IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-03-25

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pitillojaeger: ummm updating iso's sufix with test1 could have been better to know it was updated. Giving a try along the day07:21
pitilloerror trying to boot it in vbox... Cound not find ramdisk image /boot/initramfs07:25
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jaegerI sometimes don't compile a newer kernel, depends on the situation. Might need to stay on a slightly older one for vmware tools or ZFS or the like11:45
jaegerpitillo: I didn't consider it new, it was a fix11:45
jaegerregarding the boot, I'll test it this morning11:46
pitillojaeger: ok, I was curious about the naming scheme, sorry11:50
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jaegeroops, the initramfs was left out due to some debugging I did for UEFI. will upload a fixed ISO today12:54
Romsterat least it's being broken before the release.12:55
Romsterand not after so far.12:55
jaegerThis is the point of testing, after all12:55
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jaegerok, a new ISO is uploaded to the same place - sorry for the mixup with the initramfs13:38
Romsterjue, you havne't done ruby in crux 3.1 yet i am waiting to test other ports that depend on ruby. any ETA on that?13:40
jueRomster: sorry, no. Will try to fix it tomorrow14:20
pitillothank you jaeger... let's see14:27
Romsterjue, no rush just wondering when. i have yet to sort out lvm2 eudev rules. but i'll do that when i got the install running on another hdd.14:29
pitillohas someone a kernel vbox .config somewhere?14:37
jaegertry the one that ships on the ISO, it should work well14:38
pitillothanks jaeger14:40
jaegerI don't think it has the SAS drivers in it but should work with either virtio, SATA, or IDE14:48
frinnstRomster: i think we'll probably skip the lvm2 eudev stuff till next version14:59
frinnstall the core stuff is done14:59

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