IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-03-12

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jaegergod damn it, the ISO EFI shit broke again03:47
jaegerand I have no idea why or how03:47
jaegergoing to sleep, will try to fix it tomorrow03:56
frinnstjaeger: sorry, fixed now06:51
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frinnstwtf, just did a 3.0 # ports -u08:51
frinnstlots of ports were deleted08:51
frinnstseems like ports from w -> were deleted08:53
frinnstanybody able to check what happened?08:54
frinnstwonder if sepens commit got fucked on somehow09:13
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jaegerfrinnst: it seems alright at the moment... perhaps there was a temporary issue with the rsync repo?13:00
frinnsthm, stuff like opt/zsh is still missing for me14:05
frinnstthese machines sync against 3.014:06
frinnstyeah, just tried on my rpi.. lots of stuff were deleted14:08
juesame here, everything > whois is missing14:08
juehmm, httpup for opt fails with a 40414:09
frinnston everyting?14:10
jueyep, seems the REPO file is missing14:11
juehttpup sync opt14:11
jueConnecting to
jue Failed to download REPO: The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found14:11
frinnsta new push might regenerate the repo?14:14
frinnstor just run the hook manually14:15
jueyeah, running the hook manually was successful :)14:21
jaegerhrmm, funky14:26
jueyeah, looks like the hook got interrupted for some reason14:34
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prologicI imagine if someone does a push int he midelf of the hook already running20:18
prologicand it tries to run the hook against twice20:19
prologicit'll fail like this20:19
prologicthe operation isn't atomic :/20:19
prologiccould probably make it so by wrapping the hook in a script that lock the repo until it's done20:20
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frinnstno other commits according to the timeline20:53
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sepenhey I see my name in the backlog21:30
sepenwhat happened?21:30

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