IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-02-19

jaegerjue: oops, found an issue with the revdep update - jre has some links to files that don't exist in any port, so those cause some extra ouput00:09
jaegerpkginfo -o $nonexistent_file | awk 'NR==2 { print $1 }' will fail on those00:09
jaegeror maybe it doesn't, it should output nothing. perhaps the issue is elsewhere00:10
jaegerjue: oops, found the problem. Was a mistake on my part00:29
jaegeruploaded a fixed version00:30
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frinnstjaeger: have you begun looking at rolling a 3.1 iso?15:51
jaegerYeah, there's a 3.1 branch in iso.git if you want to see specifics15:53
jaegerAny ideas on that UID/GID issue with bsdtar?16:04
juejaeger: what's the problem?16:04
jaegerpackages ending up with 0/0 in the footprint instead of root/root16:06
juedid an update 3.0 -> 3.1 in a qemu image yesterday and didn't recognize such problems16:15
jaegerI'm not able to duplicate it when manually creating an archive with bsdtar16:15
juethat mean only if you run it via pkgmk?16:17
jaegerso it seems. fakeroot doesn't seem to effect it, tried with and without16:23
jaegerthe numerical IDs are correct... if I build as my user I get 100/100 instead of 0/016:26
jaegerno idea what's causing it, I don't see any errors or warnings16:44
jaegerin the build result section the symbolic values are display16:49
jaeger.tmp.footprint contains the numeric IDs16:51
jaegerok, here's some potentially interesting info - tar Jtvf whatever#pkg.tar.xz shows the symbolic IDs16:57
jaegerpkginfo --footprint whatever#pkg.tar.xz shows numeric16:57
jaegerpkgmk's make_footprint function is calling pkginfo --footprint $TARGET16:58
Amnesiajaeger: PING18:54
frinnstjaeger: do you also get that?19:08
frinnsti see it too on my vm19:09
frinnstnot on my workstation though19:09
jaegerback now19:24
jaegerfrinnst: I saw it on two machines19:24
frinnsti wonder why i dont see it on my desktop20:35
frinnstoh, 2013-12-01 Fredrik Rinnestam libarchive: updated to 3.1.220:39
frinnstfor 3.120:39
frinnst3.0.x is in core/3.020:40
frinnstAdd support for writing v7 tar format.20:41
jaegerah, hrmm20:59
frinnsthm, dont seem related21:19
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jaegerI'll be out of town tonight and tomorrow so won't be able to test more until Friday22:08
frinnsthave fun22:32

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