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nomiusWell... I haven't tried *efi as I have no capable hardware...00:07
nomiusBut for everything else, it's a breeze :-)00:07
nomiusI'm currently building chromium inside kvm on crux 3.100:08
nomiusI guess it will be over by tomorrow00:08
nomiusBut all the deps built just fine00:08
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jaegera good start :)00:49
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Romsterjaeger, i committed llvm-32 and mesa3d-32 care to test sometime. i'll test more after work.02:05
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frinnstoh? atleast i managed to get it installed07:35
frinnstah pxce07:36
frinnstfirefox 28.0 and still no announcement on their mailinglist07:46
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jaegerevery time I come back to IRC sepen is gone again, heh13:19
jaegerI wanted to ask him what he's trying to show there. It's not like PXE should work out of the box13:19
frinnstyeah, he's fast :)13:28
jaegerjeez... the only way I've been able to boot the 3.1 ISO with UEFI so far is using the kernel's builtin EFI_STUB support with the initramfs compiled directly into the kernel image14:00
jaegeror by using the UEFI shell if the initramfs and kernel image are separate14:02
jaegerunrelated to that, I started a resize2fs on a 2.3TB ext4 (to 1.6TB) over iscsi yesterday and it's still going after 13.5 hours :P14:05
frinnsthah, lots of crap to move around i guess ;)14:38
jaegerindeed. millions of tiny files, average 46k14:39
jaegeryay for medical imaging data formats14:41
frinnsthm, did the latest vim patch change something? i get .un~ -files for every edit i make17:54
jaegerdoh, heh18:01
jaegernoundofile got enabled somewhere?18:02
jaegerhad to do a quick search online for it but vim 7.3+ creates those when undofile is enabled18:02
jaegerer, I meant disabled in that first sentence, not enabled18:02
frinnstbut its not :)18:06
jaegermaybe a bug, then?18:07
frinnstnote to self: dont upgrade nss when firefox is building18:17
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nomiusI always disable that undo file setting18:28
nomiusIt fill my disk with files named SOMETHING~18:28
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nomiusHey guys19:45
nomiusIs libjpeg-turbo full compatible with libjpeg?19:45
frinnstits supposed to be19:52
frinnsthave you come across something?19:53
nomiusI was about to compile mplayer19:58
nomiusLooks like it's compatible: Video output: v4l2 matrixview opengl pnm jpeg19:59
nomiusIt's in the "Enabled" features19:59
nomiuscontrib for 3.1 is empty?20:03
jaegerIt hasn't been created yet20:03
Romsteruse 3.0 contrib for now.21:49
nomiusYeah, sure, no worries, I'm downloading and building :-)21:55
jaegerAnyone object if I go ahead and create the contrib 3.1 branch?21:56
prologicno objections here22:08
prologicwe might as well start this whole 3.1 process22:08
prologicwhat's the status of the UEFI booting?22:08
jaegerI found a dirty hack to make it work. I'm not happy with it but I don't see any other way presently22:08
prologicwhich is?22:09
jaegercompiling the initramfs directly into the kernel and using EFI_STUB22:09
jaegerCONFIG_CMDLINE="console=ttyS0,38400 console=tty0"22:09
jaegerso bzImage gets put into the EFI boot image as \EFI\boot\bootx64.efi22:10
prologicAre any other distress having the same difficulty? I can't imagine we're the only ones :/22:12
prologicof course I don't know enough about this UEFI stuff22:12
jaegerI can't find anyone having the same problem. It is specific to something in 3.1 and only the ISO22:12
jaegerIf you install a 3.1 system in legacy mode and then boot it via UEFI after, it works fine22:12
jaegerIt's bizarre as hell and I can't find the problem22:13
jaegerI wish that somebody else were also as interested in UEFI so that we'd have another set of eyes on it, you know?22:14
prologicI know what you mean22:14
prologictbh I'm not even sure my desktop at home has UEFI22:14
prologicI'll have to have a look22:14
prologicI'm pretty sure it doesn't22:14
jaegerVirtualBox or ESXi can be used to test it as well22:14
prologicah k22:15
prologicwell can't make any promises but I'll see if I can make some time to do some more testing and look over it with my blind eyes :)22:16
jaegerAppreciate it. I'm pretty much out of ideas on it now22:18
jaegerI can use this hack to make it work for the 3.1 release if needed but it's not a permanent solution22:18
prologicthe iso up on your web server doesn't include this hack at this point does it?22:25
jaegerno. it only has legacy booting22:25
prologicbtw is the iso.git repo up-to-date with your latest changes (-minus the hack)?22:25

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