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Romstercan anyone compile xorg-font-bh-ttf with out any missing files?06:56
horrorStruckRomster: works here (not tested in a clean chroot, just my machine)08:26
Romsterand oyu got no missing files?08:45
Romsterno matter what i do i'm missing files.08:45
horrorStruckwell it did build without any error08:50
frinnstyeah, all the conf stuff is missing09:19
Romsteryeah that's what i've been getting. i tried addign all sorts of likely ports and no such luck09:20
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frinnstln -s ../conf.avail/42-luxi-mono.conf /tmp/xorg-font-bh-ttf-1.0.3-2-work/pkg@baseconfigdir@/conf.d10:05
frinnstlooks a bit wierd10:05
Romsterwhat the10:20
Romsteri didn't notice that.10:20
Romstermkdir -p /usr/ports/work/xorg-font-bh-ttf/pkg@baseconfigdir@/conf.d10:21
Romsterln -s ../conf.avail/42-luxi-mono.conf /usr/ports/work/xorg-font-bh-ttf/pkg@baseconfigdir@/conf.d10:21
Romsterhrmm there is a issue10:21
Romsterchecking for fontconfig's configuration directory... @baseconfigdir@10:21
Romsterso it might be fontconfig10:22
Romsterhere i was looking for some extra ports to fix the missing dep not even looking for a path issue.10:23
Romstersed -e 's|^confdir=.*|confdir=@baseconfigdir@|' -i $name.pc.in10:24
Romsterwhat is this in fontconfig10:24
Romsterremovifn the sed and running autoreconf before ./configure fixes it.10:37
Romsternow i have confdir=${sysconfdir}/fonts10:38
Romsterand xorg-font-bh-ttf now works.10:38
Romsterhmm is sepen about.10:39
Romsteri guess not.10:39
Romstershould i fix it or bug report for sepen.10:41
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horrorStrucki use my own git port of fontconfig, that's why i didnt have any problem i guess then...11:04
Romsterwhats differnt about yours?11:05
horrorStrucknot much excpet it's using git master... and no sed line11:06
Romsterso you havne't got that bug in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/fontconfig.pc then on git master? and no autoreconf?11:22
horrorStruckRomster: no bug... probably runs autoreconf11:43
Romsterso that fixes the issue so not sure if they actaully fixed there build system upstream for there tarball releases or not. i'd say not as fontconfig 2.11.1 is sitll broken on the autotools that's included with that tarball.11:44
Romsterand regenerating it fixes the pc files path.11:44
horrorStruck2.11.1 has been tagged a week ago, did you try it?11:49
horrorStruckRomster: ?11:50
Romsteri'm on 2.11.1 now.11:52
Romsterwas that commit before or after 2.11.1?11:56
Romsteri'm guessing after since i had to autoreconf on 2.11.1 i'll apply that patch and see how that goes.11:56
Romsterthanks frinnst11:56
Romsterhmm but then its still broken or i did something wrong retests11:57
Romstermaybe i forgot a pkgmk -u11:58
Romsteryeah its fixed i must of screwed up y missing a pkgmk -u12:01
Romsterit is fixed12:01
frinnstRomster: is fontconfig your port? :)12:29
frinnstim sure sepen wont mind, though12:30
Romsterno it's not mine but this brakes stuff.12:35
Romsterso i consider it a critical bug.12:35
jaegerRomster: that sed was required in the past because @baseconfigdir@ didn't get set properly12:48
jaegeractually, I take that back, I don't think we set it to @baseconfigdir@ explicitly, I think we had to set it to the actual path12:51
jaegerso that sed is a different one. sorry for the noise12:51
Romsteryeah it wasn't an actual path.13:04
Romsterjust changing the @foo@ name13:05
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prologicwe really ought to be chatting crux stuff here13:40
prologicRomster, why did you merge 3.0 into 3.1?13:40
prologicI could have done that too I guess but I guess it wasn't for me to decide :)13:40
prologicI'm not sure what our merge policies are13:40
prologicbut tbh I'm not sure we should ever be merging older branches into new13:41
prologicexcept for the initial new branch?13:41
Romsterto pull in recent changes.13:41
Romsterit wont change any differences that are in 3.1 already that have diverged.13:42
prologicthat wasn't my point :)13:42
prologicbut ok :)13:42
Romsterand in some cases you have to fix a merge if it does not apply cleanly.13:42
jaegerThe idea is to save you the work of duplicating 3.0 effort in 3.113:42
prologicso we're okay with this approach then?13:42
