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nomiusWhy not moving back to cdrecord instead of using cdrkit?01:15
jaegerwhy move back to cdrecord?01:15
nomiusI found several bugs in cdrkit some years ago01:16
nomiuscdrkit is unmaintained...01:16
nomiusLast update is from 201001:16
jaegerdoes cdrecord support uefi now?01:18
jaegerxorriso would be another option if it's current01:19
nomiusmkiso (cdrecord) support efi01:37
prologicI'm confused02:35
prologicwhich is more miantained?02:35
prologiccdrecord or cdrkit?02:35
prologicDidn't crux officially move to cdrkit at some point?02:35
jaegeryeah, though it was quite some time ago02:38
jaegerI don't remember why... maybe author crazy02:38
nomiuscdrkit last update is from 201002:51
nomiuscdrecord (cdrtools) is from 2012 afaik02:53
nomiusIn fact genisoimage has partial support foe efi02:54
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nomiusgenisoimage is from cdrkit btw02:56
jaegeryes, that's what I use for the ISOs, it was the first to support EFI02:57
nomiusWell, support for EFI is partial on it02:58
jaegerit's got enough for our purposes03:03
jaegerBeen working quite well so far03:03
nomiuslibburnia is also a nice option03:17
nomiuscdrkit in the other hand, beh!03:17
nomiuscdrkit code is a joke :-(03:17
jaegerworth checking them out, at least03:18
jaegerweird... hung up on me while I was pushing contrib 3.1 but it looks like it worked. hopefully there's no breakage03:38
jaegerI guess if there is we'll fix it03:38
jaegergoing to sleep now, if I need to fix it tomorrow let me know03:43
Worksteri wasn't gonna push crux 3.1 this soon :(04:31
nomiusjaeger: firefox is broken with nss in the ports (doesn't build)05:30
Worksternomius, that's frinnst you want. frinnst maintains firefox.06:07
Worksternomius, whats the error checked with recdep?06:07
nomiusJust fails because it couldn't find the nss version, weird06:08
nomiusGoing to bed now anyways06:08
Worksteri'll have a look when i'm home06:19
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Romstererror: unable to update ./info/refs+09:45
Romsteron compat-3209:46
Romsteris this bad?09:46
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sepenjaeger, do not worry about my problem with PXE, here at work I have a win8.1 and just tried virtualbox to test the new crux 3.1 but does not work and seems virtualbox is doing weird things (I only see 32bits available configs, and my laptop is a lenovo z500 intel i5)11:39
sepenI'll try at night at home directly on my x64 desktop,11:40
sepenanyway I'm going to remove vbox and try qemu-w64 with crux3.111:49
frinnstuh, how slow is that gonna be? :)12:47
frinnstthat will run without any form of accelleration?12:47
jaegersepen: for what it's worth I use vbox on win 8.1 at home and it works well12:59
jaegersepen: did it not even boot without the network option selected in the System -> Boot Order section?13:01
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nomiusAnyone tried firefox with the latest nss from the ports?13:55
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/firefox#28.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.14:17
Romsterprt-get: installing firefox 28.0-114:17
Romsterbuilds just dine nomius14:17
Romster uploading.14:19
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sepenjaeger: so what I need to enable 64bit guest in vbox?15:03
jaegersepen: your hardware has to support it (motherboard, CPU, BIOS) and VT-x (intel) or SVM (AMD) needs to be enabled15:05
jaegerusually there's a virtualization toggle in the BIOS15:05
jaegerwhat motherboard and CPU are you using?15:05
pitillohey, is brtfs expected to be supported? mkfs.btrfs is crying about missing liblzo2.so15:06
jaegerpitillo: on the 3.1 ISO?15:07
jaegeryes, it should be. I'll look into it15:08
pitillocan you make a test? fresh download this morning from your repo15:08
pitillothank you very much :)15:08
jaegerI mean it's supposed to be, I probably forgot to include lzo in the ISO packages list15:08
pitilloit seems so jaeger15:09
jaegerI need to build a new ISO with the firefox update and UEFI hack, etc., so I will upload another one today probably15:09
nomiusjaeger: btw, maybe you would like to update the ports for atk, gtk, and something else that I saw that are new releases15:15
nomiusIn case you ask about me building the new firefox:15:16
jaegerperhaps you are confusing me with frinnst15:16
nomius# pkginfo -i | grep nss15:16
nomiusnss 3.16-115:16
nomiusopenssh 6.6p1-115:16
nomiusopenssl 1.0.1f-215:16
nomius# pkg-config --libs --cflags "nss >= 3.15.4"15:16
nomius-I/usr/include/nss -lssl3 -lsmime3 -lnss3 -lnssutil315:16
pitillogreat jaeger, thank you very much for your job15:20
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jaegerpitillo: np :)15:21
