juefrinnst: thanks13:38
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jaegerjue: is your awk more efficient than the pkginfo shell call?14:05
jaegerjue: the original awk is cptn's, not mine, for reference14:05
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jaegerjue: never mind, I looked more closely, different things :)14:07
jaegerjue: are you suggesting the grep lines should be replaced with awk '/not found/ { print $1 }' ?14:13
jaegerI'm guessing awk 'NR==2 { print $1 }' is equivalent to the tail -114:14
jaeger <-- kinda interesting, just searching around for some performance numbers14:21
juejaeger: yep, that's what I meant, sorry for being unclear :)14:28
jueindeed, grep is the fastes of them, but in our case I'd say it's more efficient to call only one external program than two14:32
jaegerWell, I've made revdep a lot less efficient by adding this extra work anyway :) I don't have a strong preference, though, awk is fine with me14:33
jaegerIs there any reason to replace the lines that only do a grep? It makes sense to replace the lines that do pkginfo | tail | awk14:34
juehmm, it's not only grep, currently:14:37
jue.... grep "not found" &>/dev/null | awk '{ print $1 }'14:37
jaegerldd  "/$f" 2> /dev/null |grep "not found" &> /dev/null <-- this one, for example14:38
jaegerThe lines where multiple programs are called, I agree it makes sense to optimize :)14:38
jueok, I wouldn't change that14:38
jaegerok. I think we're on the same page14:39
juegood :)14:39
jaegerI'll touch it up today and upload the new version for review14:39
juegreat, I'll test it and prepare a new release of prt-utils14:40
jaegerok. :)14:40
jaegerI wonder if there's a functional or performance difference between ${ARRAY[*]} and ${ARRAY[@]}14:52
jaegerAh, there is a slight difference detailed in the bash man page but not important for this usage14:56
jaegeractually it will help for the LD_LIBRARY_PATH concatenation14:57
jaegercan do something like IFS=":" echo "${lib_paths[*]}" perhaps14:58
jaegerhrmm, I guess not14:59
jaegerNot sure why it doesn't work but it seems IFS is ignored and space is always used for some reason15:03
jaegerer... no, it works, but only if it's exported. what the hell, bash15:04
jaegerjue: ok, uploaded a new version to the same place. I added some text at the top and tried to standardize a bit of the formatting, etc.15:17
jaegeroops, need to fix one last thing15:18
frinnstThis is to announce grep-2.17, a stable release.15:18
frinnstThis release is notable for its performance improvements:15:18
frinnstwe don't often see a 10x speed-up in a tool like grep.15:18
jaegerjue: ok, uploaded again15:19
jaegerfrinnst: would you mind adding a patch to cdrkit for EFI support?
frinnstheh, i've forgotten im the cdrkit maintainer :D15:33
frinnstsure, will do15:33
jaegerthanks :)15:34
frinnstalso pushed to opt/3.119:10
jaegergroovy, thank you19:22
juejaeger: performance seems mostly the same: 14m33s to 13m55s19:24
juethat's a full run on my system with both versions of revdep19:25
jaegerNot bad19:28
jaegerI'll time it on my test machine as well, curious now19:29
jaeger6m47s for original revdep19:40
jaeger7m7s for new revdep19:47
jaeger388 packages installed19:47
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