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Romsterfrinnst, i'd like to see a static and dhcp config file one can use one or the other, as for local it could be jsut duplicated in each lan and dhcp01:09
Romsterdon't see a reason to split that out on its own?01:09
jaegerI'd suggest just putting commented examples of both into the one file01:09
jaegerI don't have a preference on the loopback being split, I'm just talking about the eth0 or whatever script01:10
Romsterwhy don't you just put a variable in he /etc/rc.d/net script to choose what case to use either dhcp or static, dhcp-{start,stop} static-{start,stop}  ?01:11
Romsterand default to dhcp01:11
Romsterusers can freely edit it to suit there needs as well too.01:11
Romsterlooks like i'll eventually drop firefox and move to another browser.01:15
Romsteri'm in the process of compiling my installed ports in a chroot for crux 3.1 to install on another hdd and try out.03:32
Romster713 ports of.03:33
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juefrinnst: I agree with jaeger wrt rc.d/net, having a separate lo seems to be a good idea though10:41
juefrinnst: mind pasting net/lo somewhere so we can look at it?10:44
prologicwhat's this about /etc/rc.d/net?10:51
horrorStruckcouldn't lo be brought up directly in rc?10:57
prologicit could be brought up at any time11:00
prologicwhat are we talking about?11:00
horrorStrucki mean everyone needs lo to be up so no need for net/lo, just bring it up in rc :)11:02
prologicexcept that it doesn't conceptually maek sense11:04
prologicit should be brought up and down with the net service11:04
prologicI see no reason to change this :)11:04
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prologicI kinda like this actually12:30
prologicthis notion of separating out logical interfaces in this manner12:30
prologicthough I have to admit, it'll proably work better with an init like runit12:31
prologicor such12:31
prologici.e: asynchronous init12:31
prologicI can see you having /etc/rc.d/lo /etc/rc.d/lan /etc/rc.d/wan12:31
Romsterruby is broken in crux 3.1 needs a patch for readline.12:35
Romsterprologic, i wanted to push runit into crux ages ago -_- but sysvinit works and is more cruxish.12:36
prologicI would not push runit into CRUX12:53
prologicit isn't completely backwards compatible12:54
prologicand does have a slight somewhat minor overhead12:54
prologicor learning curve12:54
prologicI wouldn't mind seeing an init that's sysvinit-ish12:54
prologicwith async support12:54
prologicand basic eventing12:54
frinnstprologic: no, I run lo, eth0, eth1 etc13:07
frinnstits the first thing i do on a new crux install ;)13:08
frinnstinitializing lo in /etc/rc might work also, if you have ethernet support in the kernel13:08
frinnstnot sure if there are any crux installs without it13:08
prologicit just seems unnatural to shove it into /etc/rc13:09
prologicbut sure I like /etc/rc.d/lo /etc/rc.d/etho013:09
frinnstbut i prefer it in rc.d - its more "clean" i think13:09
frinnsti dont use dhcpcd myself, so i dont have a rc.d/dhcpcd prepared13:10
prologicfair enough13:13
prologicbut that would make sense if you used that13:13
prologicbut I'd just called it /etc/rc.d/dhcp at that point13:13
prologicbut even then13:14
prologic/etc/rc.d/eth0 still sounds better even if it'd doing dhcpcd eth013:14
frinnstwell eth0 will be a problem with eudev, since it names ifaces all fucked up :)13:42
jaegerIt's easy enough to find the name for the script with ifconfig or dmesg, though13:45
juehaving one rc.d/net is enough IMO, it should serve as a kinda template to give the user a starting point for his own needs14:00
juedhcpcd works without knowing the interface name, so that's preferable the enabled/default one14:04
prologicagreed :)14:05
prologicI don't think anyone was disputing the current and past design of CRUX's network startup scripts :)14:05
jueanother thing I came across while preparing the new eudev update: we should probably add a pkgadd rule that enables update of /etc/udev/hwdb.bin and /etc/udev/hwdb.d/14:07
juemaybe the same for our ca-certificates (/etc/ssl/cert.pem) ?14:09
jaegerno objection here, seems like a good idea14:30
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jueok, thanks, will add the rules14:35
jueRomster: good catch, thanks14:36
jaegerAnyone run into any problems with the test ISO?14:47
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Romsteri haven't tried the iso yet but am compiling lots of stuff looking for problems14:56
Romsterthis gcc is a bit more strict it's breaking a few other things as well.14:57
Romsterwont know the full extent until after the builds are done14:58
Romsterglad to help jue even though i haven't done alot.15:02
prologicRomster, can you fix the source url to ant please?15:15
prologicit's 404'ing15:15
prologicnight all15:15
Romsterwhat else has to be broken...15:26
Romsterprologic, done15:30
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