jaegerjue: heyo15:21
jaegerfor reference, on 3.1:15:22
jaegerchecking for NSS - version >= 3.15.4... no15:22
jaegerconfigure: error: you don't have NSS installed or your version is too old15:22
juejaeger: sorry, haven't had the time to do something with your test-release15:22
jaegerno worries, still things to iron out15:22
jueok, but will do it the next days ;)15:23
jaegersome oddness with the configure checks in firefox 2815:25
jaeger$ nss-config --version | sed 's/\([0-9]*\).\([0-9]*\).\([0-9]*\)/\1/'15:26
jaeger$ nss-config --version | sed 's/\([0-9]*\).\([0-9]*\).\([0-9]*\)/\2/'15:26
jaeger$ nss-config --version | sed 's/\([0-9]*\).\([0-9]*\).\([0-9]*\)/\3/'15:26
jaegerlast one returns blank15:26
jaegermajor, minor, and micro version checks15:26
jaegeryeah, the minor check gets hosed15:27
jaeger1 vs. 15 instead of 16 vs 1515:27
jaegerIf the version were 3.16.0 instead of 3.16 it would work15:28
sepenjaeger: sorry, first month at office, and boss was sitting near me15:28
jaegersepen: no worries15:29
sepenjaeger: lenovo Z500 intel i5, I think I should look for VT-x options15:29
sepenI'll planed that for the next reboot, so I can't do it ATM15:29
jaegerI think all i5s support VT-x but I'm not 100% sure. do you have the actual processor model?15:30
jaeger <-- if that's the right one it supports VT-x15:31
sepenhmm I'm running win8.1, and I need to know how to get that info (didn't found /proc/cpuinfo) :D15:31
sepenIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz15:31
jaegermight be in the system control panel15:31
jaegerok, yeah, should be fine15:31
jaegerProbably just disabled in the BIOS15:32
sepennah, forget that I'm running cygwin64 too15:32
sepenyep seems probable15:32
sepenwell. tonight I'll do some test in virtual and phisycal installations for 3.115:33
sepenalso I want to try it under safe-crux :O15:33
jaegerIf anyone wants to try that under 3.115:43
juehmm, nss-config is our own addition to nss, possibly better to modify that?15:46
jaegeris it? I assumed it came from upstream, sorry15:47
juewithin the port we can do something like: _version=$(printf "%i.%i.%i" ${version//./ })15:47
jaegerprobably much better than the hack15:48
jueand use _version for the sed: sed -i "s/@VERSION@/$_version/" $PKG/usr/bin/nss-config15:49
jaegerwhy do we supply our own nss-config? does the upstream one not work properly?15:50
jueIIRC nss doesn't come with a nss-config, but that might no longer true for newer versions15:51
juefrinnst: ?15:52
jaegerHow odd... if firefox expects nss-config and requires nss15:52
jaegera side-effect of using system nss vs. builtin nss, perhaps?15:53
jueyeah, might be15:53
jaegermaybe not, the firefox source doesn't have nss-config in it, either15:53
jueme too :)15:54
frinnstooh, backlog15:59
jaegerfirefox does build with my hack patch, for what that's worth16:04
jaegerit's dirty, though, fixing nss-config is preferable I think16:04
nomiusIndeed, it's building now :-)16:08
juefrinnst: works for me too ->
nomiusI think you would like to update to the following versions:16:15
nomiusBuilds like a charm and the port update only requires changing the numbers and re-generating the md5sums and footprints ;--)16:15
jueisn't 1.39.90 a devel version?16:19
juesame for atk?16:19
nomiusWe are not using "unstable"? I always though that a source based distro should consider almost bleeding edge :-)16:35
nomiusI mena, for software inclussion16:37
jueno, latest stable normaly but with some exceptions like mutt17:15
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frinnstjaeger, jue: cheers20:01
frinnstsorry for my afk:ness20:03
jaegerok, a new bootstrap is started with the firefox/nss updates. was pretty busy today so it took longer than I thought to get that started22:21
Worksterwhats up with nss it worked for me22:55
jaegerin 3.1?22:56
Worksterin 3.0 i nevr tested n 3.123:00
Worksterand it was in a clean chroot that i compiled it23:01
Worksterstraight after a ports -u23:01
Worksterbefore the changes this morning23:01
Worksterhow did it even work for me?23:01
Worksterjaeger, you need to set your server patch files to plain/text than binary or how ever it is now it requires download can't view it in the browser23:03
Worksteron morpheus23:04
Worksteri'll do a rebuild of nss firefox later today on 3.0 and 3.123:04
Worksteri think i got compat-32 all sorted23:04
jaegerit's already text/x-diff23:05
jaegerfor me it comes up fine as text23:05
Worksterexcept i now have to bump harfbuzz-32 and harfbuz-icu when i get home23:05
jaegerin the browser23:05
Worksterfirefox 28 on windows says it wants to save it and it.23:06
Worksternot just show it in the browser *shrugs*23:06

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