prologicjust blanketly merging 3.0 into 3.1?13:42
Romsterit's either that or painstakingly cherrypick13:44
jaegerwell, depends on what you mean by blanket13:45
jaegeryou should only merge changes that *need* to go in both branches13:45
jaegerthings like version updates, security patches, etc.13:45
prologicI'm not sure hg/git merge command allows you to deide13:46
prologicit will either merge all or nothing :)13:46
Romsteryou can see how i did xine-ui recently different for 3.0 and 3.1 due to readline change in 3.113:46
jaegerIt's easier than cherry picking, when you don't have to pick and choose13:46
prologicanyway all good13:46
Romsterhonestly i sometimes want to give up -_-13:46
Romstereverything is questioned.13:47
prologicI was just verifying that we "do" this merge thing13:47
prologicI was going to, but back off incase we didn't do that sort of thing :)13:47
jaegerRomster: would you prefer huge quantity and no quality?13:47
Romsterit depends if it's not gonna clobber changes in 3.113:47
prologici.e: I was questioning/verifying and being cautious13:47
prologicI didn't want to ruin our nice pretince branches :)13:48
Romsterno i prefer quality over quantity.13:48
prologicwell then don't jump to conclucions :)13:48
prologicI was just being cautious13:48
prologicas I'm not on 3.1 yet, I'll merge my 3.0 changes into 3.1 from now on :)13:48
jaegerTHAT is why you question things13:48
Romsteroverlap is minimal and in cases where 3.1 has diverged you manually edit the file to chose which parts you want to keep in the 3 way merge.13:48
prologicsadly I haven't had a lot of spare time to fully test out 3.1 or even update to it13:48
jaegerit's not about how things work just for us, it's how they work for all crux users13:49
Romsterhence not losing the changes in the altered 3.1 branch.13:49
Romsterbeing cautious is fine.13:49
prologicwe should document on the wiki our merge/cherry-pick branch polices if we haven't already :)13:50
Romstermerging branches can be risky or if you rebase 3.0 to 3.1 then you'll know about it.13:50
Romsterso make sure you check what branch your on before you start editing anything.13:50
Romstergit branch13:50
prologicyou _assume_ I use git as my git client13:51
prologicI don't :)13:51
Romstersorry i think my mad mood is rubbing off on me again. i'm going though another difficult phase with my girlfriend again.13:51
prologicbut that's besides the point13:51
prologicyes yes13:51
Romsteri mentioned the commands in #circuits because i know you wont be familiar with them13:52
prologicyou often get too emotionally invested in discussions (often just innocent ones) and "vent" :)13:52
jaegerIn my opinion the point is this: If you can merge *safely*, this is the fastest way13:52
jaegerIf you cannot merge safely, cherry pick it.13:52
Romsterif not cherypick13:52
jaegerIf I'm incorrect on that, correct me13:52
prologicjaeger, nicely put :)13:52
prologicand yeah that's fine I would have done the same13:52
prologicbut not having merged contrib branches before I just wanted to check13:53
jaegerI used to cherry pick manually and actually didn't even think of the merge method until jue or someone else did it13:53
Romsteri think it depends on the work flow of git, how we work with ports seems to have a low rate of collisions. ie we are all not working on the same files at the same time.13:53
prologicRomster, and fyi, I'm intimately familiar with git -- however it's CLI interface (for me) is so unintuitive that I really choose not to use it at all :)13:53
Romsteri used to only cherrypick until i learned how to merge.13:54
Romsterthere is tons of documentation out there and #git if your really that stuck, i've been stuck and I got really good help.13:55
Romstergit has two layers of commands, the plumbing layer and the porcelain layer.13:56
prologicyou missed my point again13:56
prologicI (personally) detest git's cli13:56
prologicthere I said it13:56
Romsterthe layer we are working in is the porcelain layer, no need to touch the plumbing unless you need todo some serious work.13:56
Romsterhg is no different?13:56
jaegerI've no strong feelings on it13:56
prologichg is far far far more intuiative to use than git13:57
prologicany day :)13:57
prologicit's okay jaeger13:57
prologicI just wanted Danny to stop think and realize that git is not the bees knees and has taken over the world of software development13:57
