IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-03-21

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nomiusI think pidgin should disable gnutls if you're going to use nss... Or update the footprint file :-)12:07
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rexichhello everyone16:33
nomiusjaeger: 3.1 is a awesome so far :-)17:25
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jaegergood :)19:15
nomiusI wrote some pretty minimalist ports... If needed:
nomiustransmission version in it is 2.60, so gtk2 is used19:23
nomiusFuck, I forgot about cdrtools :-S19:28
jaegeruploading a new ISO now with UEFI working19:35
jaegerbtrfs-progs working again, too19:44
nomiusjaeger: what was what you found wrong with the eufi in the previous iso?19:54
jaegerIt didn't work at all, though I've still not found the cause. Could only get it working using EFI_STUB and the initramfs compiled into the kernel image20:18
jaegerworks fine in 3.0, though20:18
prologicjaeger, oh great23:06
prologicgot it working finally?23:06
prologicwhat was it in the end?23:06
jaegerread the backlog if you're curious, don't really feel like typing it out another time23:11

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