IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-03-22

nomiusWhere can we see the backlog?02:05
jaegerin your IRC window... or on his website if the log bot is running02:26
nomiusOh, you meant the irc backlog. Ok03:19
prologicsorry jeager yes you're quite right08:06
prologicwe do log this channel afterall :)08:06
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frinnstjue, jaeger: with regards to eudevs ethernet naming rules. thoughts about fixing up rc.d/net ?17:10
frinnsti'd like to break out lo to its own rc.d/lo and perhaps include a rc.d file for dhcpcd instead?17:10
frinnstperhaps include a static ethernet rc-file as an example too17:11
rexichfrinnst: I'm not one of the developers, but in my opinion, your idea is good. what is lo used for? which programs use it?17:36
frinnstlo, as in your loopback interface17:37
frinnst127.0.0.1 etc17:37
rexichI see17:37
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frinnstfirefox 29 looks like shit20:52
frinnstlike it does in windows, with the tabbar on top20:52
frinnstfucking ruined ui20:53
frinnstjesus fucking christ21:04
frinnstits horrible21:05
frinnst<3 btrfs snapshots21:06
frinnstcrap reverted21:06
nomius_Indeed, it does look like shit...22:07
nomius_I always disable the menubar tough...22:07
nomius_And use chromium for most of the things...22:07
nomius_Depends what I need to do...22:07
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frinnstit looks like *chromium*, thats why it looks shit ;)22:46
frinnsti've run a heavily customized firefox ui for +10 years22:46
frinnstand now they go and do shit like this22:46

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