Romsterthen why did i use hg then i jsut went bugger it and moved to git and been happy with git ever since.13:57
prologicwhich some would argue _has_ :)13:57
prologicoh back in the ol days there was CSV13:57
jaegerI will say that I prefer git to any other vcs I've used13:57
prologicif it was CVS, SVN or Git13:58
prologicI'd choose Git too :)13:58
Romsterand used subversion13:58
jaegerbut I haven't really had problems learning their CLI options13:58
prologicRomster, everyone has a different personal subjective experience13:58
prologic_everyone_ :)13:58
RomsterI dunno each like there own tools and hg is better for python developers.13:58
Romstersince everyone uses hg on bitbucket13:59
prologicwell no :)13:59
prologicHg is better for users that like Hg13:59
jaegerthat's still subjective, yeah13:59
prologicbut it's all subjective13:59
prologicI have a certain tool belt13:59
prologicas much as the next guy13:59
Romsteri thought it was a consistency viewpoint.13:59
Romsterevery Python tool i've seen uses hg13:59
prologicconsistency != identical toolbelts13:59
prologicRomster, you'd be wrong there :)14:00
prologicgo search for Python projects on github :)14:00
Romsterfrom what i've seen14:00
prologicI'd say it's something like 80/2014:00
Romsterwell that's github they use git there.14:00
prologicusage that is14:00
prologicand largely I think this is because Attlassian dropped the ball a bit when they bought Bitbucket14:01
Romstergit was made for the kernels massive work since monotone was no longer doing the job.14:01
prologicand has lagged behind in features vompcared to github14:01
Romstermaybe but does every site need that many features.14:01
Romsterit's probably easier for new comers to use hg.14:02
Romstergit is daunting at first.14:02
prologichence the unintuiative part :)14:03
Romsteri dunno why but i was on svn hg then i decided to use git myself.14:04
Romsterand i personally have settled on git.14:04
prologicI went the other way14:04
prologicCSV -> SVN -> Git14:04
prologicthen settled on Hg14:04
Romstermakes sense since crux also uses git since it's svn days.14:04
Romsteryou could work in hg and export to git if you so wish too.14:05
Romsterpersonally only monotone hg and git should be used anymore the rest are not distributed.14:06
Romsterand it's largely personal preference.14:07
Romsterwith git it's like carrying a garage of tools with you. you don't have to use every tool in the shed to get a job done. but finding the right tool is the daunting bit.14:08
Romsterhg i guess is like a tool box easier to find what you need.14:08
Romstermost of it is on the
Romsterwithout that page i'd of struggled myself.14:09
prologicI use hggit for that very purpose14:09
prologiccomplete 1:1 bridging between mercurila and Git14:09
prologicwell mostly complete there are some edge cases but I usually (almost never) run into them14:10
Romsterjaeger> Romster: would you prefer huge quantity and no quality? <- why would you even mention that? I do tons of testing for crux i report problems or fix them myself. heck i have feature requests in the bug tracker one is 2012 just sitting there doing nothing.14:11
jaegerBecause you complained that everything is questioned14:13
Romsteranyways i enjoy crux but i'm going though hell then things are good and more hell with my girlfriend... i already went for a 6km walk on the beach with our dogs today14:13
Romsterwhat more can i do to vent in a safe way and not upset anyone...14:13
jaegerI said nothing about your ports, just was a direct response to your question14:13
Romsterit feels that way. i do something and get questioned14:13
Romsterevery single time, why do that?14:14
Romsteror it feels that way.14:14
jaegerSorry if you feel that way. I only question things that look odd or bad to me14:14
Romsteri try to not make mistakes.14:15
Romsterbut everyone does occasionally, and i appreciate all the hard work that goes in here.14:15
Romsterin everyone's spare time.14:15
jaegerindeed, everyone will, not something big to worry about14:15
Romsteras long as it's not that bad that a restore from a backup is required :)14:16
jaegereven a restore is preferred to having no backups :)14:16
Romstersorry James you have a right to ask.14:17
