IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-03-28

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Romsterno one?07:47
frinnstah, at work07:51
Romsterguess i really need to talk to tek about this one.07:51
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sepenjaeger: a fresh installation worked fine here, just the only thing was that appeared 'crux 3.0 media' instead of 3.108:41
sepenalso /media/handbook.txt and /media/releasenotes.txt still have CRUX 3.008:45
sepenisolinux/boot.msg also contains CRUX 3.008:47
Romsterhopefully that is set at some global position08:48
sepenyep, I think so too08:49
Romsterhow stable is the gold linker now?09:02
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jaegerIt's not all set globally, probably should be13:02
jaegerand the 3.1 handbook/releasenotes aren't yet written13:02
jaegergold linker still causes problems for me last time I tried it but that was in 3.0 dev13:03
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juejaeger: why is the requirement to subscribe to our mailing list silly?14:16
jaegerI think it's a very good idea for users to subscribe and would strongly recommend it. Calling it a requirement is the part that sounds silly14:29
jaegerSorry if I sound rude, that's not my intent. I just mean that it's a choice on the end user's part that isn't some enforceable requirement14:31
frinnstyeah i'd agree with that14:34
juejaeger: yeah, you are right, we should s/required/recommended/14:36
jaegerYeah, sorry, it would have been quicker for me to just say that14:37
jaegerAnd less rude, hehe14:37
jaegerjue: my WRX is in the shop :( Got hit a couple weeks back14:37
jueoh, that's bad14:41
juehopefully the damage is not too big14:42
jaegerIt's not too bad on the outside but needs some suspension and a wheel replaced. Hopefully I'll get it back next week sometime14:45
sepenjaeger: thanks for the replies :D14:45
sepen+1 about ML comments14:46
jaegerno problem. I was considering after your comments setting up something in the Makefile for the ISO that automatically updates the version where needed14:51
sepenheh thanks14:53
sepenI do not have much time lately and I've only been able to help testing the iso :P14:53
sepenI hope that situation change in a near future14:53
jaegergood luck :)14:58
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frinnsttrying gmp 6.0 now21:22
frinnst  * Speedup for Intel Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, thanks to rewritten21:23
frinnst    and vastly expanded assembly support.  Speedup also for the older Core 221:23
frinnst    and Nehalem.21:23
frinnstmay want to squeeze it in if there are no major issues21:24
horrorStruckinstalled it ~2 days ago, no problem so far21:58

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