IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-03-03

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jaegerRomster: had a chance to look at mesa3d-32 finally, it errors out trying to link the 64-bit libz and libdrm during a 32-bit link, I think. Is that what you were seeing or something else?01:54
Romsterwhen configure is matched up with mesa3d it'll need llvm-3201:55
Romsterbut it can't find llvm libs01:55
Romster there are two header file stubs that need to applied to llvm and llvm-3201:56
Romsterbbl work01:56
jaegerok, I'll check that out in the morning02:19
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frinnstjaeger did you have pam ready? or were you using contrib/linux-pam ?11:52
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jaegeryeah, that  :)13:30
jaegerI think we decided not to worry about that for 3.1, though13:31
frinnsti only want it for selfish reasons :D13:37
frinnstyubikey fun13:38
jaegerlet me know if you run into any issues I need to fix. I've tested it pretty well for my personal needs but I don't have anything like a yubikey13:39
jaegerI do need to test the fingerprint scanner on my x220, probably. Haven't messed with that yet13:39
jaegerjue: any thoughts regarding FS#976? I have no strong feelings about the compressiong of my man pages15:15
juejaeger: if I see the vast number of footprint updates, I'm against it ;)16:12
jueand for what? Even if we save half of the disk space we are talking about 25M (here on my desktop)16:14
jaegerDoesn't seem worth the effort16:16

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