Romsteri'm glad your doing the EFI work on the ISO and I did need help on the llvm stuff i tried but that was really a difficult one.14:17
jaegerGlad to help14:18
Romsteri'd like to think i've improved over my younger days here, but i think i need to sort out my personal life it's affecting me too much.14:19
Romsterwork is stressful but the main thing is women... driving me crazy.14:19
Romsternot in a good way either.14:20
prologicRomster, sorry if I caused you to feel like I was questioning/threating your decisions/motives14:20
prologicI wasn't :)14:20
jaegerI know it's easier said than done but if you have stress going on elsewhere it's more important to fix that14:20
prologicCRUX should be stress free guys :)14:20
jaegerCRUX is a hobby and should be fun14:20
prologicjinx :)14:20
Romstercrux is fun else i wouldn't be here.14:20
jaegerIf I question you it's because I think something is weird or I'm wondering why you do something in that way, not because of a personality thing14:20
prologicyes but jaeger is right14:20
prologicif you're real life is causing you pain, you need to fix that14:20
Romsterand i know you lot only barely tolerate me.14:21
prologicI've been there done that myself14:21
prologichad to give up a few OSS projects and things I used to enjoy14:21
Romsterunrelated to now, but i was holding a grudge against prologic but i'm kinda in the same boat now and see what he was going though.14:21
prologicRomster, there's a psychological term for that -- can't think of it right now -- but you're "feeling" is unwrarrented :)14:22
prologicnone of us (not I) feel that way about you at all14:22
Romsterbecause he took off with all the hosting i had with him -_- and the community that we used to have.14:22
prologicin fact just a few nights ago I really could have used some help with electornics :)14:22
prologicI blew up my first lot of TinyDuino circit boards :)14:22
Romsteruh oh. honestly i'm not that good with micros, my tallent lies in solar power, power su[pplies and audio equipment and amplifiers and some antenna work.14:23
Romsterand not the toy stuff i mean serious in a few killowatts range stuff experience. when it comes to micros all i know is the gates, shift registers, hex octal decimal numbering.14:25
Romsterregisters pipelining and stuff but when it comes to the cod ei'm lost.14:25
Romsterand then i'm only average at programming too if that.14:26
Romsterthough i have learned lots using crux over the years14:26
Romstermy feelings are all mixed up to be honest. probably all of my problems stem from that.14:28
prologichave you considered seeing a psychologist?14:29
Romsterbeen to one before.14:29
prologichelp discover the issues you're going through and share them?14:29
RomsterI never got my report from the last one I wanted a copy of that.14:30
Romsterdunno maybe i should see another one.14:30
Romsterthat was going back 5 years ago.14:30
Romsterdid say my concentration only lasted so long then i'd lose focus.14:30
Romsterwhy is why i do so many thigns and have a hard time finishing any one of them.14:31
Romsteri'm not colour blind i'm not deaf (sorry james) i can see small parts like i iphones and solder SMD without a magnifying glass14:32
Romsterdo use one to read some small numbers though.14:32
Romsterif they are hard to pick out.14:32
Romsteri get moody ad depression, and stressed.14:33
Romsterso i do many things, anything to keep me busy so i don't have time to have them emotions.14:34
Romsterand i find it really hard to relax.14:34
Romstermind races around everywhere.14:34
Romsterthat's about me.14:35
Romsterother than women problems.14:35
Romstersome people are lucky i'm not one of those.14:36
Romsteri should just go do something else, i'm monologuing again.14:37
jaegeruploading a -test1 ISO15:10
frinnst hopefully i'll get a chance to upgrade my workbox tomorrow16:36
juejaeger: did a update of my netbook to 3.1-test0 yesterday, works great so far17:27
jaegerawesome :)17:27
jaegertest1 is just package updates and kernel 3.12.15, for reference17:27
juejaeger: compiled a lot of stuff on it, like new kernel etc.17:27
jaegerwith gmp 6.0.0 as well?17:28
jaegergood deal17:28
jaegerthe test1 ISO was also bootstrapped with gmp 6.0.0, no problems17:28
jaegerI usually use the bootstrap as my toolchain breakage test17:28
jueindeed, that's a real test17:33
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