IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-03-29

Romsterso nothing for me amd systems.04:35
Romsterexcept me 3 core 2 machines04:36
frinnstwell, its pushed to 3.1 now08:36
frinnsttheres a 6.0.0a tarball, but it only contains some documentation fix08:36
frinnstand im too lazy to edit the Pkgfile :)08:36
juefrinnst: installed it here too, let's see how it goes14:04
jaegerI updated libgmp-32 as well, they seem ok so far14:13
jaegerteK__: are you around?14:13
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teK__not yet, I was and will be super busy until Thursday. Then I will have successfully finished my exam marathon15:26
teK__what's up?15:26
jaegerteK__: do you mind if I remove clang from llvm?15:27
jaegerhope your exams are going well :)15:28
teK__I can't complain15:29
teK__the only thing I'm interested in wrt llvm is clang15:30
teK__but I guess it serves a greate cause (mesa?)15:30
jaegerI think clang should be a separate port for those who want/need it. Mesa doesn't need it and it slows down compiles a LOT15:30
jaegerllvm is needed for mesa but not clang15:30
jaegeralso some things use clang if it's installed (like icu) and at least icu doesn't compile properly with it currently15:31
teK__trying a build without clang right now15:33
teK__jsut a sec..15:33
jaegerA question - do you know of any reason that clang has to be built inside the llvm port instead of as a separate one?15:34
jaegerso far in my tests removing clang hasn't caused any issues15:34
jaegerI posted some diffs a couple weeks back at
jaegerfor llvm and llvm-3215:34
teK__sorry for being so slow ;_p;15:35
jaegerIt's fine, I understand you're busy. Just wanted to do this for 3.1 if we can :)15:37
teK__I don't mind you pushing the diffs15:38
jaegerromster already made the change in llvm-32, I just wanted to check with you on llvm first15:39
teK__again the 3.1 release and the exams have had super bad timing. I will try for a final push for the dmcrypt stuff at the end of this week15:39
teK__yeah no problem15:39
jaegerexams are more important, I'd say don't worry about it right now15:40
teK__I tried it for 2.6 and now for 3.1 it's time to get it out of my head :P15:40
teK__last exam will be Thursday and things are more or less ready for pushing. The changes are rather trivial :-)15:41
teK__we'll see15:41
teK__gotta go. Keep cracking.15:41
jaegergood luck :)15:42
Romsterjaeger, made the diff i just and to fine tune it a little for llvm-3215:51
Romsteri just used that and to fine tune...15:53
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frinnstdamnit jaeger, fix your mime types on :)19:21
frinnst.diff files wont open in browser19:21
teK__*won't open in my shitty **browser19:22
teK__** Firefox19:22
frinnstthough this might be the last firefox version i'll run19:22
frinnstthey have *ruined* the ui in the beta19:23
teK__I'm scared that one day no software that I really liked to use in the old days (=now+ the past) will remain because it was discontinued or ruined19:24
teK__looks totally legit!!119:24
frinnst <- teh horror19:25
teK__nice Pkgfile19:25
teK__but that's normal with software more complex than the underlying OS19:26
frinnsttry it, 29b319:26
teK__I entered a fake user/pw19:27
teK__now it wants my credit card info19:27
teK__the header bar with links etc is just a an image, hahaha19:29
frinnstjust take a copy of your mozilla profile before starting it up, it will probably fuck up your config19:30
teK__I don't have one. I am a chromium user and there are only one or two features I'm kinda missing19:30
teK__+ patch -p 1 -i /home/tmp/firefox-work/src/firefox-install-dir.patch19:39
teK__patching file config/baseconfig.mk19:39
teK__Hunk #1 FAILED at 1.19:39
teK__what to do? I'm lazy19:39
jaegerfix your browser :P19:42
jaegerthey're already text/diff19:42
teK__not trying the beta.19:47
teK__configure: error: Insufficient JPEG library version for --with-system-jpeg19:47
frinnstah, youre building on 3.0 ?22:53
frinnstrequires libjpeg-turbo22:54
frinnstnew patch22:55

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